Strange that they didn’t grow those plants? Will this lead to their own difficulties?

Just as Lin thought so, suddenly a Lin had seen arms appear in the tree of Inca swarm home, surrounded by a group of black bees and close to the root of death spike.
This commander is very similar to a beetle without a carapace. Lin saw that two pairs of wings behind it made a’ buzzing’ high-frequency sound
This sound affects the death spike in front of the detective insects, which is incredible. It is distorted to both sides to reveal a mouth that is enough for the detective insects to pass through without touching the spike.
They … Sound to control the death spike? Control is not surprising, but there should be no muscle cells in plants that can’t move like this, right? It seems that we need to do a research.
A large number of detective insects rushed out of the’ border’ of the death spike and poured into the rock. When they entered the rock, they dispersed and observed all the objects around them.
Lin immediately let all the fliers fly to the ground and turn them into the same color as the rocks, but I don’t know if the scouts can find them by doing so.
Detectives check the barren rock in more detail. They will look at every stone, but they will look at the stone for a few seconds, while some creatures haunt here. They will look around for a long time before flying away.
Well, no detective found Lin disguised as a rock flyer.
It seems that they are too specialized to detect insects. It is estimated that they have strong vision, strong sense of smell and hearing, and they can’t do anything. The camouflage is very effective for them.
After seeing this area, the reconnaissance bugs quickly continued to fly north. Lin made some fliers change color and quietly followed them. At this time, Lin also saw more reconnaissance bugs flying out from behind the spiked wall.
Every time the detective meets a home tree, he will fly around the home tree and fly from the tree to the crown of the tree before he will leave. When he sees anything, he will look around for about 60 seconds.
This investigation method is really fun. Lin wants to learn this way to explore the whole twisted jungle. All the creatures in the twisted jungle and many creatures Lin has never seen are mainly explored less.
Detectives have been flying north. They are close to Lin’s territory.
There is also a’ dividing line’ in Shilin territory, that is, a huge rift valley with solidified lava at the bottom. Instead of flying directly over the rift, the insects rushed into the rift to observe everything inside and the lava spiders hanging from the cliff of the rift valley.
Lava spiders are asleep during the day, so they don’t have any conflicts. After searching for the rift, they fly to Lin territory together.
There are many cone-shaped stone pillars in Linlin territory. These are Linlin bases. Their shells are made of shells. On the outside, different reconnaissance insects may have scouted here before. They are more curious about Linlin fort. Many reconnaissance insects fly around the base for a long time before flying away.
It doesn’t seem to be suspected, and then the detective insects continue to move north. They are approaching the mountain peak.
Along the way, the detective insects carefully observed all the creatures. Here are some creatures that Lin brought from the outside. They successfully lived here. It doesn’t seem strange that they came to detect insects.
Finally, the detective insect approached the Linsuo home tree area.
Lin actually occupies three home trees, most of which are outside the rock. Lin has made these home trees look the same as ordinary ones, so they should be found by law.
As usual, the detective flies around the home tree. After checking three trees, they don’t feel abnormal. They continue to fly north with them and have reached the place with hot springs.
The scout checked the lizards living in the hot springs. These scouts didn’t feel abnormal. Finally, they arrived at the place where Lin came in. It was a waterfall with a hole leading to the lake in the mountain. Lin thought that the scout wouldn’t observe the hole.
However, a strange scene happened, and the detective insects rushed directly into the waterfall. Although they would be washed out by the strong current in an instant, they did not stop rushing into it. One detective insect successfully rushed into the waterfall channel …
There was nothing in the passage, but it was dug by Lin and the width was increased. At a glance, the detective worm was washed out by the current and fell into the waterfall lake.
Well, they should have gone back, right
But when Lin thought so, the bug that had seen the channel scout crawled out of the waterfall lake and gave a very sharp cry
Chapter ninety-two War drums
Lynn doesn’t know what they mean, but Lynn feels that they are upset and flustered.
What is it? Why should you panic when you see the waterfall passage? There’s nothing left in the passage of Lin Waterfalls to detect insects. The sense of smell should be very poor, so they can’t smell the smell inside, otherwise they won’t miss the color-changing fliers.
But they obviously found something unusual in this way. Is it just that the channel has widened?
The detective insects sang for a while, and when all the nearby detective insects gathered, they flew south, and they seemed to be planning to return.