"Tell me about the difficulties."

"Every day, several worlds want to deal with my kingdom, and I don’t care about them at all. It’s really annoying that they still have the cheek to establish diplomatic relations with me."
"Ha ha habit" Gu Qingshan laughed.
"Gu Qingshan, I have to come to you because the end of the world is coming, and I need someone to fight with me," said Lola.
"What is the situation of the 900 million-story world now?" Gu Qingshan asked
"It’s terrible that all kinds of powerful abyss monsters are invading the 900 million-story world, and nothing can resist them except a few special ones," said Lola.
"What about the Thorn Kingdom?"
"There are thorns, ancient trees and all kinds of dangerous natural barriers in the depths of our strange area, and we are close to the abyss of world debris chaos. When the enemy comes, we have to weigh it carefully."
"The world debris chaos abyss? Ah, I remember that your former king once found the armor of the thorn king-that is, my armor-in the abyss of debris chaos with the help of the world. "
"For the time being, it’s okay for the Thorn Kingdom, but I have seen more horrible abyss monsters through various things, and they are constantly marching towards the 900 million-story world. If those monsters also come, the Thorn Kingdom will also be in danger!"
Lola said solemnly with a serious face, "Gu Qingshan, now I formally ask you to fight side by side. Are you willing?"
Gu Qingshan looked at her and said, "There must be many worlds that want us to fight side by side with Queen Lola."
Lola couldn’t help but let off steam when she saw that he wasn’t serious. "I’m not hanging out with them. One by one, I either panicked or pretended to be calm, or I couldn’t think of any way to get angry."
-she experienced a life-and-death crisis with Gu Qingshan, and witnessed Gu Qingshan’s defeat of 200 million addicts to beat off the demon king’s preface.
Now Laura’s eyes are not generally high.
"Are you sure you want to fight with me?"
"Well, I miss that feeling very much. I think if you want to fight to the last minute without regret, it must be you."
"Well, my pleasure, Queen."
Lola jumped with joy at this sentence.
Her horse noticed her gaffes, gently coughed, and tilted her way.
"Hum, I’ve been running around for a long time before I found you. This is also my body, but the queen is seeking merit-if-"
"If thirsty"
"Ah, I’m thirsty for wisdom!"
Gu Qingshan and Lin looked at each other.
They both smiled.
Lola has a natural temperament that can make people close to her feel a certain degree of peace of mind.
She is natural and not naughty, but pays great attention to manners and etiquette, which makes people want to get close to her involuntarily.
"All right, we’re going to do one thing now," Gu Qingshan said.
"What?" Asked Lola
Gu Qingshan took out the badge of the Earl of Thorn Kingdom.
"oh? Now I can declare you the Earl of Thorn Kingdom? " Lola excited way
"Not me"
"You want to announce to the 900 million world that Ye Fei has become the Earl of Thorn Kingdom."
"Ye Fei is away?"
"Yes, it’s a signal that an important partner of mine can come to me."
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-nine The first adventure
Lola directly agreed to Gu Qingshan’s request without hesitation.
"The foreign earl of Thorn Kingdom-this must be a sensation, but who is Ye Fei?" Asked Lola
"It’s another friend of mine," Gu Qingshan said.
Lola suddenly realized, "You are wanted by seven fiends. It’s really a way to introduce a friend’s name to another friend."
"Yes, I can find him like this."
"That-is there any way to identify Ye Fei’s departure from his identity in order to avoid duplicate names?" Asked Lola
Gu Qingshan couldn’t help thinking.
Yes, there are thousands of worlds in each floor of the 900 million-story world.
Ye Fei is countless from this name, which is likely to be repeated.
Gu Qingshan thought for a moment and gradually smiled.
"We introduced him like this. Terran men came from a certain star world and entered the 900 million-story world name Ye Fei for the first time."
He stretched out his hand and pinched a tactic reiki gathered into Ye Fei from the image.
"Look, this is what he looks like."
"Oh, it turns out that it’s really green … well, I’ll tell Ilya and them."
Lola took out a green leaf and wrote a long message.
She looked at it and waved the leaves out.
Wandering around the leaves for a few times, he disappeared.
"After a few hours, the whole 900 million-story world will know that the Thorn Kingdom has sealed a real count-wait and see what the hundreds of millions of worlds are surprised." Lola smiled proudly.
There seems to be something moving in the sky at this moment.
Three people looked up.
See a big fish across the sky is slowly passing through the world.
Gu Qingshan and Lola were surprised because they had hardly seen such a huge fish.
But Lynn was nervous.
"Keep your breath together. This guy is very good. Look at him now. He is in a state of hunger-although we are small, we should be careful," Lin wrote.
Gu Qingshan immediately pinched a folding rate tactic.