These creatures with bark structures are almost identical to the tree people Lin met before, but they are taller in some differences.

And they didn’t respond to the invasion of Lin and other arms because they all seem to be in a coma now
Lin also ignored them … All arms quickly spread to every part of the warship, and soon Lin locked the warship in a special room.
This room is located at the head of the warship, which seems to be a very special place.
The whole warship structure is very similar to the Ershimin structural style … except this place.
This place has a passage that looks like a rock cave, and after passing through this passage, Lin found that the department was not the usual warship room but a cave.
There is a mass of white matter that looks like mud in the center of this cave.
This should be the … database brain.
Like Lin, it’s less than 1% here because the database is very large, and 1% is actually as big as this warship
But … one thing that can be found is that Lin has surrounded this brain with micro-arms, so we can test it.
Lin instantly felt a wonderful message when she touched it.
Huge amounts of information flooded into Lin’s mind like a flood … Lin felt it at this moment …
This is information from those creatures, who are called fear creatures.
Lin can feel the position of every creature, a part of thinking of every creature.
There are some interesting data.
It’s like database thinking, too
Lin found the brain structure left in the database, just like these scared creatures, scattered around the country, with a total of 100 ships.
Lin doesn’t know whether it was divided into so many early or after Lin chased it.
Lynn thinks the former is very likely … but it seems that it has no intention of letting some of these warships escape.
These battleships with brains are flying in a strange way, and they form a huge circle around them.
All warships move according to this circle except the one caught by Lin.
What does it seem to be preparing?
So Lin is more carefully … Detection of a.
Lin’s main method is to send the database, a part of the brain structure, to the small room of the Star Burner Department for testing.
Lin found more interesting information after Lin sent it.
This line in the database seems to be’ data’
To be precise, it wants to be a fear-fearing creature.
Although all the creatures here are different in species, they also have a lot in common.
But the biggest thing they have in common is that their’ birth source’ is the same.
These literary fears … They were born according to’ ancient times’.
In fact, like many literary creatures here, they used to be some very’ ordinary’ creatures.
Mainly from ancient times, some’ information’ influenced them and made them’ evolve’
Thus, this kind of fearsome creature which can live in virtual life is born.
The database now also wants to be a fear of literature.
What it does now is actually’ sending’ its brain data to a certain place.
Then this belt will give birth to a powerful fear creature composed of its data.
This can also be said to be the metempsychosis of the database.
The database believes that it can become stronger than before in this process.
Moreover, in this process, it has been able to do some things that it could not do before, such as sending some instructions … to give fear here.
So as to control them.
However, it can control the weaker species now, but it may be able to control the Ministry after it is completed
Lin always thinks we should stop it.
So Lynn got the fluffy balls ready … fluffy.
At present, Lin’s fluffy ball has been attacked by a large number of wandering creatures, but this does not prevent the fluffy ball … All the warships are aimed and launched.
Actually, these warships are not far away from the position of the pompon. Lin thinks that the database can call them before it finishes sending the data.
Of course, nothing unexpected happened.