Every waking nerve will recognize itself as a rock, of course, they are also connected with each other. These neural structures are all part of the rock-forming thinking, and they will not have independent consciousness.

Shengyan is full of passion for the bus of pain, but the bus of pain also finds that it is not all because the bus of pain saved it.
It is because of the rock or the supply of this’ biological’ body that it has great reverence for the bus.
Even though this is a little mutated, the mood has not disappeared … so even if it is swallowed up by the bus attack, it is trying to hide instead of attacking the bus.
When the pain bus learned about this, it made rocks and did things until it did.
Is to be a … repository.
The pain bus continues to throw all kinds of things here, hardening the nervous structure and a lot of substances.
Because of its gratitude to the bus, Shengyan promised to help the bus guard these things, saying that it would not let creatures pollute these things.
Although the pain bus is called … it still gives it some strength to protect this place.
Like a weapon device or something
And then a long time passed.
For a long time, the pain bus has been putting all kinds of things here.
Although the pain bus has never communicated with Shengyan, Shengyan has been trying to communicate with the bus.
It often asks curiously where the bus has been, what it is like, and what kind of bus dreams are.
The bus has always regarded it as a raw rock or not, and it has always tried to communicate with the bus.
Slowly, the bus was infected by the’ naive’ emotion of rock formation and opened its heart to it … and it exchanged dreams and talked about virtual mysteries together, and finally the relationship between the two sides became better and better …
….. This is impossible.
But the pain bus did communicate with it.
That’s because the consciousness of painful bus was influenced by painful energy at that time.
At that time, the pain bus didn’t seem to be so adapted to the pain energy … It was also very painful during its constant contact with the pain energy.
From here, Lin can find that it seems that the bus of pain has been influenced by the energy of pain for a long time.
It suffered more and more, so the bus came up with a way, which is very similar to the physiology of amber creatures.
That is to create a’ calm point’ to calm the mood and drive away the painful mood.
This calm point is to build a living rock. This seems to be a … special device.
It can generate emotions and then pass them on to the bus itself.
Lynn thinks this is wonderful. I don’t know how the bus works, but it doesn’t create calm energy or anything.
Although the effect is similar
From this time, the bus has also been constantly communicating with Shengyan, sharing all kinds of imaginary things and talking about dreams.
By constantly communicating with the rock, the pain bus can receive the emotions from it … so that it can give itself a way to resist the pain.
But the pain bus didn’t cheat Shengyan either.
Raw rock asked it all kinds of things and it answered truthfully.
With the help of the rock, the study of pain energy by the pain bus is getting deeper and deeper.
And Sheng Yan … has more and more feelings for the bus of pain.
At first, it worshipped the bus of pain, but after it found that the bus of pain was willing to share so many things with it, it seemed that it suddenly came up with the idea that the bus wanted to fight with it and believed in it extremely.
….. It has a special feeling for the bus.
But it didn’t last long.
Because this raw rock was attacked at some point and destroyed.
However, at that time, the bus already had other ways to resist the painful energy, and it felt nothing.
Of course, the pain bus still pays attention to what kind of things the attacker is.
Then after a while, the pain bus stumbled upon amber.
And it found that this creature is a’ fragment’ of raw rock.
Simply speaking, they are creatures formed after the fragmentation of raw rocks.
But I don’t know what will go there. Because I am very interested in them, the bus investigates and studies them.
Later, a very special individual was found in the amber of the bus.
It can be said to be … the perfect successor to the rock.
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and eleven New things
Seems to have confirmed their … identity.
The biological generation of amber creatures is closely related to’ rock formation’