"This skill can be divided into five parts: fist palm, sword and sword, fellow practitioners and practice, which is a gateway to practice."

"Wait till I get it."
It won’t be bad to be weighed by a strong silver man.
Zhou Jia was happy in his heart.
The five-thunder axe method has entered Wei neng, which is really good, but his experience in Qianfo Mountain makes him more eager for the powerful method.
If you have the benefits, you can be more relaxed against strong enemies.
"Is there anything else you want? More than three thousand achievements in a top achievement method is more than enough. This world achievement method is not valuable. "
Zhou Jia nodded and took the double-edged axe behind him.
"The younger generation’s practice is Jin Huang’s purple thunder knife technique, but the younger generation is good at using axes. I wonder if thunder is a suitable weapon?"
Moshang frowned.
"Lei’s method is too violent and often hurts meridians. Not many people practice this kind of skill. I don’t remember having a good weapon."
"yes, it’s not an axe."
"Well …"
After thinking about it, he turned his hand and took out a thing.
"I do have three drops of lightning marrow here, which can be incorporated into your weapon to increase its power. If the heavens and the earth are combined with thunder and force, it may not become a Xuanbing."
Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up
In each other’s eyes, Xuanbing is not qualified to hurt silver. Only Xuanbing is a real weapon.
But in Zhou Jia’s view, Zhong Xuanbing is enough at present.
"I don’t know if there is a similar proverb in your world." I changed some odds and ends to see Zhou Jia stop talking.
"How much strength is matched with how much wealth or you will be in trouble."
He seems to mean something.
"Is there …"
Paused mo type was a clot.
"If you want to break through the silver law, the holy monk has a saying that Buddhism may help, and there are three words that hinder it!"
Zhou Jia is thoughtful.
Drizzle blurred
Zhang Jiucheng walked out of the rest bamboo house and squinted into the distance. It was misty and rainy, and Zhongji City was like a mirage.
For a long time before he asked during the.
"How about it?"
"Zhou Jia intends to sell Qiao Dan", a blue shirt man appeared behind him and handed it to him.
"But seeing Wu Shidao means even introducing other buyers. I just don’t want to be proud of my family name."
"This is normal." Zhang Jiucheng’s face remains the same
"I wouldn’t let him get away with it."
"The struggle for the avenue has always been a step by step, but no one can predict the final result without obtaining silver."
"Male" someone gather together near low asked.
"What shall we do now?"
"Zhou is either around Wu Shidao or visiting Mo’s predecessors. We are afraid we can’t start work on him here."
"Start work is always the choice" Zhang Jiucheng squints.
"Let’s find out who will buy Zhou Jia’s broken-hearted Dan first, and find a chance to send him a message. I can pay enough."
"What he wants to do is not to offend me, so why not sell me something?"
The man in blue should bow down and want to retire.
Just then.
A slap-sized bird flew on his shoulder and chirped. Two men’s faces suddenly changed.
"Not good!"
He suddenly looked back and said,
"Gong Zhoujia went back by boat a long time ago. The news released these days is false and forged by Wu Shidao!"
"How come!"
Zhang Jiucheng didn’t say anything, but the ground was abrupt and sinking, and there was more like a volcanic eruption, and it was about to burst through the body
"Wu Shidao!"
"Zhou Jia!"