Maybe there is a gap in language after a long separation? But Lynn was sure they must be connected.

"Let’s go home first. It may be a little dangerous here." After giggling, we made some strange moves, and the lizards scattered around each other. They quickly ran back to their original positions and did what they wanted to do.
They pulled pieces from the broken armor of Lin Xumin and pulled the contents out of the armor pocket.
There are many things in the virtual people’s armor pocket, such as first aid medicine, knife locator, small nail gun, flashing ball, etc. These are all armor that are always used to cope with various situations
Although Lin feels that some things are not necessarily suitable for virtual reality.
And these crystal lizards dug up all these things in the armor and dragged them into the surrounding metal cracks …
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Aborigines in virtual garbage
"This passage leads to our country."
This is a huge metal regiment somewhere. A few pieces of metal and almost even oxygen can freeze the temperature. A group of creatures are crawling slowly in this tunnel.
The golden light of these creatures keeps the original darkness bright. There is such a group of creatures behind Lin. They are trying to drag them to win the battle just now … a huge’ barrel’.
The barrel is wrapped like a rope, and a large group of small crystal lizards hold the other end of the rope by themselves and drag the floating barrel slowly.
This tube was also found by them from the armor of the virtual people. Lin found that the crystal lizards seemed to like these things very much. They all liked the armor’ equipment’ extremely. Besides this, there was a long team behind Lin. A large number of crystal lizards were divided into many small groups, and each group dragged an object turned out of the armor and climbed into this huge metal fragment to form a tunnel.
From the virtual people’s point of view, they are like ants carrying things, while from the spy’s point of view, they are like a large group of creatures carrying huge buildings.
However, because it is empty to carry here, it is not very difficult to make a big deal.
"These things may or may not be useful to us, but we will get them anyway. Isn’t that what you’ that place’ did?"
The crystal lizard’ giggle’ and Lin beside the spy Lin explained the situation here. It said that they often do this. They put away what looks interesting and then put them together to make something more interesting.
"Do you know’ black metal’?"
At the same time, Lin also asked some questions to giggle. There are also special’ vibration words’ in black metal crystal lizards to represent black metal.
But giggle doesn’t seem to know each other
"Black metal doesn’t know what it is," giggle told Lynn, "but occasionally there are some strange things here, and then they bring us more strange things."
"Do you mean’ virtual people’?" Black metal crystal lizards also have a special’ vocabulary’ to call Xu Minlin. Just use this vocabulary and giggle directly.
"Virtual people? Is that what’ that place’ calls them? " Giggling replied, "Yes, those things that grow very big … appear in front!" "
Giggling suddenly sped up and ran forward, and Lin followed at once.
Giggling ran into a small gap in the metal next to the tunnel, and the spy ran over at once. After passing through a small passage, Lin found that she had reached a vast place.
And there is a huge object in this vast place-Xumin is there.
Giggle and Kathleen watched it through the cracks in the wall metal.
This virtual citizen looks very nervous. Lin can see it behind the mask, and his expression is full of fear. He is holding a weapon in his hand and looking around in horror.
"What? Who is there! " Suddenly, the virtual citizen pointed his weapon in one direction and looked at its mouth. Lin knew what it said.
It may be that the armor’ encounter with the enemy’ shows that there is something nearby that makes it so nervous that it forgets that there is no sound in the virtual.
"Nothing …" Xu Min looked at the place for a while before turning his head in another direction.
"This is the kind of creature you call’ virtual people’. Look at it. It also has many interesting things," Giggle told Lin. "We can watch it die here and inform our companions to get it."
"Don’t you feel strange that they are coming?" Asked the spy to giggle.
"Strange? What’s strange? " Giggling seems puzzled by Lin’s statement.
"Do you often see creatures like this?" The spy continued
"No, this is the first time."
I see. It seems that these crystal lizards are not surprised by the sudden appearance of strange creatures like Xu Min, but they are very interested in what Xu Min carries and want to take it away.
"Will it die soon?" Thinking of Lin continued to giggle and asked
"There is a little possibility," giggled. "It will encounter something very powerful, but it may not. I will always watch it. If it doesn’t, we must attack it directly."
"I’m usually in charge of surveillance, but I can take you back now." Giggling, she climbed back, and Lin followed after looking at the virtual citizen, and went back to the former transport tunnel.
A large number of crystal lizards are still carrying what they got before, while giggle and spy continue to follow this team.
The crystal lizards here feel a little like the original dragon tribe to Lin, but they live in a special place.
It can be seen that they have nothing to do with black metal … By the way, the spear of the black metal crystal lizard may not only be a weapon, but also something that black metal controls them?