"Xiao Li, my personal bodyguard, has been alone with me for many years!"

Everyone looked at each other. What’s wrong with this plot?
The emperor’s face in the dark night empire also froze and became stiff on the spot.
6 Chapter 6 Either minister! Or perish!
Su Yu split the night emperor’s head like a bolt from the blue.
My bodyguard is alone, too?
What’s more, let your precious daughter marry a bodyguard?
The ruler of the seat of power also felt naught at this moment. I didn’t expect the Emperor of the Chinese Empire to be such a humorous person.
"You are playing with me!" The dark night emperor’s dark face was flushed at this moment and finally he squeezed out a few words from his clenched teeth.
My precious daughter, the Night Empire, is admired by thousands of people!
It makes sense for you to marry an important general of Yanhuang, and marry a bodyguard of another emperor.
This is almost the same as the nature of destroying the country. What a shame!
Where should I put my face?
"hmm ~"
Su Yu hesitated for a moment and gave the night emperor another choice. "Since you can’t look at my guards, always look at me."
The night emperor’s face didn’t get better until he heard this, and Su Yu’s words made him fly into a rage, and he felt a career fire from his heel to the top of the skull.
"How about being my maid? But it can’t be a close-fitting one. I’m afraid my wives will be jealous. "
Su Yu’s face is difficult to hesitate to speak. "At most, she can’t enter the palace with foot washing water."
Who is this?
The night emperor felt that he had suffered the greatest humiliation in his life.
The princess went to be a maid?
Also said that the conditions can’t be close!
If you don’t look at yourself, your daughter is not worthy to be his maid?
"You deceive others too much!" The night emperor’s face is gloomy. He is like a balloon inflated to the limit. If you tie it gently, it will burst.
And Su Yu is going to make that needle and directly explode the balloon of the Night Emperor.
"Okay, okay, close-fitting maid, close-fitting maid, but not sleeping. This is my bottom line!"
Su Yu said like a compromise, and the corners of his mouth raised a bad smile.
He waited for the balloon of the night emperor to explode. He wanted to see the night emperor go crazy, but he was afraid to hit himself.
I like the way you don’t like me but dare not hit me!
Who knows that the night emperor calmed down at this time, and his eyes and expressions returned to the original sample.
He is a wise man and naturally perceives Su Yu teasing him.
If his words keep affecting the mood, it will make the world laugh.
"I’m here to discuss the alliance, but it’s so difficult for me. I’m afraid it’s not a Chinese hospitality." The night emperor said lightly.
"Hum spite? Alliance? " Su Yu snorted and continued, "A star chart makes me ally with the Chinese Empire? What a joke! "
The night emperor was stunned for a while and didn’t know what to say.
It is true that no forces in this star field have reached an alliance because of a star chart.
There shouldn’t be such a thing for indigenous forces like his Chinese Empire.
And this time Su Yu said again
"I have never wanted the idea of alliance in the Chinese Empire, or I will perish! This is I give you choose two roads "
"I will become my Chinese empire, and the demise of my country will change the dynasty. The territory belongs to my Chinese empire. You choose it yourself."
Su Yu said this without emotion and with a faint smile on her mouth, which was as simple as ordinary jokes.
But Su Yu’s pressure on everyone is unprecedented!
Either I am or I am doomed!
The Chinese Empire is so overbearing and ambitious!
Less than a year after coming out of a lower plane, you want to unify this star field?
Although it’s a little unbelievable to say so, it seems that the Chinese Empire does have this strength.
Twenty-three star domain nearly half the rulers then seriously consider it.
At this time, his face is as good as his power name. The dark night emperor spoke again. "I have tens of millions of elite soldiers in the dark night empire, and I am a saint. With your words, you want me to be a minister of the dark night empire. Your appetite is too big."
The night empire was run by the night emperor for thousands of years, and he naturally didn’t want to be so obedient.
Su Yu listened to the words of the night emperor and looked at the eyes of the night emperor, which was quite interesting.
The night emperor had a bad feeling at this time. He felt a great threat from Su Yu’s eyes.
Su Yu did not answer the words of the night emperor, but gave an order.
"Come and inform ninety million troops to stop attacking the Japanese Empire. Go and destroy the Night Empire first! After the destruction, the army will be rewarded! "
The bodyguard heard Su Yu’s order and got a "obey!" Then he left the Yingbin Hall.
The night emperor was shocked by this scene.
90 million troops!
Yanhuang empire can not destroy its own night empire without a single soldier!
His horse went back on his word just now and panicked.
He can’t lose the night empire!
The night emperor knelt before Su Yu, and his rough hands kept shaking at this time.
He has run the Night Empire for thousands of years, and he doesn’t want to lose it!
"Emperor then I don’t I know I was wrong! I am willing to serve the Chinese Empire! I am willing to let the princess be the maid of the emperor, and please show mercy to the emperor not to hurt my night imperial people! "
The third force in this star field, Megatron, the Emperor of the Night Empire actually knelt on his feet and cried out!
Everyone was shocked.
They all know that the night emperor has always been rebellious and looked down on the sudden emergence of the Chinese Empire, an indigenous force. No one expected that he would kneel before the emperor of the Chinese Empire!
This is 90 million troops!