And the night charm paid the person in charge of the delivery office 7,000 Lingshi and successfully got three things, and then the two left the auction house without any nostalgia.

"I owe it to you this time. Don’t worry, lend it to you. Sister Lingshi will pay it back to you soon." The night charm said sincerely.
"The younger brother would like to thank the younger sister for taking this photo all the way as a younger brother, but don’t let the younger brother make a fortune when she goes back. After all, there are only one hundred Lingshi left in my pocket." Yu Yilie said with a serious look.
"Want to buy off the incarnate elder sister, right? Ok! Then I’ll be disrespectful. My sister will protect you. If anyone bullies you, I’ll be the first to help you get back. "The night charm first frowned and then smiled and said.
Yu Yilie smiled and then discussed how to get through the rhetoric. They didn’t stay all the way, but went straight to Tianya Alliance.
The trip was full, but both of them were in a good mood, but they didn’t notice that two sneaky men followed them all the way until the end of the world alliance.
And the charm of the road night is also very happy because she didn’t pay attention to the situation behind her, but introduced some powerful people from Tianya League to Yu Yilie. They came and will take it.
Generally, they pick them up every three to five days, trim them for a few days and then set off again, but each time they are different, perhaps hunting monsters or picking elixirs and mining stones.
Yu Yilie’s explanation of night charm also soon realized that these monsters are not needed to go deep into the hinterland of misty rain, and the monster beast is bound to be much worse.
Is he not from the bottom of my heart slightly urgent want to improve their own strength, after two people returned to the bamboo forest station did not cause others to pay too much attention.
After Yu Yilie returned to his room, he looked at the night charm and gave him a rough topographic map of the hinterland of Yanyuze.
Chapter ninety-two into a layer again
About a quarter of an hour later, Yu Yilie sat by the bed and slowly looked away from the map. At the same time, his eyes could not help but show a bit of thinking.
Although the hinterland of Yanyuze has a wide range, it is not divided into four areas. Most of the outermost areas are home to some wild beasts, and further inside, they will enter the area where many first-order medium-term monster beasts are gathered, and even a few late-order monster beasts are gathered.
However, this is also a place where Yu Yilie is quite puzzled. According to his previous in-depth range of misty rain, it is just hunting in the outermost area, but it has already met the monster beast in the middle and late stages of the first order, which is quite unreasonable.
And through the first two areas, you will enter the hinterland where there are many monsters in the late first order, and you will be killed if you are not careful.
Once the monster beast reaches the late stage of the first order, it is not only defensive and physically amazing, but also releases spells, but it is very difficult.
Moreover, the monster beast fights fiercely in the hinterland area. Natural selection monster beast wants to grow up quickly, not by devouring natural materials and treasures or other monster beast flesh and blood.
And the flesh and blood of human monks is even more tempting. For the monster beast with spiritual wisdom, it is suspected that you will eat one at a time.
But the real danger is to belong to the core area, where the aura is the strongest. Although there are few monsters, they are all more powerful than terror.
It’s hard to live in groups unless you are a ethnic group.
Yu Yilie couldn’t help but sigh that the monster beast world is more realistic and cruel than the human world. Once he sets foot on his monster beast territory, it will probably cause a fight.
At the same time, the map also marks the origin of some elixirs, and the most precious ones are the second-order monster beast sites in the core area of Duyanyuze.
Ghost fog flower second-order monster beast poisonous lizard site; Purple heart grass third-order monster beast red ring snake site; Refining Zhujidan’s main material with Ningyuanguo-the site of the fourth-order monster beast Xuanshui Crocodile
The most attractive thing is Ningyuan fruit, but unfortunately it is occupied by the strongest Xuanshui crocodile, whose lair is Yanbo Lake, and Ningyuan fruit tree grows on an island near the earth vein 3.
"It’s a pity that my strength didn’t even reach the late stage of practicing, but it is difficult for the incarnate elder sister to go deep into the third area every time." Yu Yilie thought of this and couldn’t help frowning to himself.
Then he took out the fire yang cover of the auction house, but it was as big as a walnut. It was silvery white and covered with carved patterns. After looking at it in Yilie’s consciousness, he sat cross-legged on the bed and urged the magic sacrifice.
It contains six kinds of prohibitions, namely, solidification matrix, expansion matrix, tenacity matrix, cohesion matrix, Naling matrix and resistance matrix.
Yu Yilie’s layers of sacrifices are also roughly white.
One is that once the fire yang hood is activated, it can enlarge the outside of the body to form a solid shield, and at the same time, the fire spirit force will be integrated into the shield to resist attacks
Second, when it is placed outside, it can automatically absorb the aura of the holder’s heaven and earth until it is saturated.
It took Yu Yilie three hours to finish refining.
At this time, he didn’t feel able to control fire yang’s cover with ease. Seeing his mana, the red ball in his heart was suspended and could not rotate and expand.
A small round hole carved at the bottom of the back also slowly falls with the expansion, covering the sitting bed in Yi Lie.
While a reddish fireball in the center diffuses to form a reddish transparent film on the surface of the silver ball.
Yu Yilie stretched out his finger and pressed it hard. It seemed that a poke broke the light film and there was no response at all.
You know, his double cultivation of dharma and martial arts alone has 1,500 Jin of Juli. That means he has also exerted Juli’s strength, which is no longer 2,000 Jin. Juli’s visible defense is indeed comparable to the multiplier as the white-haired old man said.
And the red awn is flowing in Yilie, and I feel that the aura is constantly being consumed. I don’t see it too much, but I am suggesting that the mana will be put away.
Wanted to think Yu Yilie found a string from the bag and hung it on his chest.
Then he took out a few lingshi to restore his body mana, and took out the Diyang fire Yao Jian, his eyes flashing, and he decided to sacrifice it together, but he would never take it out unless he had to.
He is no longer worried about the melting of the hundred smelting guns, but if the fire Yao Jian is found by the monks he knows, it will be finished.
After all, there are five elements in misty rain square city. How can Godsworn Zongzhuji not move when he loves to be killed?
This time, it took Yu Yilie a whole night to complete the ban on the sacrifice. There are three more layers than fire yang’s cover, but there are more sharp, broken and controlled lines.
And with the control spirit array pattern, he can enter the fire sword with consciousness, but it is a lot easier to control the enemy.
It’s getting dark, and I’m not going out, but swallowing a nourishing elixir to recover and consume one mana.
Strong and pure fire spirit force instantly poured into his abdomen. Yu Yilie couldn’t help but quickly run the quenching tactic to absorb refining mana and quickly reply.
Although the aura of lingshi is more pure than the aura of the outside world, it can be quickly refined and absorbed by monks, but it needs to be gradual and time-consuming.
Dan medicine is different, not only aura is pure, but also contains considerable vitality. At the same time, the body erupts and cultivates, and it also refines and nourishes the fu-organs.