The silver strong means is far better than him.

"Monster ability should come from talent that can create hallucinations, sneak into dreams, distort perception, devour essence, etc …"
Heidi sound a way
"It can also be distracted!"
Zhou Jia raises eyebrows
"All in all, is there a mind to manipulate?"
"Good" Heidi primly nodded.
"In manipulating people’s minds, even teachers … strange wizards are not as good as it."
"Monsters in the mountains grow stronger by manipulating people’s minds and devouring living things, so their strength is much stronger than before."
a few years ago
Xuantianmeng bearer strength is not as good as their line but can walk away.
All the people in the line are not weak, but only her jade leaf is left, and it is still unknown whether the illusion in the body can escape.
"I’m white" Zhou Jia sleeves up.
Heidi should be
Jade leaf timidly looked at the "monster" in front of her eyes and learned to cross her legs like Heidi. The three of them collided with each other’s palms
"Shout …"
Heidi took a deep breath, lowered her eyebrows and looked calm. Since ancient times, mantras have blurted out.
Her voice is gentle, her syllables are strange, as if she were chanting and mumbling, and her thoughts fluctuate with the ups and downs of her voice.
"The wind elves listened to the call to help me lift the bondage of my heart; Eternal creation master six mans array in charge to help me play mind fetters … "
Man’ God’ is confined to the flesh.
This is both a constraint and a kind of protection. It has a physical barrier and can make the mind disturbed by the outside world.
Heidi’s mind rises and falls in the body with the help of the secret method, which quietly breaks away from the bondage of the body and connects the three people’s consciousness like soft fingers.
The heart is screaming!
This is a source of mind magic which has been forbidden by Templar Master since ancient times.
Only the bold and unconstrained strange mage Colin will specialize in such forbidden arts and give them back to his brother.
very short time
Heidi can clearly perceive Jade Leaf’s uneasiness, panic, anxiety, fear and some connection in that distant place.
Jade leaf’ God’ is not complete.
Her mind fluctuated to appease each other and at the same time, she went to Zhou Jia’s’ look’ and then her heart rippled.
Under the influence of psychic magic, she can clearly feel the fluctuation of others’ thoughts and panic in the heart of Jade Leaf.
And Zhou Jia
The ups and downs of thoughts are like glittering diamonds, giving people an indestructible feeling.
The rotation of the mind is like a complex and orderly gear, and the thoughts will be crushed to pieces in an attempt to penetrate it.
This man’ God’ is as lofty as a mountain.
Resolute will is even more terrible.
It’s like a bystander reflecting the change of god’s mind, and you can see it clearly without any coordination.
No wonder monsters in the mountains can’t affect his mind, even if it won’t be affected by mind spells.’
Heidi was surprised in her heart, but she also gave birth to the hope that Zhou Jia was so strong, and they also had greater hope to get rid of difficulties. The idea of turning around linked the three together.