As far as the strength of the two men is concerned, Lan Yunpeng is sure that Jospin blade master’s younger brother is gifted, but Lan Yunpeng is even more Uber, and the old master is not like a master, but it is difficult to have an opponent even Julianne is full of praise when he looks at the whole continent of Sderot with purple quarrelling.

There is no suspense in winning, but if you want to win or lose, it will take at least a hundred rounds for Lan Yunpeng to overwhelm the other side or someone with one hand. The advantage of rebirth has put the concept of the earth into practice
Just now, Jospin Su Su played Lan Yunpeng and kept an eye on the so-called bystanders. He found this guy’s weakness. Although Jospin’s strength was strong, it was unstable and too strong, and Lan Yunpeng’s blow seemed easy, but he needed high vision and accurate timing. I’m afraid it won’t be more than evil when he was the weakest. Although he won it, it was unique among the younger generation.
However, things are not as easy as imagined. Although Jospin kept his promise to host the celebration, he would not let it go easily. It was bold to dare to make trouble at the goddess’ birthday celebration.
They have informed the city guards that the square is surrounded by groups. Looking around, there are at least more than 1,000 members of the city guards, plus the original number of guards, which is not enough. Actually, Lan Yunpeng is about to cry for such a big scene!
"Master, as you told me, these two men can’t run away." A middle-aged man quietly came to Jospin and said softly that this guy looks like a follower.
Jospin nodded his head. Everything is planned. How can he grasp the battle? It’s a small amount of poison. If her husband wants to achieve great things, he must do whatever it takes to be moral. It’s nonsense. When he challenged Lan Yunpeng just now, he thought it would be better to win and beat the purple quarrelling swordsmen. He can further raise his hopes. Even if he loses, it doesn’t matter. He can help the city guards to keep them.
109 miracle
But he never dreamed that he was defeated by one move, and the girl who admired himself suddenly became a purple quarrelling swordsman supporter. Jospin hated to grind his teeth in his heart. This kind of root should not appear in the world crisis, and it is necessary to stifle the bud and get rid of a person. Sometimes it is not necessary to do it yourself.
"Let’s go from the sky!"
The ground has been surrounded, and now the only hope is to rely on flying. The magical martial arts in the mainland of Sderot are very common, but not many people can fly and belong to rare animals.
Lan Yunpeng’s idea is good, but it’s a little simple. If we can escape from it, the city guards will have lost their jobs long ago. To deal with the flying masters, they set up a special city guard.
In addition to human beings, angels, elves, orcs and other advanced intelligent creatures, there are many kinds of Warcraft in the mainland of Sderot, and their abilities and specialties are also very different. There are pets that can be made as clever as the earth, cats and dogs, fierce and violent, and powerful. For example, dragons will not fight with the strong in the sanctuary if necessary.
Man is the master of the world because of his wisdom, the tame Warcraft and the sacred alliance. The Griffin Corps is different from the Midtown Guard. Strictly speaking, the wind eagle can be regarded as a low-order Warcraft with weak attack power but excellent flight performance. The army can’t see it, but it is more than enough to equip the city guard.
There are not many experts in the city guards, but they all have weapons in their hands. A special magic crossbow has magical energy attached to its surface. In the case of World War I, this kind of magic crossbow Lan Yunpeng and Su Sugen will not look down on it, but now they are defeated by four hands with their fists, and they will also be shot as hedgehogs.
Now there is no room for change in this situation. Lan Yunpeng and Su Su look at each other and have no good ideas for each other.
"You’re surrounded. Surrender or you’ll suffer the consequences!"
Only a fool can give in easily, even if it is dangerous. Lan Yunpeng pulls Susie behind him and quarrels once again broke out with a bright purple curtain. The city guards took a step back. They are also nervous about purple quarrelling. The swordsmen are too strong. It is said that they have had experience in fighting dragons and they don’t want to die.
The magic crossbow was lifted. Lan Yunpeng held a pair of big swords in his hands. This big sword was put in Susu’s ring. At the same time, Susu was ready for magic. It seemed that the string was tense and explosive!
"Hey, what do you think that is?"
At this moment, a surprised word appeared in the ear and a dreamlike picture scroll attracted everyone’s attention, even Lan Yunpeng and Susu were absent.
The blue sky is like a huge mirror, and there is a beautiful forest hidden in it. There are many beautiful flowers, exotic grasses and colorful butterflies, dancing happily, unknown birds, trees, singing, lovely animals, chasing everything in the grass, and it seems so full of vitality. "Miracles are coming!"
"Praise the goddess! The goddess of nature has finally taken care of her people. "
A few elf patriarchs, with tears in their eyes, prostrated themselves and kissed the ever-changing picture scroll on the ground. More and more people knelt down, and soon it was dark. Although there was no goddess of nature in the belief of human beings, angels and orcs, they were also felt by the atmosphere at this time and knelt down and prayed devoutly.
This solemn atmosphere makes the city guards look a little embarrassed. When the goddess shows miracles, the pursuit of criminals will definitely be beaten by believers. What’s worse, many of them are of Elf descent, and I don’t know who took the lead and knelt down to join the prayer crowd.
This joke is a bit big!
The situation is changing too fast. Lan Yunpeng is a little overwhelmed. Well, he will soon wake up. It’s a godsend. If you don’t leave now, you’ll die later! Whether there is a god in this different continent, Lan Yunpeng is not sure about the miracle in front of him, but it is obviously a good opportunity to escape.
"Sue Sue, let’s go!" LanYunPeng will sound very small for fear of disturbing others.
Sue Sue is not as strong as Yu Han, and her nerves are still wandering. Lan Yunpeng frowned, and the time was fleeting. She was about to pick her up.
The wonders of the sky are still changing, and a holy beam of light comes from the sky!
"Blessed by the Goddess of Light!"
"Oh, my God!"
"Praise the great God of Nature!"
People’s expressions are very excited, and many people are in tears. Elf classics remember that the goddess blesses people and will be favored by the goddess.
Miracles that have disappeared for a hundred years reappear with the blessing of the goddess. People can witness this great moment and feel happy, and they are also looking forward to becoming lucky.
Even the goddess has a bad eye, when all believers pray devoutly, but that holy white light happened to fall on Lan Yunpeng’s body, which is a little warm like sunshine, but it carries a strange energy.
It was a warm and comfortable feeling, as if I had returned to my childhood mother’s arms, and my strength would suddenly rise by a large margin, even though it was strange for Lan Yunpeng to break through the ranks of intermediate swordsmen, at this moment, the most important thing for people to leave was to pick up Susie and slip away, but suddenly there was a commotion and surround him!
It’s over. What do they want? They didn’t run away just now, but these people have strange eyes! Lan Yunpeng has confidence in his own strength, but one person can drown you in the face of so many people.
The so-called seven in and seven out is pure deception.
"What do you want?"
An old elf elder took a deep look at Lan Yunpeng, then turned around and announced, "The great purple quarrelling swordsman bathed the goddess of nature and blessed the light, which is why the goddess of nature chose the saint!"
"Wow …"
The crowd is boiling like sea water, especially the girls are more enthusiastic. The purple fighting swordsmen come here and are recognized by the goddess as more attractive than people!
"Purple quarrelling swordsman, I love you!"
"Let’s see your true colors!"
"If you don’t marry in this life!"
"I want to give you a litter of good babies!"
110 saint
Although the male compatriots are jealous, who makes others have good conditions? The young strength is amazing and has been recognized by the goddess. Although the purple quarrelling blocks the true face, it is not difficult to see from the vague outline that it must be a handsome guy!
"What does the captain do now?"
Such a change made the city guards unprepared to receive reports that some people were celebrating and making trouble, but now the situation is out of their control
"Close the team and go back"
"But …"
"Where there are so many nonsense goddess don’t mind her birthday celebration troublemakers also selected him to do their own saint we will mind their own business and do you think we dare to arrest people now? Why don’t you try it yourself? "
The captain of the city guard is telling the truth, but he is also a little selfish. He is human, but his wife is an elf beauty. Elves are all devout believers in the goddess of nature. If his wife knows that she has arrested the goddess of nature, she will definitely not want to sleep in bed for a month. That taste is all for nothing!
I can’t afford to quarrel with you in public and private.
If you want to know how to advance and retreat in life, it is better to show the purple fighting swordsman a favor, although I don’t know if he will appreciate it.
Watching the city guards recede like a flood, Lan Yunpeng was relieved, but he could look at the fanatics in front of him, especially those girls who were in a state of madness. Someone’s scalp suddenly burst into pins and needles, and he took Susie beauty with one hand and jumped up as if he were running for his life. He also looked back from time to time for fear that someone would be desperate to chase him.
The night is as cool as water, and the gentle moonlight casts a hazy color on everything on the earth. Two people sit side by side in a small courtyard, and the night wind brings a refreshing fragrance.
"What is it today?" Everything that happened today was like a dream, but now I think it’s not true. First, it was a sudden trouble, then I became a natural goddess inexplicably, which made the magnificent picture scroll in that day a miracle or a mirage. Now Lan Yunpeng is a little confused, but the sudden rise in rank is real rather than an illusion, but it’s a coincidence that if it weren’t for the so-called blessing, Lan Yunpeng still doesn’t know how to end it. For the first time, someone feels the aura of the protagonist shrouded in the face of those crazy people, and now he finally realizes the troubles of public figures.
Lan Yunpeng, the so-called saint’s identity, has no interest at all, and purple quarrelling has given him great strength. At the same time, it has brought a lot of trouble. Now, if you add another saint’s identity, you will never want to be clean again. It is estimated that even personal freedom will be restricted
Thankfully, they didn’t see what they looked like.
Lan Yunpeng managed to get rid of the fanatics, but instead of going back to Joanna’s house, she stayed with Susu Susu, a beautiful woman. Today, it was amazing and her mental state was very poor, which made people feel uneasy about her.
"Remember the pink mercenary group?"
"hmm? Of course! " Lan Yunpeng zheng looked susu eyes full of worries. Did the attack and pink mercenary group have today? The pink mercenary group came to this different continent for the first time to participate in the mercenary mercenary group. How can you forget that although it is a top-qualified mercenary group, the scale is not large, but there are only three girls. In addition to Susu, there is also an elf girl, the family assassin Katrina.
It’s funny to think of those two girls Lan Yunpeng, who have been beautiful until now, but they are a little confused in doing things. When they were mercenaries, one went to take a shower, the other went to watch a video, and the other was as good as they were.
Lan Yunpeng clearly remembers that Susu once said that she was a friend for revenge, but Ke Ling and Katrina are fine. They just spoke not long ago. It is said that they are on vacation in a coastal city.
The cold moonlight sprinkled on Su Su Qiao’s face was a bit sad and desolate.
"There were four of us in the pink mercenary group a year ago …" It’s always a story that is very old-fashioned, very bloody, and on and off.
"Stop crying!"