Polymerized dust powder is similar to micro-machinery, while ordinary dust powder is just dust. It is obvious that polymerized dust powder will continuously aggregate into … that sea cucumber-shaped thing.

But now Lin also noticed … Polymeric dust powder is devouring ordinary dust powder.
It may be that the amount of polymerized dust powder is insufficient, and they can’t constitute such a big thing. They will decompose the surrounding dust powder as a’ nutrient’
This should be normal. There is nothing strange about it.
But the firefly bearer doesn’t seem to like this kind of thing. It flashes continuously.
Its blinking line is to observe the surrounding environment. It seems to observe it very carefully. This dust powder is the size of a cell, but the firefly can know the state of each dust powder through its light.
The firefly bearer told the velvet ball that it had seen a lot of aggregated dust powder devouring other dust powder.
Lin didn’t notice this situation until the fluffy ball released a large number of micro-arms. Most of the aggregate dust around her … swallowed a lot of ordinary dust powder and increased her volume before flying over.
This also causes the surrounding dust powder to become more and more sparse …
In this case, the firefly bearer seems to be very angry. It said to Lin, "This is not recovery at all. This is the destruction of this place … They must be destroyed!" "
It seems that … the firefly lasted for a long time, and the belief in transpiration ended.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and twenty-four Prophecy introduction
"Hello everyone! Another day off worth celebrate! I know you’ve been working very hard, but don’t sleep late and strengthen your physique. Let’s exercise together! "
"hoo-ha! Whoo-hoo! Turn around and shout, shout, shout, shout, shout, shout, shout … "
This is the home of some imaginary people covered with fungi.
On one wall of the hall is a huge video screen, in which the energetic host is dancing a physical fitness dance.
The screen has a group of skeletons and a machine learning to do the same thing.
"What do I have to do here?" The scholar couldn’t help complaining when he looked at the dancing skeleton around him.
The main reason why it dances here is that these skeleton scholars secretly try to walk behind the skeleton, and suddenly all these skeletons look at it.
But they didn’t attack other classes, but pulled it to the screen for scholars to learn dancing on the screen with them.
"Just jump and watch," said the bug, "so you can probably know if these fungi are mentally ill."
"I don’t think dancing can know the fungus problem," said the scholar. "Besides, there are important things to do … Besides, this dance is so ugly that I won’t dance!"
With that, the scholar stopped moving and quickly ran towards a room.
The original dance skeleton stopped at once and looked at the scholars who ran into the room, but they didn’t do anything.
Scholars didn’t care about them either. After it entered the room, it gave the door and quickly found an image device on the room table. After hitting it, scholars found that …
"This is the great prophet!" The scholar’s voice was a little excited, perhaps because it happened to be the last one, and it was finally found.
Because the background of the pop-up screen is a prophet’s painting, scholars have seen a lot of … prophetic pictures after clicking on the information inside, and some information is attached to these pictures, including the reasons for making this picture … and so on.
And it’s not encrypted.
"This is great so that we can know what it will make that star picture, the great prophet …"
Bang-!’ Scholars haven’t finished talking about the door when they are beaten into the room with a few imaginary skeletons.
Obviously, they are just dancing skeletons outside. There are five of them, which look like a family, and they are all staring at scholars with their eyes full of hyphae.
Seeing scholars has a kind of … creepy feeling in my heart.
"What the hell do you want?" So scholars can’t help asking a question about these skeletons.
"Kaka Kaka-"makes scholars a little surprised that the skeleton actually answered it, but there was no accurate words, but the teeth collided and made a sound.
These five skeletons make such a sound at the same time, which makes scholars more hairy.
"Maybe they don’t have organs yet," said the bug. "Even if they can make muscle-like hyphae perfectly, they can’t make accurate sounds and make some strange noises."
"So they really want to talk to me?" Scholars are a little interested this time, and some scholars still want to try to communicate with fungi.
Because it is said that fungi do not communicate with living things normally, even if they do show wisdom.
"oh! That’s all for this dance. See you next rest day! "
There was a sound on the screen outside, and these skeletons suddenly left the door and returned to the screen again and pressed the’ replay’ button.