These substances can effectively kill … some of Lin’s micro arms.

However, some smaller micro-arms escaped their attack and approached the recent particles.
And Lin these micro-arms can drill through the particle shell and then into the department.
Actually, Lin has been sending the situation here to the control center.
The control cent will update its data according to what Lynn see.
Just like now.
Its updated data tells Lin that these particles have been controlled … and the recovery plan is also given in the data.
Actually, it’s very simple. Each particle part has many complicated structures, but if Lin wants to fiddle with these structures, she just puts some structures in some places, and then it can be restored to its original state.
Lin’ saw’ from the center what the normal time structure of granulosa was like.
I wish I could put it back to normal.
So Lin let the micro-arms move quickly … and quickly made these particles that Lin had drilled into normal.
At the normal moment, these particles immediately turned around and fired at the abnormal particles around them.
But at the same time, they also suffered all the fire attacks and vanished in an instant.
But now that we know the control method … Lin thinks it should be able to quickly counter all particles.
Then Lin let the pompoms spill more tiny arms.
Because of their smaller size, these micro-arms can easily escape particle attacks and invade their departments at the same time.
The next step is to restore them to their original state.
A large number of micro-arms quickly successfully recovered tens of millions of particles … Although this piece of Wang Yang is only a small place.
But these particles recovered by Lin seem to have stronger fighting ability than those controlled.
They got together and successfully held this small piece of water against the controlled particles around them.
While Lin’s micro-arms continue to spread and try to recover more particles.
But Lin also noticed that these particles seem to be getting smarter. When they find out which partner Lin got into, they will directly activate it and will not let Lin restore it.
This feeling is quite interesting.
However, the main attack of this ocean … is Lin Rongqiu.
After those tiny water columns attacked, Lin found it and … water cannon.
Huge water cannons shot out of the water, all of which were more than ten meters in diameter.
Lin still doesn’t know how it gathered the water into such a ball and shot it thousands of meters high, but this attack was more effective.
Its main power is not the water, but the tiny … explosive bombs in the water.
It seems that these explosive shells are also particles transformed into their pompoms in water bombardment, and a large number of explosive shells will also attach to the surface of the pompoms at the moment, and then they will keep trying to get into the cracks.
Then there was a continuous small explosion
From the outside, their explosion effect looks as if the skin has been torn by a large piece, which is what happened in the part where Lin’s pompoms were shelled by water.
But after being hit again, Lin put a lot of tiny … legs on the hit place.
These tiny’ legs’ are similar in shape to locust legs, and they grow from the outer skin of pompoms in large areas.
And they … are these tiny explosives. Kick them out and let them explode before they detonate.
So the water cannon shooting is also effective.
Then Lin continued to sprinkle micro arms to try to recover more particles.
And Fang Haiyang seems to feel a little impatient.
Lin found it a way to compare’ big’ effects.
That is … the tsunami.
The surging sea surface swelled rapidly in a short time, forming a mountain of water and rushing to Lin Rongqiu.
Lin is interested to know … how does it control the water?
So Lin also let the pompoms rush directly into the tsunami.