We must show our excellent side in this program and make a good impression on the audience, but gradually the original plan seems to have changed unconsciously

She seems to prefer this kind of disregard for his true self-feeling to a person who wants to reinforce it
And Xiaoyu just found out that when she was on the trip, she was really cold.
But after getting along with each other these days, she sincerely feels lucky that there are small fish on this trip.
And Shinohara fish is unexpectedly lovable.
Xiaoya’s lip angle with a shallow smile in my mind can’t stop thinking about what Shinohara fish has done these days.
But thinking about thinking that she seems to have found … What’s wrong?
She’s not hiding anything, and it’s late at night. The camera in the room has already turned off, and she doesn’t care. She just turned over and said to Xiao Yu, "Xiaoyu, I suddenly found something. Do you … like respecting your family?"
Chapter 43
Shinohara fish was lying in bed, thinking about what to eat before leaving early in the day.
Suddenly, when she heard such a sentence, she was surprised and almost jumped out of bed with a conditioned reflex.
"ah? !” When Xiao Yu was so excited, he blurted out "No!"
Xiao Ya also said casually, but I didn’t expect Shinohara fish to react so much immediately.
"Don’t deny that there must be otherwise how so note him? But I found that since the first night JingGuYuan didn’t eat the bowl of porridge, you can never do porridge "Xiao Yaqing debunked.
"That’s … and he has a lot of food to cook." Shinohara fish’s heart rate is a bit chaotic, and he stammered slightly.
Xiao ya sipped her lips and smiled.
"Line line I know, you don’t like is unrequited love" xiaoya teasing.
Shinohara’s face turned redder.
"No, no" She didn’t have the confidence to refute.
"Then tell me, what’s so heart?" Xiao Ya was amused to see her picture, and immediately teased her in good faith.
What’s so heart …
Shinohara fish’s eyes drooped slightly, and when Xiaoya asked this question, a shallow smile appeared on her lips "because he is my idol"
"Huh?" Xiao Ya leng, never dreamed of hearing such an answer.
"I like listening to his songs," Shinohara added.
Xiao Ya looked at Shinohara Fish and saw the softness and the shallow feeling of attachment in Shinohara Fish’s look through the faint moonlight.
"Good good, I understand, I understand" Xiao Ya said with a smile.
"Ah?" When Shinohara fish heard Xiao Ya’s words, he didn’t believe some worry and said, "It’s really not that kind of love."
"Uh-huh, I know. Rest assured I won’t tell anyone." Xiao Ya smiled.
Shi Xiaoyu couldn’t believe how to explain it. He collapsed in bed and was so kind and tired.
At the same time, neither of them slept on the other side.
Lin Yufei is lying in the bedroom sofa bed, and his head is hanging slightly towards his arm naturally.
"Elder brother, I’ve always wanted to ask how I feel when Shinohara fish know different? Didn’t you say she was very delicate, little princess? What makes you feel that she has been taking care of others instead of feeling it? Did something happen? " Lin Yufei sound lazy asked.
Jing Jiayuan looked quietly at the moonlight outside the window with his hands behind his head.
When I heard Lin Yufei’s words, I looked up at him and said faintly, "Your predecessors are still cold and Wang."
"Well …" Lin Yufei was silent. He scratched his head and his hair suddenly became more furry.
"So you mean that she was set up by the company for people?" Lin Yu has gone white.
"Well" JingGuYuan should be a short.
"Axi …" Lin Yufei shook her arm up. "Then her company is too unskilled. It’s not fun to set up people. How good she is now."
Jing Jiayuan didn’t continue to ignore him.
Lin Yufei is a turn cross-legged sat up.
"By the way, brother, there is one more thing I want to ask you. Did you stop me from talking today and haven’t told them that your fans did that two years ago?" Lin Yufei said