"Say what you will watch me live?" Lin Jin sat on the sofa in the living room and didn’t have the owner’s appearance. He crossed his legs and looked at Miss Lin. The guest had scruples about the tea table and took out a bottle of Jiaduobao.

Teacher Lin snorted when she heard Lin Jin’s question and then said with dissatisfaction, "You know, you are my student, okay?" Of course I need to know what you usually do, or what if you are fooled? "
She suddenly and mysteriously put that face on the edge of Lin Jinbian to wipe the underworld in summer. "I’m telling you, although I was short when I came to this school, I was one of the readers!" Your boyfriend’s face must be stained with flowers and grass! Just like my ex-boyfriend! "
"Your ex-boyfriend is not as handsome as him." Lin Jin lowered his head and looked a little red. She denied Teacher Lin’s remarks. "And it’s not like that in summer. There are so many people. I didn’t find a girlfriend before, okay? And he is very to … "
In the middle of the words, Teacher Lin hurriedly interrupted "Bah! That’s what my ex-boyfriend said when he chased me! Later, I realized that he had found at least three girlfriends before! "
"I’m telling you, men don’t have many good things now!"
Lin Jin listened with some difficulty. Teacher Lin left a little distance and asked her, "Sister, you don’t like women after breaking up once, do you?"
"To tell you the truth, I don’t really mind that you like women, but it’s a bit wrong that you like me. Although I don’t mind … well, it’s not good for our family, you know?" Lin Jin said seriously with a face.
"Bah! I like men! " Teacher Lin took a look at Lin Jinbai.
Lin Jin finally failed to maintain her serious expression and poof-poof laughed.
"Come on, stop that now." Teacher Lin pulled her navel-exposed short-sleeved pendulum and then put her back against the sofa and said to Lin Jin, "This time, I came to visit you because I was a little uncomfortable at home."
"Being rejected?"
"Yes! Didn’t I live in a rental house every day when I was teaching students in the previous class? At that time, my mother cried out every day, "Come back, it’s hungry and thin outside." Teacher Lin pie pie "I believed him, and I went back as soon as I had a holiday. A few days ago, it was okay. In a few days, my mother began to dislike me sleeping in, going out without makeup, and not being a family …"
"Well, it’s not like this in my family."
"Anyway, I’m tired of that group of people at home, so I’m going to sleep with you these two days!" Teacher Lin confidently patted Lin Jin on the shoulder. "It is a great honor for students to sleep with beautiful teachers! Right! "
"It’s a hair," Lin Jin silently continued to roll their eyes. "Are the stores here in the school almost the same? You won’t want to eat and drink these two days, will you? "
"Yes!" Miss Lin with waist upward said
Where is the wonderful teacher?
Lin Jin sighed and accepted the fact that there was an extra person in the family.
"Say go and cook for me! I’m starving, okay! "
Lin Jin glanced at the righteous teacher Lin lamented once again and then got up and walked towards the kitchen.
Lin Jin’s cooking is not bad, maybe it’s because she really has a gift for cooking. Since she got started, the dishes she cooked are not only delicious, but also delicious.
The food is what dad brought with him when he came back at noon, such as vegetables, meat and everything. Yes, I bought the whole day’s ingredients according to the appetite of two people. Now, after adding Teacher Lin, it is estimated that I will finish it at noon.
I made a green pepper shredded pork and then a tomato scrambled egg. Then Teacher Lin urged me to fry two poached eggs. It took me half an hour to prepare the lunch dish. I put it in the rice cooker before my father left, and now it has been prepared and kept warm.
Dad usually doesn’t come back for dinner at noon and night. Although there are not ten takeout orders a day, he still attaches great importance to guarding the store every day for fear that he will lose customers as soon as he leaves.
Mainly if you eat in the shop, you can see it.
"It’s all because of you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t continue to buy food at noon." Lin Jinbai glanced at the table and said that Teacher Lin "the lunch dishes are definitely not fresh."
"Isn’t it not bad? Anyway, when you buy food in the afternoon, you will put it over there. "Teacher Lin will sit in a chair with one leg up and not eat. That’s a joy and seems to make this place his home." I’ll accompany you to buy food in the afternoon and I’ll accompany you to the live broadcast later! Just let the teacher show me what kind of person your boyfriend is! When you watch him live at ordinary times, it will be cold and cold, and you can’t see what he is like at ordinary times. "
Teacher Shi Lin has seen the summer, but she didn’t talk much after several meetings, so she plans to meet the summer again.
"I’ll help you get a boyfriend!"
"It’s just that if I go live late, you’ll talk too much, right?" Lin Jin got up after eating and packed the rest of the food in a box. "I’m going to send a meal to my dad, and I’ll buy some food and come back for dinner."
"That I also go to! Wait for me! "
Who knows what makes Miss Lin so excited …
Teacher Lin hurried to finish the leftover food and eat a bowl cleaner than a dog licking it.
Lin Jin watched her run into the kitchen with a bowl, threw the chopsticks into the washbasin, then bowed her head and patted her face to rinse her mouth, and she was refreshed and followed Lin Jin out of the door.
Teacher Lin, is this person worried or not?
Lin Jin found that Miss Lin rarely had a depressed expression. Even after breaking up with her boyfriend, she didn’t reveal her sad expression. Most of the time, the teacher was very positive and always liked to laugh and play.
It’s quite normal to put a seven-year-old girl in this setting. What will happen to you, an old woman in her late thirties?
Chapter 56 52 Trouble woman
When teacher Lin arrived, dad was quite welcome, at least on the surface.
Later, due to teacher Lin’s persistent pestering and beating Lin Jin, she was taken to her summer home. After waiting for a moment, summer hurried back from work and opened the door.
Since there is a teacher Lin, of course, Lin Jin doesn’t need to teach summer dancing in person. Speaking of dancing, Miss Lin is still much higher than Lin Jin now. After all, she has studied in a unified way, and most of Lin Jin has learned by herself.
I knew Mr. Lin in the summer, not to mention that Lin Jin had seen it several times with him in the summer. Mr. Lin said that he moved to the rental house here after breaking up, and he could see it occasionally when he went in and out.
Lin Jinle sat cross-legged on the bed at leisure and watched Mr. Lin give directions and dance in summer, but in summer he looked miserable.
To tell the truth, Lin Jin teaches dancing and says that at most it is to correct the movement, but this guy Lin seems to be aiming at him, not only to move, but also to give directions to his body.
In the summer, I caught a glimpse of Teacher Lin, and my face showed that I m and you are not familiar with each other.
Teacher Lin still smiled and took a summer balance to raise his arm. "It’s too high and parallel, okay?" Parallel to the shoulder! "
Anyway, there is no motivation at all in summer. When Lin Jin came to teach, she could not eat tofu, but at least she could have an eye addiction and get close to her girlfriend. But now?
What’s this old woman doing here? It’s almost 30 years old, and I don’t have a good day.
In the summer, I glared at Mr. Bian Lin with some anger, but Mr. Lin still went his own way.
I really want to make out with my girlfriend. Why do you just come here as a boyfriend and girlfriend and spoil it?
An hour later, summer finally breathed a sigh of relief. I was going to greet Lin Jin to broadcast live together, but I saw Miss Lin sitting in Lin Jin’s exclusive seat.
"Come and live with us! I am so beautiful that I must be more attractive than Lin Jin to attract the audience. "Teacher Lin walked back and said to the summer."
"Are you a little too familiar?" Summer corners of the mouth smoke a bit right.