Xu Ren will release the spirit to explore the celestial realm of science.

The end result is really a bit unexpected to Xu Ren.
This mirror of heaven in science does have great power, which is similar to that of other mirrors, but it is also difficult to control, because there are several imprints of heaven in science alone, and those imprints of heaven are different. It should be that some people want to refine this mirror of heaven in science, but they are dragged to death by this mirror of heaven in the end.
Perhaps it is for this reason that Heaven Mirror of Science was banned so powerfully.
Xu Ren felt as if he had become a mirror of heaven in science. The name sounded quite upright, but the mirror body seemed less upright, and there was a faint smell of evil.
However, Xu Ren will not give up this mirror of science and heaven because of this evil.
So Xu Ren carefully studied it.
There was a fluctuation in the realm of science and heaven, and then Xu Ren felt that her spiritual strength and spirit were pulled into the realm of science and heaven.
Xu Ren knew it was not good, and immediately swallowed a few bottles of liquid, and made up the gods’ stones to absorb the spiritual strength of Lingshi crazily to supplement their consumption.
About an hour later, Xu Rencai felt that the mirror of science swallowed up his spirit and spiritual power and slowed down.
However, Xu Renxian still feels very tired. He can keep losing his mind and keep himself awake.
Of course, he also consumed a lot of lingshi. After all, the mirror of heaven in science has a great appetite. Xu Renke doesn’t want to be drawn into an adult.
After a while, Xu Ren felt a shock, and then the science mirror entered the sea of his consciousness.
Of course, the heaven realm of science is not honest after entering the sea of Xu Ren consciousness, but it seems that it is going to take possession of Xu Ren.
However, Xu Renshen and his treasure, the celestial realm of science, are ready to hurt Xu Ren’s consciousness. When the sea was deserted, the seal of heaven, the bell of the earth, the tripod of heaven and the monument of Vientiane all emerged at the same time, and each released its strength to attack the celestial mirror of science.
Although the mirror of heaven is unruly, the combined attack of heaven and earth, Xuan Zhong, Tianyuan Ding and Vientiane Monument has also directly fallen, and the situation is in jeopardy.
At this time, Xu Ren’s two life-flying swords also entered the sea of knowledge, releasing the devouring power respectively. If the mirror of science is not honest, these treasures together with Xu Ren’s two life-flying swords will directly divide the power of the mirror of science.
Heaven mirror science also realized his situation immediately soft admitted Xu Ren this master.
After refining the realm of heaven and science, Xu Renshen sent out a wave and then realized that Baobei in the sea had returned to his abode of fairies and immortals.
Haotianjing was surrounded by his treasure because of his "criminal record", so he was able to shrink into a abode of fairies and immortals and dared not come out.
By this moment, I think this mirror of heaven in science is also white. The means to deal with those people before it is completely bad in Xu Ren.
"What happened?"
Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, has been guarding Xu Ren’s changes in Xu Ren, and he has also seen them.
Actually, Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, was still worried, but he also knew that he couldn’t help Xu Ren at that time.
"It doesn’t matter. This mirror of science and heaven may have been deliberately put into the auction for fishing, baby. The purpose is to make this mirror of science and heaven swallow up more monks’ strength and spirit before refining it. This time, I am also lucky to have enough lingshi and spirit, or I will die if I want to refine this mirror of science and heaven."
Xu Renshi also has some terror, but the speed at which the mirror devours strength and spirit is terrible.
Of course, the celestial realm of science devours strength and spirit, which is also to repair its own harm to the possession. It should also be the celestial realm of science to protect itself. Now that this celestial mirror of science has been refined by itself, there is another way to save his life.
"The people in this auction house are not kind, or we will go back and smash the auction house directly."
Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, is not a good-tempered person. After hearing Xu Ren’s words, he immediately got angry and planned to smash the auction directly.
"There is no need. Maybe the auctioneer doesn’t know, but we still have to be careful when we get there. I’m afraid we’ll meet someone who sells science mirrors when we get to one place. I’m afraid it will be difficult to fight at that time."
Xu Ren doesn’t recognize the heaven realm of science. The thing is that the auction house is cheating, but he is also a treasure like Bai Haotian’s mirror. Someone will definitely stare at this ferry.
"I’m really wronged. I don’t know who it is. I hope that guy really has the courage to come out."
Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, looks gloomy. He doesn’t like being calculated at all.
"You don’t have to do this. I have a stronger fighting capacity than before, but this thing is a foreign object after all, and we still have to work hard to improve our strength. I still have some demons here, and you should practice quickly."
When Xu Ren spoke, he released two demons trapped in a flying sword.
Little demon leopard Molin is not polite to Xu Ren, and directly devours the two blood demon spirits into the state of uniting.
Then the ferry set sail again. This time, Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, will stay on the ferry for a longer time, because it will take more than 20 days to get to a dock.
Twenty days is not too short for ordinary people, but it is not long for Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, because training always flies by.
On this day, Xu Ren walked out of his yard and strolled outside with measured steps.
In these twenty days, Xu Ren has been practicing, and now he has reached the late stage of the alchemy, but it should take some time to break the alchemy and become a baby.
The strength of the little demon leopard Molin’s repair has also risen a lot. In these twenty days, Xu Ren gave him more than a dozen second demon kings.
This little demon leopard Molin also lived up to expectations and finally condensed into a demon baby and became a demon Hugh in Yuanying.
After the strength rose, the little demon leopard Molin’s mental state was better, and he followed Xu Ren around.
However, when Xu Ren and the little demon leopard Molin walked outside the yard, they felt a pair of eyes staring at them.
"That person should have a fairy realm?"
Xiao Yaobao Molin’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and he feels sharp enough. Xu Ren feels that someone is staring at them, and Xiao Yaobao Molin also feels it.
"Maybe it’s the mirror of science, or that mirror of science is the auction place where he put it."
Xu Ren didn’t speak, but the little demon leopard Molin communicated with him.
"Then shall we directly solve that guy?"
The little demon leopard Molin has the same heart to communicate with Xu Ren, but he is ready to fight. Although a fairy monk is much more difficult than a Yuanying monk, the little demon leopard Molin is really nothing.
"Don’t worry, this is our own ferry. I live alone in our own ferry and kill a ferry. The guests have a bad reputation for us. As far as I know, our horse is going to a docking station. Then we will go to the ferry to see if that guy comes to trouble. It’s not a bad rule to kill him in front of us."
Xu Renshi had planned to stare at others and know his identity, but he can’t do it now because once he does it, it’s not his own business.
"You worry too much, but since you said to wait until the ferry stops, let’s talk about it then."
The little demon leopard didn’t say much. Since Xu Ren has already made arrangements, he will wait.
Xu Ren and the little demon leopard are wandering around outside and there is no unnecessary action, just like Root didn’t find someone following them.
After wandering around for a circle, Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, returned to their homes again as if they didn’t know anything.
The ferry finally stopped after walking for another two days.
The place where the ferry docked this time is much bigger than Jinlong Island. Of course, even if it is bigger, it is a big island, which is far from the vast territory of Tianwuzhou.
The Thousand Moon Xianzong Ferry docked at the big island, the flying whale island, which looks like a big fish from a height, but it is too big.
Xu Ren estimated that this flying whale island was as big as the Daning Dynasty in the north.
It is rare for such a big island to be afraid of China.
"Hu Lao, how long will our ferry stop here?"
This time, Xu Ren didn’t wait for Hu Zhongyan to find himself, but he went to find Hu Zhongyan first.
"We’re going to stop here for five days. This flying whale island is relatively large, and there is a kind of material called dragon saliva alchemy. Our ferry will stay here for a few more days if it wants to collect some dragon saliva."
Hu Zhongyan didn’t hide that his family was going to be a patriarch on the ferry in the future, and sooner or later it was necessary to understand.