However, in order to avoid being created by the wave, let yourself stay away from the explosion point before detonating the collapsed bomb.

Then the creator quickly finished all this. It put the collapsed bomb in another passage position.
It detonated the collapsed bomb when it was far away.
This collapsed bomb caused the same effect as before, blasting a huge passage.
But it also has some unexpected effect.
That is … coma.
Perhaps it was because the creator was not far enough away or for some special reason that the creator fell into a coma when the collapsed bomb exploded.
And the collapse bomb explosion also caused another effect.
"We … received the signal!"
Painfully, it is no longer’ dark’.
In a few places, the signals that passed through the painful environment in the same way suddenly passed through at will.
The huge fleet outside can directly’ observe’ the painful environment, and at the same time they also notice the creator.
So the fleet decided to attack immediately.
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven The nightmare is over
"Must … to leave …"
Creators rarely make mistakes, but this time it’s different.
Maybe it’s not enough time.
The creator detonated the’ collapse bomb’, although he successfully blew up a new crossing, but he also fell into a coma.
It has no idea that this collapsed bomb will bring this effect, and neither does the Star Alliance.
Of course, the creator’s mistake doesn’t mean this, but … it recovered those ships.
The creator’s coma didn’t last long. It soon woke up.
And far from virtual fleet hasn’t come so fast to attack.
The main reason why they can detect the situation after the actual collapse bomb explodes is because of those ships
Before the creator recycled ships, it didn’t modify them, but simply dragged them in.
Everything in these ship departments is always on.
After painfully communicating with the outside world, they immediately sent the situation inside to the outside fleet.
The fleet outside learned so quickly … Now it is painfully able to communicate the news.
But at the same time, they also notice that the creator is moving a little further away.
At that time, the creator had awakened, but he had not recovered completely, but he had moved painfully and decided to leave here.
After noticing this situation, the outer fleet quickly made a decision, because they were too far away, they did not intend to attack directly.
But … detonate the creator and recover those ships.
That’s a lot easier.
Although the distance to send a signal is not even if it arrives, it will certainly be able to detonate the creator before leaving.
And the fleet did.
The creator left immediately after waking up, but the fleet detonation signal arrived painfully earlier.
This signal detonated the creator to recover every ship with the function of self-explosion, and the violent explosion swallowed up the creator in an instant.
The creator … was blown up.
At the same time, the explosion also caused the destruction of the collapse bombs of the ships, and the explosion of these collapse bombs led to the birth of more channels.
But … this is no longer a matter of creation.
Because its body cells and brain cells have been almost completely destroyed in the explosion
After that, the fleet confirmed that the explosion had successfully blown up the target before sending an exploration team to approach painfully.
They make remote control aircraft and other things enter the pain and recover the fragments of the exploding ship.
Of course, it also includes the fragments of the creator’s own body, that is, the’ brain castle’
Although there was not much left, the fleet collected as much debris as possible and brought them back.
Along with the fleet, it also carried out a wide range of painful … scanning to confirm that the’ monster’ inside really disappeared before it safely left.
Of course, they also set up a’ monitoring’ painful passage entrance to detect the situation here at any time.
This battle ended, as if the creator died.
The residents of the Star Alliance have no nightmares, and they have returned to their normal lives and reached a happy ending.
But … Is it really like this?
After a period of time, the monitoring has been observing the painful state.
Monitoring observers noticed that the channel was healing painfully.
Cause the huge channel caused by the collapsed bomb is slowly merging back into the original small channel.