Shi Dinghammer didn’t expect that he had already become a national hero in the hearts of the people in the seventh district. By the age of ten, the old man to the ten-year-old girl Ji knew Ding Hammer as a temporary agent of state affairs, and there was no one who didn’t praise him for safeguarding national dignity. He was the grass-roots born guy on the list of national leaders.

The little girl didn’t know she was so famous until she introduced Ding Hammer, which made him really excited. Some people have already made posters of Ding Hammer …
"I think …" Ding Hammer said shyly, "I’d better keep a low profile and call me when I go to forgotten one to play again!"
After that, I patted my head with a hammer. "Don’t talk about me. Tell me about your side. I don’t see any industrial bases here. Where does the money come from?"
The girl zheng "don’t you know? Beifeng Wilderness has been selling all kinds of raw materials such as ore and oil in forgotten one. You give us food, Japanese food, luxury and industrial production. This is the cycle. I am a trading company and Liban specializes in doing business with you. "
Fixed hammer blinked. "I really don’t know …"
At this moment, the fixed hammer wrist communicator suddenly rang, and then Ye Yin came, "What are your plans to find the butterfly trail?"
"You insist on waiting for me to solve this problem first."
Chapter 123 Swallow ()
It’s not a big deal to know that the north wind is not a big deal after the general layout of the city. Isn’t it just that there is a super soldier among the three people, who can mobilize more than 30 thousand senior soldiers in wartime, and the Northern Alliance is salivating at them but dare not make a move? This is not a thing. If there is no forgotten one, this place can’t live for three days
"I decided to go to your place during my annual vacation," the girl said to Ding Hammer with high spirits. "I want to be an actor. Aren’t you going to make a TV play? I want to apply to be a heroine, even if I can’t be a supporting role. "
Ding hammer looked at the girl and thought she had a good personality, so she gently played two tables. "OK, what’s your name?"
"Shirley Vicky is twenty-two years old this year, but I’m not beautiful … and my figure is not good." The girl curled her lips. "Is it hard to be the heroine?"
"Well … it’s quite common." Ding Hammer nodded. "It’s really difficult to rely on interviews."
The girl was a little frustrated and sighed with her head down. "If you don’t have anything to say, you can just travel."
The hammer laughed and said to the com, "Who is in charge of the propaganda department?"
The secret sound is "Mr. Miao. What can I do for you? Mayor "
"Are we going to take a picture?"
"There is this plan, have you forgotten? The heroine is still up to you. Miss Jill will be the heroine. "
Dinghammer nodded. "Well, let him be a female number two. I have someone here who can try the snow …"
"Shirley Vicky!" The girl’s eyes were so big that she trembled slightly.
"Yes, did you hear that? She’ll be there in a few days and it’s such a happy decision. "
After that, the hammer got up and patted the ashes. "Seeing is predestined friends. I can help you understand this. If you can’t get it, I can’t help it."
"Thank you … thank you … thank you …"
When Ding Hammer turned away and thanked the girl, he waved his hand slightly and then disappeared at the corner of the street.
After being the mayor for so long, Ding Hammer is much calmer than before. Although he is impulsive, he has already possessed the calmness of a high-ranking person. Of course, he knows that he can change another person’s life with little effort, but he still doesn’t mean this insignificant help.
"It’s probably loneliness." Dinghammer looked at the sky. "Life."
"What’s so lonely?" In the spring, there suddenly appeared a hammer, and I smiled and said, "Your life is wonderful enough."
Ding hammer didn’t look back. "Actually, I don’t have a big goal. The most important thing is to buy a storefront on the street, and then I paid the down payment after collecting rent for half a generation, and then I actually came here to compete for the sky."
"I have always believed in fate, although it is a false proposition, but I finally feel that everyone has a pair of hands behind them to push everyone forward. Sometimes we are the devil and sometimes we don’t know what we have done."
"A king do you have something to say? You kept it from me for so long and didn’t give me some compensation? "
"The background is the most unreliable thing. When I joined the army, I worked hard by myself from the private to the present. You see, it’s like you. You used to be a bag vendor. Have you ever thought that you could go to the altar one day?" In the spring, I smiled faintly. "Are you ready to bring the seventh district back to life?"
"Do a big job" is undecided. "The arbitration commission also died by itself. Is the presiding judge awesome?"
"If it’s not bad, you won’t have your personal ability. If it’s not bad, it should be no less than the end of the state. There are left and right sides around you."
"Left, I know who it is. Who the fuck is right?"
"Left is left, Mu Feng is right, and Cangyan ferret is the strongest individual soldier in the seventh district at this stage. I don’t have a half chance of winning any one, Roger. Maybe you can face two at the same time, even you will be killed."
"I’m afraid of a fart when the army is under siege."
"You have no army arbitration? And it’s not weak. It’s just that they can’t show the army publicly yet. In five days, they will hold a general election and other presiding judges. I’m afraid our day will not be so good. "
"Mom, this is not let me go to hard? Fuck … if you can’t help it, just be the dean of the school. What do you say? "
In the spring, he pointed to a small noodle restaurant next to him, "Let’s talk while eating."
"I just finished eating."
"I haven’t eaten."