White finches drink low.
Said the first finger pinch tactic actuating body source force.
Fantasy posture!
The source force stirred up the fog and wrapped them in the water. They didn’t go to the extreme speed to sink.
Thanks to the achievement method, it turned out that there was no ripple.
After entering the water, the speed of the two people immediately dropped sharply.
But also
Angel water will also slow down.
"You go!"
Three streamers paused on the surface of the water, and one of the second-order angels thoughtfully pointed at the other angel.
"haunt them. We’re outside."
Accused to angel hair expression nodded behind the dark wings suddenly closed into a streamer plunged into the waters.
Even in the water, angels are as agile as swimming fish, rushing faster than the speed of sound.
All kinds of streamers are interwoven in front of us, and the white finches and Moshang are embarrassed and dodged from time to time, and they are approached by the rear angels and have to fight.
I dare not entangle for a long time.
"I can’t."
Moshang looked at the white bird with a cool look in his eyes.
"Don’t waste your energy. I’ll drag you down. It’s better to die alone than two people. I can’t hold on any longer."
White finch’s silver teeth clenched and said nothing.
"Take care of my descendants after going back." Mo Shang sighed and suddenly lost his virginity. Zhou Yuanli rushed towards the rear angel.
"I’ll meet you!"
"Boom …"
Roar and blow from the rear, even if you are underwater, you can detect violent fluctuations.
White finch body a stiff brimming with turn impulse mouth scream a body was wrapped in firm but gentle dashed towards the party.
Just now, I rushed to Li Xu, and she suddenly had a meal.
Look back like you’re sensing something.
water surface
Mo Shang Yu Shui Lai