"Look! Saint is coming! "

Someone shouted at the scene.
In the distance, a group of people came near sparsely, and the first person was Jiang Feng.
"holy! You must make our decision. The members of the Magic Hunting Hall are cruel. You, the law enforcer, will give me justice. "
"Otherwise! No one will believe you in heaven! "
"Yes! If you don’t give us justice, then you are a saint! "
Many people in the field were tortured by members of the Magic Hunting Hall.
A daughter was taken away for three days before she was found dead.
Others robbed their generation of property by force.
These are all sacrifices of political war.
In addition to their field, there are some well-dressed people who look at Jiang Feng coldly on both sides.
They don’t believe Jiang Feng, regardless of the overall situation, really dare to treat their successors like.
"Quiet, everyone!"
Jiang Feng suddenly waved.
Everyone immediately calm to look Jiang Fengshen.
"Today, when I come back from Jiang Feng, I will never let those people with ulterior motives mess up my heavenly order."
Said Jiang Feng waved.
"Today, I called all members of the Magic Hunting Hall. The rules are rules, and no one is an exception."
Ma Xiao next to him immediately stepped forward with a list in his hand, "Pick up anyone whose name I point to and immediately step forward."
1619 Chapter 161 Cut
"Jun Longsheng, Jiao Weijian, Bujihui, Chu Shunli, Qiu Chenxin …" Ma had a scroll in his hand.
Reading slowly sounds very loud.
In a short time, twenty or thirty people were named.
In front of him is all the brothers in the hunting hall.
As everyone’s name points out many people, many fighters come out to watch the scene quietly.
A man saw his enemy.
Eyes latosolic red tearing voice roar "chu smoothly! He killed my daughter, and I want him to eat meat and drink blood in blood out! "
Watching a chaotic Jiang Feng drink a lot.
It contains the immortal energy to shock everyone’s ears "buzz!" loud
Chu smoothly cold hum a defiant color.
His face didn’t show fear. His family didn’t believe what Jiang Feng dared to do to him.
"Chu smoothly, you destroyed the girl and oppressed the people. You know the crime! ?” Jiang Feng a pair of eyes staring at each other.
"punished? ! I am guilty! "
"Don’t you say that I’m cruel? Don’t talk without evidence." Chu smoothly pinched his waist with his hands.
These twenty or thirty people are just the first group.
Jiang Feng knows what will happen if things are not solved well this time.
The institute has specially selected a few people who are the most evil.
Some have a huge family, some are puppets, and there is not much background.
That’s enough
"You want evidence, then I’ll show you the evidence." Jiang Feng said with a wave of his arm.
Take out a lot of evidence from the bag at once