Luo Dalin glared at Bai Jile and sneered, "Why do you ask this?"

Bai Jile sneered, "Oh, since you asked Xiao, you said it! Xiao Zhen admires what three elder mothers want and wants to get married with them! In other words, I want to fuck your mother. Why don’t you send your mother to the door soon? "
Huang Fengxian was born in demon fairy, and where is he a person who abides by justice and ethics? Bai Jile is his boss. Naturally, he echoed Bai Jile. He smiled in a strange way. "The three immortals quickly washed your mother and sent us to Bai Dagong’s bedside to beg us to take your mother in. Naturally, it will be good for you!"
Hearing the news, Aoxue is even more arrogant and arrogant. She is a blood dragon and never reads characters. She even agrees. "You are absolutely right! We won’t look down on your mother just because she has given birth to three children! Hey hey, aunt Bai’s nephew will definitely treat her well! "
Luo Dalin’s three brothers turned black with anger. They screamed, "You, you are simply ~ ~ It really is a group of useless people who don’t know how to live or die. Have mercy on us ~ Ok, ok, you are dead today! You are dead! "
Plumes of immortal knowledge spread from Luo Dalin’s brothers and swept to Lin Xiao and others, and it was only at this time that the immortal Luo family released immortal knowledge to spy on the enemy’s strength!
Lin Xiao couldn’t help shaking his head. His body flashed in front of three people.
Simple three jab with enough force to destroy the stars easily smashed the Luo Dalin brothers’ bodies.
Xuanwu symbolizes the grandest and heaviest absolute power of heaven and earth! Luo Dalin and his three brothers are as fragile as eggshells in front of absolute power.
Golden blood spray spilled Laurence family hundreds of fairy a head a face.
These immortals gawk at Lin Xiao and have no reaction to come over. What happened?
After a long time, a young and beautiful fairy screamed and pointed to Lin Xiao and folded. "How dare you kill me, Laurence family? Do you know that you are dead today? Kneel and surrender quickly, and we can still leave you with an open hand! "
Was to continue to punch Lin Xiao whole leng where he gawk at this group of very close to death also don’t know Laurence family fairy suddenly face upwards with a long sigh and turn round and then walk.
Gold don’t spine, such as gold Luo Cha gens violence points together with AoXue this violent woman at the same time strange smile to pounce on the face color Laurence family fairy.
"Yelang is arrogant!" Sitting around a Zhang Juhua-shaped frustum of a cone, waiting for the maid to deliver the fairy fruit, wine and good tea, Lin Xiao sneered and commented on the Mulongxing Laurence family.
Aoxue yawned lazily and curled up behind Lin Xiao, watching Lin Xiao quietly. When Lin Xiao won Aoxue for the first time with a frontal fist 600,000 years ago, she was always a different person than arrogant and savage Aoxue. She became tender and affectionate, but she never shouted and killed Lin Xiao again. Instead, she chose a warm and soft couch behind her or beside her and looked at Lin Xiao in a daze.
Bai Jile’s "Hey Hey" monster smiled and took an altar of self-brewed medicinal liquor from a maid’s hand, and carefully gave Lin Xiao, Jin Bula, Qing Hoe and others a deep red blood wine in Yao Ying. Er ~ She had already pulled out a piece of Shouwu, which was at least 100,000 years old, and chewed it carefully. The breath was filled with a slightly bitter and sweet aroma of Jin Bula.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine Small trouble
Gold don’t stab kin brothers is also a fairy king peak strength gold don’t Chui blame laughed "arrogant? Hey, the old man’s words are inscrutable. We Jin Luo Cha people are all rough people and can’t understand. "
Lin Xiao smiled and explained the meaning of arrogance to Jin Wula and Jin Wuxuan. Jin Wula and Jin Wuxuan at the same time provoked their thumbs and exclaimed, "That’s very appropriate!"
This is the most beautiful private room winery name among the largest wineries in Honghe City, the core city of Honghe Mainland. However, the signboard of the winery is hung with a tender herb, so the immortals call it Baicaotang. This is the rejuvenation hall. A younger brother’s family set up an industry to attach the banner to the rejuvenation hall. Every year, it gives the rejuvenation hall a lot of filial piety. It is an all-encompassing and almost comprehensive entertainment place. The wine and food here are excellent, and the singing and dancing are extremely expensive. If they have, they will come here to hang around. It is natural for Lin Xiao to get out of the rejuvenation hall and others to welcome them.
The huge private room is decorated with the flavor of the Han and Tang Dynasties. Four bronze candlesticks and dozens of big candles stand at the four corners, reflecting the lights of the room. In the middle of the room is a chrysanthemum-shaped frustum of a cone. Lin Xiao and others are sitting beside a chrysanthemum petal, and there are mountains of fairy fruits, dishes, wine and green tea in front of them.
Lin Xiao was chatting with Bai Jile, Jin Bula and others about his actions outside the rejuvenation hall after thousands of years of closure. Generally speaking, the development of rejuvenation hall was smoother and the external execution was smoother. The immortal people in the rejuvenation hall were more rare than this. Whether they were practicing or handling daily chores, they were very anxious. Therefore, the rejuvenation hall has become more and more steamed over the years. If Lin Xiao had not made up his mind to prohibit the blind expansion of rejuvenation hall, at least hundreds of branches could be set up in the nearby star field.
Gently shook his head. At Bai Jile, Lin Xiao was madly advocating that if he completely controlled a new star field, he could get benefits. Bai Jile suddenly shut up. He knew that Lin Xiao’s idea had not changed. Before the rejuvenation hall became truly powerful, Lin Xiao still wouldn’t let the rejuvenation hall be too ostentatious.
Gold don’t stab lost an altar, he slaps his belly with a big smile and takes a mouthful of alcohol "frank! Jun has also been closed for more than a thousand years to digest the medicine of solid Dan. Hey, I have long forgotten what it is like to drink wine. It’s refreshing and refreshing to rejuvenate the hall. It’s refreshing to add a hundred animals’ essence and blood to make up the wine! " Licking his lips, he glanced at Lin Xiao and smiled. "Old gentleman, you have been closed for another 5 thousand years. Have you gained anything?"
Lin Xiao, who sipped his mouth and smiled lightly, said faintly, "It’s nothing new. It’s just that my body is more condensed and I have realized some essence of heaven. Hey, it’s not easy to break through this avenue of heaven and earth!" Understatedly said a few words when I closed for thousands of years. Lin Xiao looked at the green hoe with a handle showing green and red flying swords and asked, "What’s wrong with this sword?" Or is this Luo family playing tricks with this flying sword? "
Green hoe looked up and she smiled softly and said, "There is something wrong with this flying sword, but the material used in casting fairy wares is also ordinary. Although the sword body is engraved with ninety-nine offensive fairy arrays, the power of fairy arrays is not great. This flying sword is even worse than our cousin’s game when practicing hands."
Bai Jile blushed and lay down on the frustum of a cone and smiled at the green hoe. "What do you think is wrong with this flying sword?"
With a slight twist of the wrist, the small flying sword with a handle of four inches and two minutes shook out a few swords. Huaqing hoe frowned and said, "Xiaoqing and I have been together for a long time, and we are particularly sensitive to the aura of Ebony. This flying sword is flat, but there is an aura in the flying sword, but it is natural that the logs of Ebony are mixed with fire. This is a change of five elements, but have you seen this combination of Ebony aura and fire aura?"
"eh?" Lin Xiao leng! Wood attribute aura and fire attribute aura are combined? It’s ridiculous. When the wood-attribute reiki touches the fire-attribute reiki, the only field is that it will be incinerated and a lot of light and heat will burst out in the incineration process. Many fairy tales and fairy thunder are inspired by this principle, so can Lin Xiao, two kinds of reiki in one thing-that’s the case before Xuanwu Bao hairpin is transformed into Xuanwu gas, but that’s just not the case. It’s basaltic gas, a new energy that doesn’t belong to the category of five elements of energy, but this flying sword actually has this energy?
With a sullen face, I grabbed the fairy sword in the hand of the green hoe, Lin Xiao Pang Daxian, and blew it straight to the fairy sword. This small fairy sword was blown into the smallest energy particle, and the fairy knowledge was divided into several strands. I carefully distinguished the various components of the fairy sword. The original four-inch flying sword, Lin Xiao’s hand, expanded to several feet in size, and the shadowy body of the sword kept flashing. The shadowy body of Lin Xiao’s fairy knowledge was immediately annihilated. When people looked at Lin Xiao’s incredible avatar, they couldn’t help but stare big eyes with horror-
When people look at Lin Xiao, they can feel a little awe. At that moment, Lin Xiao has been confined to the immortal statue, and the immortal knowledge has been used to study the composition of this thing from the perspective of energy particles. This is the only way for the immortal statue to have the means, and the immortal statue is millions of times stronger than the immortal king. The immortal knowledge contains huge energy to achieve this effect. Immediately, several immortals in the Jin and Luo Cha clan fields have been purged, and it is more polite to face Lin Xiao.
Over the years, the green hoe has taken care of all kinds of things, so there are not many opportunities to deal with outsiders, so I can’t see what Bai Jile and Huang Fengxian, who are squatting beside him, have been dealing with immortals from all sides for hundreds of thousands of years, which is equivalent to loach in oil. When they see the changes in the expression of people such as Jin Bu-la, their hearts suddenly move slightly, followed by a joy. "Isn’t it possible that the Great Rodin Road (rejuvenation hall) will have one more immortal?" If so ~ rejuvenation hall should be able to officially play the banner of the celestial world. "
There are two completely different concepts, one is heaven and the other is hell without transition layer.
"Blue rock gold, white germanium and silver, a little silver marrow and gold essence are also blended with a little platinum essence. Hey, if the flying sword of the fairy array is not engraved in it, it can be regarded as a very clever weapon." Lin Xiao disdained to shake his head and said, "It’s good to be stingy ~" But as the fairy knowledge slowly scanned the main part of the fairy sword, Lin Xiao’s face became more and more serious. As Qing hoe said, the fire attribute aura and the wood attribute aura almost perfectly blended together. You have me, I have you, I have you, I have you, I have each other
When you shake this fairy sword, it will be completely destroyed. Lin Xiao, with a sullen face, sinks, "Jin Xianjun, we have provoked a trouble."
Jin Bula looked at Lin Xiao in surprise and shook his head. "What’s the trouble?"
Lin Xiao said coldly, "This flying sword material can be regarded as extremely clever at most, but a ray of aura in this flying sword forcibly engraved the fairy array sword to force the flying sword to ascend to the immortal device, and because of this ray of aura, the poor changes occurred. When attacking, the lightning of the second wood and the lightning of the third fire were transformed into each other, so that the immortal device could exert its lethality close to that of the immortal device. Hey, a good means. Although this means is a little petty, it is actually a fairy method!"
Jin Wu stabbed and Jin Wu got up at the same time. They exclaimed, "Is it the immortal?"
Lin Xiao sink a way "is a fairy! We can’t let the Luo family and the fairy statue behind them. We must cut the Luo family as soon as possible. "
Force a clap frustum of a cone Lin Xiao got up and shouted "Ji Le lit the overlord and left and right sides of the two armies in a quarter of an hour and then raided Mulongxing Luo Jia with me ~" Narrowed his eyes and Lin Xiao said somberly, "I’m going to let Mulongxing destroy the whole star and never escape a Luo Guren. Everyone who sees us must be silenced."
A ray of yoshimitsu gold don’t stab eyes flashed gold don’t stab jumped up and sink a way "Mr. Lin this matter can be without us! If you provoke a fairy statue, it is really a big trouble. We Jin Luo Cha people don’t want to have a fairy statue planning revenge all day long ~ we will definitely intervene if we destroy Mulong! "
Looked at a full face of yoshimitsu gold don’t spine Lin Xiao indifferently said "Jin Luo Cha gens and I rejuvenation hall one little old son nature also don’t say anything kind" he whispered "so please a few fairy gentleman to lead the master of the clan to go with the little old son to MuLong star if there is that tough guy, please also ask a few fairy gentleman to make moves."
After three quarters of an hour, Ling Ba Tian lit up the overlord and pawn, and thousands of immortals from the two armies moved to tens of thousands of different planets through hundreds of sizes in Ziluoxing domain. These immortals will take tens of thousands of different routes to Minfeng Star domain, and they will meet around Mulong Star at the latest seven days later.
Minfeng star domain is a rich and developed star domain. If this star domain is equal to a hinterland, it has been developed for more than three million years. Minfeng star domain is at least a small town, while Mulongxing Minfeng star domain is unique.
The size of Mulongxing can be regarded as a medium-sized planet in the celestial world, but the production of the planet is almost all-encompassing, and most of the materials can be found by Mulongxing. Although the absolute number of each resource is not large, it is enough to make Mulongxing self-sufficient, which means that even if the Luo family does not leave Mulongxing, they can develop well. According to the output of various resources of Mulongxing, it is enough to maintain a life of hundreds of millions of people, not to mention that there are less than one million people in the Luo family.
Nearly a million people are immortals who practice the fairy method, not those who have a fairy aura but can’t get anywhere. The fairy Luo Jiamin’s star domain is also considered to be a top power. Plus the Luo family actually hides a master like Xian Jun, and Luo family almost has the power to sweep this star. But for millions of years, Luo family immortals have been imprisoned by a strange family precept, that is,’ All Luo family members are strictly forbidden to leave Mulongxing’!
Because of this family precept, the Luo family has been trapped in Mulongxing. The Luo family has never been away from Mulongxing, and no foreign forces dare to invade Mulongxing. Because they have nearly one million immortals, the Luo family has drawn Mulongxing’s sphere of influence. It is forbidden for outsiders to enter Mulongxing. Everyone lives like an emperor. They have no sense of competition. They have no sense of crisis. They have really developed this’ rich temper’ him. It seems that the sky is just a little bigger than their Mulong Star, and the master of heaven is just a few elders in their family. When they come to their Luo family, they have to be as respectful and cry as those immortals and want to be their slaves.
It is precisely because of their egoism that when the caravan of Rejuvenation Hall came to Mulong Xingbi Market with all kinds of elixirs, they did not hesitate to rob the caravan, and these unheard-of wonderful elixirs were so attractive to the Luo family’s younger brother-how good it was to grow and repair without hard practice? So how much more time can they have to eat, drink, have fun and gamble?
I can’t help but cry out and provoke the Luo family’s three immortal elders, who secretly took a group of younger generations away from Mulongxing and wanted to go to Honghexing to annex this sect called Rejuvenation Hall, so that the Rejuvenation Hall could be specialized. They have been refining Dan medicine for millions of years, and the fairies have only been rooted for millions of years. The Luo family immortals have forgotten it. They ignored the ban on their ancestors from leaving Mulongxing.
Seven days later, Lin Xiao had a mass of black clouds overlooking Mulongxing.
Overlord stroke has been scouted by scouts to Mulongxing in advance to explore the situation of Mulongxing clearly.
Dressed in a black armor, it’s a bit of a general’s demeanor. Before Lin Xiao, he respectfully reported that "the general situation of the main wooden dragon star has been explored clearly. There are tens of billions of immortals and more than 900,000 Laurel immortals living in ten serial mountain cities. The strength is ominous, but the forbidden array outside the mountain city is very high, which is definitely not possible for ordinary immortals to set up."
"Luo Guke has changed in recent days?" Lin Xiao asked 1
"No change, overlord pawn Zuo Jun scouts once pretended to be ordinary fairy merchants and came out from several mountain cities to purchase Luo Jiawai deacons. From these people, they learned that Luo Jiawai was still calm as usual." Ling Batian grinned. "Now my overlord pawn Zuo Jun has been lurking outside Luo Jialian Mountain City, and the right army has been too well distributed. tight encirclement does not allow a Luo Jiaxian to escape. Of course, if there are still fairy masters in their clan, they need the Lord and several predecessors to make moves."
Lin Xiao looked at Jin Bu La Jin Bu La and licked his lips with a violent smile. "Then go in and kill yourself and blow up the whole planet!"
Ao Xueyang smiled proudly. "If we weren’t afraid that a fairy king would break away when the star went out, we would just detonate this planet and have a good time!"
Lin Xiao tugged at the corners of his mouth and was waiting to invite Jin Bula and others to go with him. Suddenly, he came to his mind and roared, "What a prodigal family, a prodigal family ~ tens of billions of immortals, are you just wasting your time?" Billions of immortals ~ Give them fairy dharma and magic formula, and after hundreds of years, they will be billions of immortals! You actually let them just disappear with the stars? "
A slight shaking of the body suddenly dawned on Lin Xiao-although he now controls a large area of star domain, if a planet is suspected of missing a large number of immortals, it will attract a lot of attention. He has not been able to plunder celestial immortals on a large scale and send them to Qiyuan World for training, but Mulongxing is different. Since it has been prepared to destroy Mulongxing, it is a matter of course that these tens of billions of immortals will disappear with the ashes. Even if someone wants to investigate, they will also investigate the culprit of the destruction of Mulongxing. Who would have thought that there are actually tens of billions of immortals missing?
By adding billions of immortals to the star field from God! How many fairy spirits can billions of immortals give themselves every month? How much basaltic gas can these fairy reiki transform? Lin Xiao couldn’t help shivering at the thought of this huge number. He shouted, "Wait a minute! Well, this planet has been destroyed, but it is also a wave! Yao Ying, you took the bully and they robbed this planet of everything that could be plundered! A small piece of meat in the small business of Huichuntang is also meat! "
At Lin Xiao, Jin Bu-la was surprised. Lin Xiao felt a little stingy, but she was pulling Ling Ba Tian with joy and was about to start.
Chapter two hundred and ten Raid
Lin Xiao smiled at Jin Bula and Jin Buxuan. "Little old man is greedy, but if this planet is destroyed in vain, it is really a wave place. Or wait for Yao Ying to take some resources back before we make plans. Don’t dare to ask a few immortals to cooperate with the little old man to block the Luojia serial mountain city by force. Luo Jia people have waited for Yao Ying to do what the little old man told us, and then we will destroy the whole star of Mulongxing."
Jin Wu touched Ba Shen and said, "It’s very interesting to have a fight with the Luo Fairy first, but can the old gentleman ensure that it won’t leak?"
Lin Xiao smiled sullenly. He pointed to Luo Gang, Cai Weisheng and other new immortals in the rejuvenation hall around him and laughed. "They always show people around without knowing that someone has run away."