The shape of the axe in the furnace was different after being refined again.

The handle is three feet long and one inch thick, and the double-sided blade is five inches wide and nine inches long, with a total weight of 127 Jin.
This is a double-sided axe!
Moon axe and curved blade are graceful, rugged and heavy, which gives people a sharp and powerful feeling at a glance.
Looking closely, the surface of the axe blade and handle seems to have fine patterns, some of which are similar to those left by thunder chopping through trees.
More silk mercerization and then jump in it.
The shield is one foot three inches wide, three feet two minutes high and weighs more than 30 kilograms. The wooden surface becomes smoother after being mixed with Leiyuanshi.
It’s like a mirror that’s not very flat.
The edge is not trimmed, and there are no conspicuous edges and corners. It is more like a large piece of wood, and the hand guard can be adjusted at will.
Zhou Jia picked it up and waved it casually, which made him feel like an arm.
"Good shield!"
"Good workmanship!"
"It’s naturally easier to make some adjustments according to your arm bones." Rondo is proud of himself.
"This is easy to say, and there are only two or three people who can do it in Huojiabao. I am one of them."
"Thank you!" Zhou Jia nodded
"Brother Rondo’s craftsmanship is really wonderful. I wonder how long it will take for the double-edged axe?"
"If it’s slow, you can take it away in three or five days." Rondo laughed.
"If you are not in a hurry, you can wait for these two days. Huofu will hold a banquet to celebrate the cold month. It is very lively."
"I’m an out-of-town person and it’s not convenient to attend." Zhou Jia shook his head.
"Please hurry up with the double-edged axe. I’ll pick it up the day after tomorrow."
"no problem"
Holding the shield and looking at the double-edged axe in the stove, Zhou Jia’s beating heart slowly calmed down a sense of security.
Chapter 51 Cloth
In the past two months, silence and cultivation have not brought Zhou Jia rapid progress in Wushu, but they have made great progress.
Six accomplishments surpass seven strengths.
Strength is reassuring.
In exchange for his own shield, he didn’t rush out of the city, but rarely turned around the city.
I paid a visit to Master He, and the other side encouraged a few words.
In the secret medicine …
As the Third Elder said, the real brother of Tieyuan Sect tried to talk about taking money to buy it, but he was simply rejected.
I almost turned against you and excused myself.
I met someone I had never thought of near Stuart’s house.
Wang Baolin!
Finally, I went to the house of Chen Hui and Lv Rong outside Master Huo.
Heavily guarded near the house, a prominent woman in the city stood around honestly, surrounded by a man and a woman.
"Be careful with the cloud."
Master Huo’s face is full of pampering, and Miss Qian, who is pregnant, gets into the carriage.
"I told you I shouldn’t have let you come for a long time. Keeping a baby at home is just running around in case you move the tire …"
"shh!" Compared with the original woman, Miss Qian is much more dignified and puts out her finger against Master Huo’s lips and laughs
"I’m not the kind of woman who is too weak to go out for a walk."
"Say it again!"
She raised her head and stretched out her arms in the carriage.
"I can’t go out in a cold month, and I’m almost suffocated. I just took this opportunity to stroll around, and Mom agreed."
"Good" Mr Master nodding.
"Then let’s go to a place where we won’t turn around much today, and the banquet will be as lively as the house."
The carriage slowly passed by and the ladies followed.
Zhou Jia’s body sticks to the wall like other passers-by, and waits for the team to go far before they go again.