Finally, watching the scene, Nie Mou from ghost captain made a suggestion … The commander took turns to sit!

But not according to the schedule, but according to the campaign
In every battle, three generals can run for election. If two generals run for election, it is very simple to shake the color to decide the outcome. The one with the largest number of points will be the commander of the battle and the other two will be the adjutant.
All three countries have expressed their strong opposition to the military affairs. How can it be so trifling?
However, Nie Yun said lightly, "Either shake the color or I will direct you to choose!"
Well … then they went to shake the color very happily …
Of course, this kind of thing must be secretly shaken by the door to maintain the image of earth defense force, or to declare that brothers, friends and brothers are respectful and humble to each other, and finally decide who will be the commander
And this time, everyone wants to direct the first battle against Double Star, which is a historic moment in earth defense force’s history! The three men stood for election at the same time without suspense.
In the end, the bald general Yuri won the battle and won the battle command.
"It’s finally our turn!" Yuri grinned among the three.
"It’s high time for us to let those pro-guards and a group of stragglers compare with our well-trained professional soldiers?" American general schneider pie mouth way
"Can’t say that. I think their team cooperation consciousness is quite good …" General gardener laughed.
This person who speaks impressively is Hu Junchang!
Because of the good relationship with ghost captain, Hu Junchang was promoted this time, defeated many military competitors and grabbed the commander’s seat!
"Hum! It would definitely be better for us soldiers to do it! " Schneider, otherwise
"It is! This battle will prove to everyone that professional military talents are the main force in the battlefield! " Yuri said that he had reached the attack order …
After a brief confrontation between the two sides of the battlefield, the human side took the lead!
Guns, after all, have a range advantage. Three waves of attacks, laser, magnetic shells and small missiles, have poured down at the opposite enemy in layers!
And the opposite also almost at the same time move them instantly change formation … Crashing away!
"Boom!" Hundreds of meters Fiona Fang immediately like hell was covered by several artillery!
However, the effect of this round of attack is not satisfactory. Except for the bodies of nearly 100 hounds, most hounds have now emerged from the artillery coverage area. They are super agile and strong in defense and hard to resist the first round of attack.
These rough-skinned and tough creatures can be said to be the most difficult in the battlefield. The targets with high speed, high attack and high armor can fight and resist evasion!
Unless you hit the target directly, you can make them hurt and not die. Shake your body and the soil will get up again.
And the incredible speed of cell regeneration allows their wounds to recover quickly, comparable to a high-speed meat shield with a wet nurse.
These hounds didn’t directly confront the human side with elaborate defense, but directly dispersed to facilitate the surrounding complex terrain to rush toward the human side at a rapid pace, and spread their wings to gradually detour behind the human half-moon formation!
They are just like the ancient heavy cavalry in the face of a strict defensive position. Except for sturm und drang, they can also choose to outflank and interspersed. Even though the texts are different, the two sides have the same understanding of tactics
The human side’s dense artillery fire suddenly has a feeling of hitting mosquitoes with artillery, and once the artillery fire disperses the other side, it is extremely agile and extremely difficult to lock the surrounding complex terrain, which makes it more difficult for the human side to strike long-range
Suddenly the human side ranged attack hit rate is greatly reduced!
After the two sides approached for one kilometer, the hounds threw spears and attacked them. At that time, the formation of human beings was like rain …
Sea wolf
"Guess who will win?" Yun Nie looked at the fighting scenes on both sides and asked the code with a smile.
"I have seen earth defense force’s tactical report based on simulation. If there is no accident, it should be that our chances of winning are relatively high!" Code replied.