Li Heng low sigh immediately fuels hand positive color way

"Elder Zizhen has changed, please come out and tell me!"
As soon as his voice fell, he was wrapped in the black wind and his figure appeared in front of him.
When Zizhen practiced, the violent and sharp breath made Li Heng’s consciousness hang down, which was even more dark.
This strength has actually improved?
Not the kui is a natural Tao body practice progress is amazing, even in another 20 or 30 years, it will reach the perfect state of Tao foundation.
"What’s the matter?" Zizhen faint mouth
"Back to the Elder"
Li Heng said during the recovery.
"Today, there should be people who have entered the ruins, but there has been no news. Li is worried that something will happen to the people inside."
"Well …" Purple really frown.
"Can the life card be destroyed?"
"Two people’s cards have been destroyed, even if they are run," said Li Heng.
"However, the deputy leader’s life is ill."
"Observe first" Zi Zhen’s face showed thoughtfully.
"It is often the case that you can’t come back on time. You can make plans if you have news back in a month."
"Yes" Li Heng ChuiShou.
Purple really asked casually with both hands.
"What do the’ archaeological’ monks think of the situation in the ruins?"
"Back to the elders" Li Heng spirit a shock way
"Several Taoist friends read all the records, and Zhao Daoyou speculated that the relics in the depths of the world should have existed in the ancient Jedi."
Purple and beautiful eyes twinkle slightly.
She thought the same thing about Zhou Yi, but they inferred from the information left by Zhou Yi, so they couldn’t be humane.
"Archaeology" monk thought so?
Even close!
"At present, most of the things we bring out from the ruins are objects, but their patterns and engravings are abundant."
Li Heng continued
"Most of these fairy gates are dead. It is recorded that the Zongmen station is also deserted and I don’t want to be in the depths of the Jedi?"
"But it’s a little strange."
"What?" Zi Zhen’s side head looks like
"In the ancient records, several big Xianmen stations are separated by hundreds of millions of miles? Nowadays, they all appear in the depths of the Jedi and there are several traces of fairy gates in one place but I don’t know? " Li Heng don’t understand
"In addition, from the perspective of its remnants, the ruins of Xianmenhua are considered to be some fighting, which leads to the fact that their opponents are never known."
"Aliens are not weak, but they are definitely not enough to look at in front of those immortals."
Zizhen nodded slowly.
She has a guess about this, but the situation inside the ruins is not specific, for example, no clues have been found so far
"no hurry"
"The ruins are inside, and the exploration of the heart can always tell what happened in ancient times."
"Yes!" Li Heng should be.
A month later.
Zizhen stood sullenly on the edge of a cliff, and in front of it was a bottomless dark abyss, from which strange noises came from time to time.