"Well, I got a secret method, which was obtained from the previous ruins."

Su Yu nodded lightly and took out the previous notes left by Bai predecessors from the Lord’s backpack.
Fox nine smell speech are reminiscent of Su Yu had absorbed the dead scene!
Even the living can reach the top of the sacred land, and the nine foxes will surely be able to use this secret method!
Whether this secret method can keep their spiritual bodies normal all the time needs to be tried.
The flight of Xuan Ku Zun made Su Yu feel a sense of crisis and woke up the fact that Su Yu’s Chinese empire and human world respected the strong.
The communication between the Nine Venerable Foxes also reminded Su Yu of the reading notes of the secret method left by the Lord’s backpack.
"Let’s invite a necromancer to test it first."
After reading the reading notes, Fox Nine recruited a sacred necromancer.
"This, this is aura! ?”
With the track running of reading notes, the original method of cultivating aura has gathered aura in just a few short breaths!
Xuanye and other venerable ones looked at the necromancer’s sacred land, and all eyes flashed with amazing excitement.
The necromancer in the sacred land gave a whisper to his body, and his strength gradually became vigorous and his vitality slowly recovered.
Fox nine released the shackles of the dead in the sacred land.
His spirit rose up and died, like a leap in the same line. The fish flew towards the sacred land and the necromancer.
After about a wick of incense, the sacred necromancer no longer absorbs power.
Fox nine summoned the necromancer to find out, and then he was very excited.
The necromancer condensed a powerful spiritual force and never dispersed.
"Su Yu, you are quick to hit the Chinese plane with the secret method. Let me wait and see the effect."
Fox nine shortness of breath way
Xuanye, Bull and Magic Xiu Authos looked at the necromancer’s sacred land and were also short of breath.
Su Yu’s face-to-face door shows that the opposite face of the face-to-face door in front of the nine venerable foxes is the Imperial Palace of Yanhuang.
The necromancer walks through the plane gate palace.
Holy land necromancer body spirit force is still running and has not been hindered.
"It worked!"
Seeing this, the venerable Fox Nine showed a shocking color in his eyes.
I didn’t expect to let myself and others do heavy work again. The second one turned out to be found in ruins
Is such a mysterious method and killing yourself and others in vain?
Fox 95 honour person heart complex thought.
Recalling the Necromancer Fox Nine from the Holy Land, he gathered his mind and asked, "What’s the great event that happened recently in Xinghai?"
I remember Su Yu had doubts about what happened in Xinghai when he came.
I heard that Fox Nine asked Su Yu to nod, "It’s really a strange event."
Su Yu nodded and told the Fox Nine Honorable Persons what Gu Tianjiao had learned from the source.
Five honour person a listen to immediately face flashing with shock.
This, this kind of thing really happened again!
"Fox venerable sir, do you know anything?"
Su Yu glanced at Fox Nine and saw that he was calm and nodded. "I don’t know, but this thing is all said in our age."
"The source of the practitioner’s strength is from heaven and earth, and the source of the spirit is the source of heaven and earth. According to what is said, the source of the spirit is transformed into a god in charge of heaven and earth! If it is the birth of the source spirit, it is insufficient for hundreds of source force comprehenders to be born. "
Su Yu immediately drew a gasp when he heard the fox nine words.
Get the source spirit and become a god to take charge of heaven and earth!
This, this source spirit is too fate!
999. Chapter 999 Design Jingpo Xuan withered venerable person possessed.
Hundreds of source comprehenders are insufficient!
Su Yu was shocked and immediately asked, "So the ancient tianjiao people understand that the source is the phenomenon caused by the source spirit?"
Su Yu was shocked and asked!
"If you say the news is correct, this is indeed a phenomenon that the source spirit will lead to."
Xuanye sink said
His voice dropped to one side, and the bull said in a low voice, "I once heard that my grandfather had been to Yuanjing Spirit. It is said that Yuanjing Spirit appeared in the early ancient times, when hundreds of talented top saints and strong people were created."
Hundreds of top saints come from the strong! ?
Su Yu’s heart is like a stormy sea.
"Early ancient times? So at that time, a group of gods did come out, but those gods didn’t master the source force. "
Fox nine mind flashed a little memory doubt way
"It’s true that the source spirit is very powerful, but except that the owner can really master the source power, the other beneficiaries must truly understand the source power through the source spirit to give the source talent, so that the source power can be permanently made!"
Bull assured that his voice fell and the venerable ones immediately realized.
No wonder in ancient times, there were few gods with source talent.
Originally, it is the source spirit, and it belongs to the spirit that leads the way.
So the source spirit is just the guide of uniting the source force. When the spirit spirit leads, it will lose its power to the source.
"Did the barbarians get the source spirit and strength in ancient times?" Su Yu Hao Dao
"Yuan Jing’s whereabouts are illusory, but he likes talent. The practitioners of the earth heard that there were hundreds of Tianjiao who learned this news. After Zeng Yuanli pulled out the name of Yuan Jing, he had to let others know."
Bull said his voice fell fox nine honour person can’t help but look at Su Yu.
Su Yu is the first saint to fight the holy road Xinghai again, and also has the genius Uber of the source power!
By his hand, the source of traction will surely appear again!
And the source audience is not restricted. If they can understand the source words, they will be a great force!
Think of the five honour person look at Su Yu eyes with green light.
"Su Yuyan is a great opportunity. If you want to draw out the source spirit, I can help you with your hair care."
"I also think you should try one."
"Just let us see what the source spirit is like."
"Su Yu, if you do this well, you can teach you!"
All the venerable ones who have determined the possibility of the source spirit have actually hit themselves with their ideas.
Su Yu heard the words of the Nine Venerable Masters of Fox, and her heart smiled bitterly.
But this is not necessarily an opportunity.
He just wanted to take this opportunity to invite five venerable persons, including Fox Nine, to join the Yanhuang Empire in two places: Yanhuang and Renjie.
Su Yu thoughtfully said in a low voice, "I want to play my source to the maximum. You can try to see if the secret method is effective for the venerable one. If you are sure that you can get rid of the dead and then call me in the star domain communication, I can also take Terran Tianjiao to try to draw out the source spirit."