"I like to watch others quarrel. When do you quarrel with the king of Weijun? Let me see." Xiaoli laughed and it was a bit annoying.

"Shut up" Yan Liang stared at the prison door and slowly slipped as her voice fell.
Li zhi was ferocious at the prison gate, and the wound on her left cheek was still there, and she didn’t seem to have much strength.
While staring at Lizhi, Lizhao provoked ferocious dissatisfaction in Lizhi’s eyes.
"You WeiJun king blew up my road and I’ll hang you up and throw you outside." Staring at Yan Liang Lizhi gnashing her teeth.
She said that the black killer behind her was going to start work.
"No one can move, Li Zhi. I forbid you to do this. You said that if you got her blood, it wouldn’t be difficult for her. Now you have her blood. We can leave here as soon as possible and wait for them to leave. We’ll get the money again. After all, no one knows how to get to the vault." Li Zhao stopped.
"Said yi she now knows that the vault is here. If we leave, she will definitely go to the vault.reads;

Outside the army, as you can see, they are blocking here, so we don’t want to come in. It’s better to die than to die. I’m going to hang her head outside to show the king of Weijun what his fiancee has become. "Then she laughed and was crazy.
"If you kill her, we won’t even get the money." Li Zhao can’t stop it.
"Lizhao you really take her as your sister, don’t you? I am your sister! I wouldn’t have fallen into this situation if you hadn’t been timid and fled! " Twist a head to stare at lizhao lizhi hate shouting.
Lizhao immediately lost his voice, which seems to be his sore spot.
"You’re sorry I you this generation is not clear what is she? Sister? And you don’t have a blood relationship. Nothing is false. Only relatives in this world are true. Everything is false. "Pointing to Lizhao’s chest, Lizhi complained.
Yan Liang and Xiao Li have been watching their brothers and sisters quarrel. This Li Zhi is a master of brainwashing and says that Li Zhao is speechless.
"I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to be humbled alive. He wants to blow us up. Ok, it’s worth killing his fiancee first." Li Zhi turned to Yan Liang again. She wants to die together.
"No, you can’t kill her, Li Zhi. Let’s go. I’ve been looking for you for so many years, not to see you die. Let’s stay away from each other and never meet them again." Li Zhao stretched out his hand and stopped her, but he still disagreed.
Lizhi twisted his brow and looked at Lizhao in an instant. "You must be with me, right? It is false to say that you have been looking for me for so many years and that you have been missing me. Since you are more important than your own sister, you can accompany her to die. "
Take a step back after Lizhi and push Lizhao to the cell directly before the black killer, and then push the cell door.
There’s another person in the cell. It’s narrow and looks crowded.
Xiaoli and Yan Liang haven’t been talking. It’s just a matter of looking at them and coming in.
They get along well with each other. Who knew it was like this?
Li Zhao leaned against the door of the cell. He didn’t come near here and didn’t turn around at all.
"The most unreliable thing in this world is blood." Xiao Li sighed that the word "blood" is to kidnap and kidnap the body.
"Yes" Yan Liang agrees that this body blood is evidence.
"My own father asked for money at the expense of raising his own son to be a brother, and stabilizing his own interests at the expense of assassinating us year after year, but the blood is not as good as street garbage." Xiaoli’s tone is ironic that strangers are friendlier than them.
"Some people still don’t wake up to all this, but they are just deceiving themselves." Looking at Li Zhao’s back, Yan Liang suddenly felt that he was very pitiful
Betrayed his own brothers and sisters like a family, but asked him to pay his debts like a madman.
"At that time, when my family was in trouble, I could take her with me, but I left her to escape. This is what I owe her." Li Zhao finally said, but he turned around and his gloomy face was a little lonely.
"So you betray your brother to compensate your sister? It’s the first time I’ve heard that betrayal is so reasonable. "Xiaoli smiles but her eyes are full of irony.
Lizhao looked at the ground in silence and didn’t know what he was thinking.
Yan Liang looked at him for a long time before she looked back. "Sleep." She was very tired.
"Don’t be too dirty." Xiaoli motioned Yan Liang to be reliable on his shoulder.
"Too dirty.reads;

"Yan cool light way against the stone wall.
"picky!" Xiaoli was a bit reluctant, and her pale and bloody face looked much better at this time.
Li Zhao has been face to face with the fact that he can go out if he wants to, but somehow he doesn’t. It’s more like self-punishment
No matter he Yan Liang and Xiao Li rest against the wall, they are very Enron and it seems that there is no Lizhao here.
The explosion sounds are still intermittent, but the stone wall is too thick and they can only hear a trace. Compared with this, the screams of the ocean next door are clearer.