At the end of the meeting, all the problems that need to be discussed have been discussed, so the head of state made a concluding statement. "Then it’s decided."

Five days later, we will arrive at the edge of EZ Alpha Star in Aquarius, where Taidao will be scattered and occupy Alpha Star, Beta Star and Gamma Star respectively. Different mining fleets will set off from Taidao to collect materials nearby. We will stay here for a total of one month. After one month, we will leave for a place.
The list of materials needed for mining has been issued, and all departments should strictly follow the requirements of the list, and the scheduled mining must be completed at the specified time. This will affect our overall interstellar escape plan, and everyone must be cautious.
Ok, the meeting is over … "
Chapter three hundred and sixty-six Slaves
Due to the arrival of Aquarius EZ, many people in the human escape fleet have been busy at the moment, and trillions of people have consumed a considerable part of human materials during their voyage this year. All human beings must get sufficient supplies from this star, which requires a lot of preparatory work.
In order to ensure the efficiency of the replenishment process, the government has to choose a machine that is more efficient than manpower to undertake this work, which means that although the project is huge, it is actually not much manpower, and it is actually nothing to do with many people at the bottom who want to get a job.
Evans also didn’t pay too much attention to this matter. Compared with this matter, Evans thinks it is more important to feed his family.
After waiting for five days full of anxiety, Evans dressed himself up in high spirits early in the morning, and then arrived at the appointed place. He was still received by the fierce man. There were already some people waiting for Evans here. Although he came early, he still seemed to be the last one.
Those who are waiting have the same expectant eyes as Evans. Obviously, they also urgently need this job. After Evans arrived, the big man waved his hand at will and a large suspended car came here. This group of people came to the suspended car under the command of the big man.
The suspension car immediately started, and it took a lot of detours in the process, which made Evans a little dizzy. Evans didn’t know where the car was going, but from the architectural changes on both sides of the car, Evans probably knew that he had left the city and came to the edge of the island.
On the edge of Tai Island are some factories or docks. This is not a residential area. There are not many people along the way. This suspended car has not encountered any investigation. Occasionally, it was stopped once or twice and was released by the big man.
The floating car finally stopped at a place full of cluttered boxes, and then a group of people commanded the car again by the big fellow. Evans was a little uneasy and gathered around the big fellow and asked in some trepidation, "Excuse me, where are you taking us?"
The big fellow still looks impatient. "Ask what you ask and you will know."
It seems to be a port, but judging from the clutter here, it seems to have been abandoned.
After arriving at this port, there were many descendants, but those people didn’t seem to be serious people. They were all as fierce as that big fellow. Evans was afraid to ask more questions. He could follow the crowd through the long corridor and finally came to the edge of the port.
The crowd stopped here, and another man came up to the crowd and shouted, "We are a mining company. We have contracted a mining industry from the government to collect minerals from an asteroid, and the salary will be settled after 30 days."
Evans was stupefied and immediately asked, "I have never been engaged in interstellar mineral mining before, and I won’t do these things."
The man glanced at Evans coldly and said, "We will be responsible for the training. If you have no confidence, you can quit now."
By the big fellow a stare Evans heart then some fear good head down.
A group of people filed onto the boat and sat down separately.
This is a refitted civilian ship. It is not big and looks rather shabby. The cabin environment is also very bad. In some places, there is even a thick black stain.
After waiting in the spaceship for a while, the hull shook slightly. Evans knew that the spaceship had started the window scenery, and the light and shadow changed. Evans saw the brilliance of the whole body, and the island was getting farther and farther away from himself. Finally, it became a small light spot and disappeared. Evans turned his head and saw this kind of light spot around him. He seemed to be floating in the ocean of light spots.
One of these many light spots suddenly became bigger and brighter, and finally it became like a spaceship. The spaceship had a military standard, and the outer surface of the spaceship was painted with military symbols. It just floated next to the spaceship and followed it.
The military ship seems to be interrogating the civilian ship, and I don’t know how the driver of the ship answered. After three minutes, the military ship floated away and once again turned into a horizon light spot, which was no longer distinguishable in the ocean of light spots.
The civilian ship seems to have chosen a route deliberately avoiding the interrogation, but even so, it has been interrogated five times along the way, but it can pass smoothly every time.
The ship seems to be accelerating and getting farther and farther away from the star. Evans’s doubts are getting bigger and bigger. Those who boarded the ship with Evans also had some commotion. Finally, one person shouted, "Where are you taking us?"
Two big men came to the cabin from the front. Evans was keen to see that the two big men were carrying an energy gun around their waists. One of them grabbed a stick and came over and smoked the man who had just shouted. Evans immediately became silent and never dared to speak again.
"Be honest if you don’t want to be thrown out of the cabin," the big fellow said coldly.
Evans’s heart slowly sank to the bottom of the abyss.
There is a comet that is more than 10 billion kilometers away from the three stars of Aquarius EZ. Because it is too far away from the stars, it doesn’t have any tail at the moment, just like an ordinary cold asteroid, which is different from other asteroids. In the human exploration, it was marked with no value tag. At the moment, except for some sneaky and worn-out spacecraft, it doesn’t belong to human engineering spacecraft or escort spacecraft to come here.
Evans’s spaceship came to this comet together with several other equally shabby spaceships, and then those spaceships slowly landed at a distance of less than 100 meters from this comet and suspended here. Evans saw that many spaceships had stayed here outside his own spaceship, but all the spaceships were silent, just like floating on the icy rocks of the comet.
Then all the lights of the ship on which Evans was riding were turned off, and the communication module was also turned off. The engine of the ship was also reduced to the lowest power. This ship … also melted one of the many cold stones.
There was no sound in the cabin. In the faint, Evans heard someone talking in the front control cabin. "The number of slaves that the No.31 spacecraft successfully arrived at the designated destination … 139 …"
At last, there was a faint sob in the cabin, which became louder and louder in the darkness. At this time, everyone understood what had happened and what fate they would have in the future.
"Let us go back! You animals! " A man beside Evans suddenly jumped up and shouted, and then ran to the front control module, but then a light cut through the darkness, and the shouting came to an abrupt end.
The energy gun started and hit the shouting man in the head accurately, taking his life in a flash.
The man with the gun said coldly, "Either die or die."
The cabin was quiet again.
Perhaps it was because the thermostat was reduced to the lowest power that Evans felt a thorough cold in his heart. It was not that Evans alone felt that everyone in the cabin was shaking, but no one paid attention to them.
I don’t know how long it took for the two big men with guns to carry a basket of rotten food, and a group of people flocked to it, and Evans was no exception-they were so hungry that Evans doubted that even if the things they carried were dug out of the waterway, the group would eat them in an instant.
It was dark and cold in the cabin. When there was nothing to eat, people huddled together and shivered. When there was something to eat, people flocked to it. Day by day, life was like this. In the process, people kept dying, or died of disease and cold hunger, or were killed because they tried to resist. All the dead people without exception were thrown from the cabin to the square comet and merged with the cold comet.
Maybe it’s because those light spots in the distance support Evans, who is very lucky to be alive. Evans knows that his wife and children are living in those light spots on the island. Although it’s not good, it’s never going to die of cold and hunger, and it’s not going to be a cure for illness. They must all be alive. Since they are still alive, they should be alive.
"They should have noticed my disappearance," Evans thought silently. "Someone will definitely come to save us …"