And Tam not only grew to the bronze five-star level, but also rose as much as hanging.

This makes the shadow Kirin is very think impassability.
Are you a god beast or am I a god beast at this speed of strength improvement?
Why don’t I give you the name of the beast?
How on earth do you practice this purple toad?
However, although Tam’s change is amazing, Shadow Kirin still doesn’t think Tam will be his opponent.
Because it can be seen that Tam’s present state is not its normal state, and the state should be an enhanced effect.
And this state has a characteristic, that is, it is not lasting.
Once the time is dragged away, the balance of victory will definitely tilt towards it.
However, a proud beast, Shadow Kirin, will not allow himself to defeat a pet beast with a lower level than himself in this procrastination way.
What it has to do is to defeat Tam in a fair way.
God beast should be proud of god beast!
It is because of this idea that Shadow Kirin rarely avoids Tam’s attack.
Almost all of them are confronted with Tam.
The shadow unicorn has two attributes: darkness and thunder.
These two are very effective attributes, which make every shot of Shadow Kirin cause great movement.
However, in the face of fire shadow, Kirin Tam is not far behind for the time being.
See tam’s hair has completely turned into a hot flame.
And these flames wound around its arm to form a furious arm armor.
With Tam’s amazing power
Make Tam’s every shot as powerful as an explosive attack.
Even the shadow Kirin has a headache in the face of such an attack.
Intham flame is really too difficult
If you want to touch it, it will burn for a long time, and the root is not as easy to extinguish as a normal flame.
As the battle continued to stalemate, the shadow Kirin gradually made a decision.
This battle can’t go on like this. It must hurry to get this difficult purple toad in front of it.
Because of its fighting, I watched a Qi Ling fight with Lu Yuan.
To its surprise, there is no god beast blood, and Liu Yuan actually has a fine wind when facing this state of Qi Ling.
With his amazing knife method and strange purple flame, he actually fought back and forth with God’s blood and spirit.
And even the shadow unicorn can’t see who will win the final victory for a short time.
This makes Shadow Kirin impatient and eager to defeat Tam as soon as possible and then support Qi Ling.
Think of this shadow Kirin suddenly forced Tam back and then distanced himself from it.
After pulling the distance, the shadow Kirin looked at Tam seriously.
This is the first time that it has taken such a serious attitude towards a non-sacred animal and its level is lower than its own pet animal.
It has recognized the strength of this purple toad in front of it.
But it’s time to end …
Tam’s gaze at the shadow Kirin suddenly became violent.
Counting black flash, it flows around the ground, and the gravel is directly and strangely suspended in this process.
Such a movement suddenly made Tam feel a strong sense of crisis.
It’s obvious that shadow Kirin is completely serious
With the black flash of the shadow unicorn becoming more and more intense, its body has lost a circle strangely and its black scales are wrapped in mysterious blue patterns.
There seems to be several slurry flows in the pattern.
Life skills, thunder incarnation! ! !
Looking at the shadow Kirin Tam bathed in black thunder, he felt a strong sense of crisis.
Shadow Kirin looks thinner, but this is because it compresses its physical strength.
Refined and compressed body will make the physical quality of Shadow Kirin climb to a higher level again!
Otherwise, after a few seconds of Xu Li, the body of Shadow Kirin has completely changed.
The original bloated figure has become more streamlined.
And black light is constantly emitted around its body.
The overall momentum is a step higher than just now.
Looking at this moment, the shadow Kirin Tam immediately put on a fighting posture.
See tam embattled shadow Kirin disdain a smile.
One second shadow Kirin instantly challenged the body and disappeared in situ.
Suddenly appeared several ghosting and violent arc.
That’s the high-speed moving sign of Shadow Kirin!
In the violent air roar, the shadow Kirin suddenly appeared in front of Tam and then grabbed it with a claw.
"gung! ! !”
In the face of this attack, Tamgan did not evade.
It roars a brazen blow to the shadow Kirin.
In the violent explosion, a large part of the ground of their feet suddenly sagged.
Then a figure flew out from the explosion.
And this flying figure is Tam.
In the shadow Kirin … It just took a few steps back.
It is enough to see the gap between the two sides at the moment.
Flying out of Tam didn’t stop until he hit the fence behind him.
The wall of the continuous white hospital was directly collapsed by Tam.