Leaf sorrow is obviously referring to cursing and mocking Xiao Dong …

It happened that he didn’t just say it was such a sigh that Xiao Dong couldn’t even find a reason to refute it if he wanted to refute it. Isn’t it solid?
He can hold back his manners … The desktop almost pinched his legs.
Full sigh with emotion for half an hour
Looking at Xiao Dong’s face turned pale, Ye You sighed, "Forget it, I’m just here to complain. I’m so busy … Oh, by the way, I forgot that you are still the director of the institute. Well, I won’t bother you. Go on working. I’ll come back tomorrow!"
Is it still coming? !
Xiao Dong took a deep breath and said, "Walk slowly and don’t send."
"If I don’t send you so much work, I won’t be sent. I went to the bar to disco."
Before leaving, I tied my heart again.
Leaves sorrow motioning with his hand away … Until his door over there.
Xiao Dongcai couldn’t help lying on the table panting as if it took much effort to suppress his anger.
He gritted his teeth and said, "Taiping Island and Coriolus versicolor are at odds with you. I will settle this account with you!"
Sure enough, he also hated Taiping Island.
Even in front of versicolor …
Sue’s mind is clear.
And at this point,
Ye You returned to the car and the car sped away with the roar of the engine.
He smirked at the speed …
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, arch fire for so long, I can’t believe this Xiao move can resist Shi Qing Xiao’s family behind Taiping Island. It would be lively if he wanted to do it with the stone family … hahahaha …"
Leaf sorrow finally burst out laughing.
Where did he notice that a lark was staring at him in the crack of the front cover at this time?
Chapter 234 Rooting
And at this point,
Red flame club …
Xiao Dong stood still in the window for a long time.
He is not a person with too deep a mind.
There are few people in his position who have to endure grievances.
What’s more, Ye You is now punching cards on time and frequently, which makes his anger rise to the extreme. This anger is aimed at Ye You and more at versicolor and the culprit Taiping Island.
If you depend on him, you can’t help but want revenge.
But what his father taught him most firmly was …
Put yourself in an absolutely safe place before consider other things.
Ye You, in particular, seems to laugh at him before watching his jokes and getting back at him.
But during this period, Xiao Dong has followed his father to deal with family affairs, and his vision has also risen a lot. He always feels that there are some other eyes behind this person.
Especially behind Taiping Island is Shi Qing.
Father personally made sure to let him know that Shi Qing was behind the scenes when the alien potion happened.
Although he still doesn’t see any signs, since his father said so, things must be good.
If things are clear, then we must never be negligent.
"If you don’t play, you won’t lose. You want revenge, but you must never take revenge yourself. Otherwise, I’m afraid you will fall into the calculation of Ye You’s king egg."
Xiao suddenly became angry.
Angrily, she cried, "Mom came to calculate me when Shi Qing came, and now Ye You is also coming to calculate how my IQ is so low in their eyes. Is it a mission to be a gun?"
This moment …
Tong Shi Jia di
Xiao Dong suddenly felt that IQ was despised and insulted, but he didn’t know where to launch it even though he was angry.
After all, contempt is contempt. Naturally, you can’t just forget your revenge, or you have to report it even if you take revenge, you will fall into the calculation of others.
From this point of view, leaf sorrow is pinched Xiao’s lifeline.
Then it is necessary to think about how to report this revenge.
Xiao Dong quietly meditated at the window.
But I didn’t notice the birds flying outside, but there were so many angles through the window that I couldn’t leave Xiao Dong’s surroundings.
And even as Su Wei withdrew his perspective, the bird’s presence did not disappear …
One day is just a little truth, and he consumes it
Since this man has a bad heart for him, he naturally wants to keep him in his sight all the time to feel at ease.