This seems to be what Su Wan meant.

When things were reported to Xiao Huang, he couldn’t control himself and smashed everything in the room.
Come, there is no very good body, because he is furious and angry again, and his face is white and white, and Yu Ge is frightened.
"Master, since you like Princess Zhaohua, why didn’t you marry her?"
Xiao Huang at this time is dull dazed leng didn’t react for a long time.
At the thought of her marrying another man, the pain in his heart prolonged and filled his whole limbs with horror.
At this moment, he suddenly felt frightened and thought of one thing. Is it really good for ladies that he is good?
She has a personality, and she definitely has spoken to her.
Don’t lie to me, Xiao Huang. I don’t trust others easily. You are the only one I am willing to try again. Don’t lie to me.
Does Xiao Huang think he did something wrong?
He did something wrong. He really did something wrong.
He meant not to hurt her, but now he finds that everything is going in the opposite direction.
Ladies, ladies, she actually married Xiao Ye again, if she remembers past events one day.
She won’t appreciate herself, on the contrary, she will hate herself, and she will hate herself very much, because he knows what happened in her past life but doesn’t say anything, and then he and she will be possible again.
Xiao Huang thought of this and couldn’t sit still. He struggled to get up and walked out. Yu Ge looked scared behind him.
Master Shi looks so scary and ugly. He’s really afraid that he can’t bear to pass out again.
Yu Ge followed him and walked out, saying, "Where are you going, Master? You’re not well yet."
Xiao Huang’s eyes are like a crazy beast. It’s really scary to watch.
Although he was furious and told Yu Ge and others to roll, Yu Ge still followed far away.
A group of people went all the way to the residence of Su Wan in Anguo Houfu.
After listening to the bamboo porch, Su Wan has got up after sleeping for half a day. She is in good spirits and everything looks as usual.
Now that she has passed the initial heartache, the whole person seems very calm, and the pain is no longer the same as before. The whole person looks a little cold, not as soft as before, and people are generally afraid of her when they see her.
Although she looks easy to talk about, the fact is that she is very difficult to talk about. If anyone provokes her, she will definitely have no good results.
In the drawing room, Su Wan ate her dinner slowly, but she couldn’t say anything elegant to wait on the maids. In the small room, only cups and plates touched lightly.
Ziyu wanted to talk, but she was afraid to say it for fear that the Lord would get angry.
Su Wan didn’t look up and eat her meal gracefully, but Ziyu God didn’t escape. She felt that she said faintly, "Have something to say? No one stopped you from saying it."
Purple jade finally let go.
"Princess Xi Chu Emperor granted Xiao Ye the title of Taitai of Xi Chu."
Su Wan didn’t speak, gently let go of the chopsticks in his hand, reached out and gracefully pinched a piece of seven-color Melaleuca cake and gently took a bite. God couldn’t say how beautiful it was.
Purple jade glanced at her with no expression and continued to say.
"The emperor also gave another will to marry the princess to the Taitai Taifei, who will not get married in the future."
Marriage "
"Oh, I see."
Su Wan ate a piece of cake, got up and was lazy, and didn’t care about Ziyu.
Purple jade sighed and secretly wondered if the princess really decided to marry that Xiao Tai. She didn’t do it to stimulate Xiao Shi and force Xiao Shi out/
Is she really going to get married? But she doesn’t like Mrs. Xiao.
Purple jade couldn’t help worrying, but Su Wan ignored her, got up and stretched her arm lazily, and walked to the door.
However, she just went to the door of the drawing room, and a deep and remote mountain flashed in the blink of an eye, and a man flashed out of the dark and landed outside the drawing room.
Two people just looked at one door, one outside, one pale and delicate face full of heartache and haggard.
The other person is a plain and pretty little face without even a trace of superfluous expression. Looking at the man opposite is like looking at a dead thing without any feelings.
In this way, she makes the man across the street feel heartbroken and ready to tear.
He, he can face her frankly and be a stranger and want her to live well.
But now that he saw her look like a stranger, he realized how heartbroken he was and felt that he was suffocating. In the past, his limbs seemed to be so painful that he had no strength at all
Su Wan pulled out a chuckle, like a dazzling star. Generally, when she spoke, she was cold and abnormal.
"Xiao Shi, you mistook one for another."
You have the wrong person, right?