Wu Zhenzhen shook my hand excitedly. Nothing can make waves for him more than the police officer’s approval to arrest him.

My heart said, "Is your daughter Wu Xin living now? The last time I visited her was years ago, and she would be proud if she knew that there was such a father. "
"Thank you for taking photos of my little girl," Wu Zhenzhen said gratefully. "I sometimes go to her place to wait and see silently before the night, but now I have no face to meet her."
I promised, "We’ll take you back to her officially when D is destroyed."
"Thank you" Wu Zhenzhen’s hand was shaking.
At this time, Bujian was connected to me through the micro-connector. "Ling Yu congratulates you, die, add another military commander. Now four prisoners have released the ladder guards, and the symptoms of bean worms have been sent to the monitoring room. Five monitors have also hung up the suggestion that ten members of the evil sword should be punished by taking the stairs in batches to enter the sin capital."
I immediately called the evil sword, and everyone except the intelligence team held the diamond-shaped green leaves and entered the cave. I was the first batch of die Department and Jianghu teams. We walked into the cave, and there were long lights every few meters. The line was extremely dark. I felt that there were several eyes that could not help but look up and hang upside down. Countless pointed-billed bats reflected light, and their eyes made us enter icehouse …
Chapter one thousand and fifty-four Tang Ran die!
Bamboo leaf red consciousness grabbed my arm "Ling Yu me"
"Don’t worry if they don’t bite you." I raised my hand and stroked her smooth back. Bamboo leaf red has an innate fear of bats, just like Lin Muxia’s weakness is a spider.
Bamboo leaf red is a little relieved, and we move forward cautiously. At the same time, the first poisonous bat moves its wings, and more poisonous bats follow the vibration "poof poof poof". We stop and grab the diamond-shaped green leaves in our hands, and batch after batch of bats pass by us, which is shocking!
When we were about to reach the front of the ladder, there was a scream from the back, "Ah! ! !"
I turned my head to wait and see if it was Zhejiang Sanju!
A poisonous bat’s head went into his pants, his wings fluttered outside his pants, and his sharp mouth seemed to bite his penis inside! Otherwise, he can’t cry wolf.
Zhesan is full of pain and sweating.
Wu Zhen-zhen suddenly rushed to the front of Tan’s leg and kicked it by mistake. The bat kicked it to the ground without lifting his pants, and soon he died and turned black.
I noticed that there was blood on the outer edge of this poisonous bat’s mouth, and his eyes moved to Zhejiang Sanbu’s pants, which was almost soaked with blood. This guy was unlucky enough.
Before the star picker left, he woke up and said, "Poisonous bats will die if they don’t cut off the toxin quickly."
"Is it destiny takes a hand that I won’t lift it in this life?" Zhesan was very unwilling to release his belt without lifting it. His eyes were red and he said, "Somebody help me cut it quickly!"
The star-studded thief king is an ancestor who plays with daggers. He holds the evil sword and comes standard with a magic dagger. He takes up the knife and drops blood and flashes "Ba Ba!"
Zhejiang three don’t lift the little guy fell to his eyes a black ground.
Ning silk rushed forward and stuck three stitches. Uncle Ning cleaned up the wound.
I didn’t send him to the war until the injury stabilized. I had him sent to the intelligence team for temporary care. I didn’t expect the evil sword to fall in the cave in a way that was hard to say! Is it "blind" to poke it in the pants and poison the bat? ?
We entered the stairway and descended 50 meters to reach the beginning of evil.
At present, there are a bunch of armed guards lying on the metal floor. They have already died, and their expressions are ferocious. It seems that they have been ravaged by bean worms.
The star picker and his hand dragged 25 bodies to a hidden place. He said solemnly, "Now we have less than 9 hours, so at 3: 00 in the morning, organization D will edify its members for half a minute. Otherwise, organization D will be alert when there is a firefight."
"Well, let’s look at the situation first." I turned around and told them that the members of the evil sword should stay still at the door of the ladder and walk forward with the star-picker for about 20 meters. After walking on the metal floor, we stopped and saw a stone step overlooking the ancient city scene in front of us.
Although the building has been renovated, it was built according to the original appearance of the ancient city. I have an illusion of crossing into ancient times
Now our place should be the city gate, so there is a height difference between the buildings in the city. Now the small sun is not bright, but every living wall has a light that is not very bright, but it can barely be seen clearly.
I have a little analysis, and the only thing that is beneficial to us is the terrain. The edge of the so-called evil capital is as high as the gate, and the wall is suitable for snipers.
I chatted with Star Picker and Poisonous Method King and then returned to the front of the ladder. At this moment, the members of the evil sword came in addition to two batches of snipers. I ordered, "Six uncle pickers and four second-class killers from three Zhejiang families are responsible for detecting whether the walls of the evil capital are monitored and guarded by Jiang Tianci. You can find Aunt Jade to get the antidote and wait for their news, and then rationally allocate regular snipers and snipers with toxic fog bomb launchers. When launching poisonous fog bombs, you must ensure that the scope covers the whole evil. Master Wu Zhenzhen cleans up the blood on the metal floor and lurks it out or comes in to extinguish it! Aunt Jade, Elder Dog King, Night Heart, Ning Silk, Uncle Ning and Bamboo Leaf Red, go to the monitoring room and watch the four prisoners kill themselves. Don’t kill them if you have nothing to say. "
Ning silk untied her wrist and put the yellow ribbon in her pocket. She said to herself, "Ling Yu, what are you doing?"
"Uncle Picking and I will take a walk around to supplement the war plan." When I saw it, I told him, "Remember to report to me when you arrange it. Well, there are a lot of people here. Don’t sneak out and shoot."
The sword of punishing evil is orderly and scattered.
"Sister Bujie left a pocket mosquito triangle mountain hanging around, and sent the evil capital A to help the rest of us cooperate with the Jianghu team to explore the city wall." While I was walking around the city wall with the star picker, there was a place where broken walls was not a narrow wall, but it was already annihilated by geology. It was not a simple matter to clean it up. I estimate that the square triangle mountain and a mountain next to it were cleared up when D organized people to reclaim the ancient city. Otherwise, how could there be two more mountains on the flat grassland without a source?
"The wall of Ling Yu seems to disappear to the west, that is, the side of the castellan’s mansion." The star-picker looks at his eyes in front, and half of the walls on the north and south sides are broken to the west, so it is necessary to set the launching point of poisonous fog bombs. "
I thought, "Leave this to Bujie and Lao Jiang. Her micro-communicator has linked me with Lao Jiang."
After half an hour, the star-picker and ten people from three families in Zhejiang were contacted separately. I said that there were monitors and guards, and Jiang Tianci, a dark soldier, had distributed the antidote to the snipers. He discussed with Bu Jianyou such as arranging snipers.
Two prisoners in the monitoring room are not dead and are still under control for the time being.
However, the ladder-guarding Jianghu team destroyed nine members of the D organization, except a red D armed escort, especially blindfolded to destroy the mistresses.
Me and the star-picker gradually filled the loopholes in the war plan, looked at Fang Sindu with binoculars, set up stalls or went shopping in the streets, and members of organization D walked into bars, karaoke bars and other entertainment places in groups, and then one died, and then several management-looking people judged right and wrong before leaving, killing a talent on the spot did not make things worse.
In a flat-roofed house, a group of young people took poison and felt a sense of lethargy.
Five men are abusing a woman in a remote street, and no one controls them.
It’s true that sin is everywhere here. I learned from the mouth of prisoner No.3 that there is no punishment for killing people for no reason.
Every day, sin is a crime.
In their minds, only the criminal lineage is high and low, green is equal to blue, D is slightly higher, red D belongs to aristocrats, golden D has the right to fight against big purple, D is absolute power and inviolability, and the emperor is the guardian who leans on the first day, plays the piano for the second time, and then the purple D and the golden D are military commanders and non-human guards.
Money here has evil value.
Red d nobles can be guilty of green d families buying babies to crush and drink blood.
There are three conventional ways to get it. The first is that on the third Sunday of each month, all crimes are carried out for 12 hours. Do you want to take revenge and kill the other person who has an enemy with you? No hot weapons, no curfew, only effective when you have free activities? On this day, if you have hatred, you can get revenge. If you have hatred, you can vent it! But there are two things. First, you can fight each other. Second, you can’t kill koo indiscriminately. Third, the target is not allowed to be a 12-year-old. The second is to get an access order to commit a crime outside the country and record a video to return, and give the corresponding sin value according to the level of your crime judged by the jury? Third, at the beginning of each month, thousands of direct commanders personally distribute evil values to each criminal family according to the number of heads.
Not only that, the total number of evil values is the only criterion for the vast majority of members to promote their bloodline.
Of course, there are criminals who are particularly talented or have been vicious before joining, and they are directly given high-level tattoos.
At present, there are six thousand guards who have gone from green D level to gold D level "Inspirations".
When I heard it for the first time, I was crying. This is different from the evil value to eliminate low-level criminals. Even though it may cause qualified criminals to die, it is still a minority.
The center of the evil capital is a arena. If there is a deep hatred, the two sides will not wait for a big reshuffle every month to directly find the verdict. In this way, the enemy’s life and death can be destroyed. The other family members can’t retaliate again, which is equivalent to clearing up the hatred at one time. Whenever there is a duel, criminals can suppress the banker with a little evil value procedure. This is the fourth means to obtain evil value. There are often unexpected duels, so many people have lost their blood.
Those who were stopped by the Jianghu squad went out to hunt for evil values, and D organized an exposed lair, and a special person was responsible for sending out and taking back the old lair. Members of the D organization sent the criminals to the cave and left, so the workers outside the evil capital escaped the net in this operation.
It is worth one thing that all evils have a gambling ban, because thousands of people think gamblers are hopeless, so evil values cannot be traded privately.
The highest way to get is that if a store wants to apply for a store, it needs to apply to the jury. Based on whether your external contacts are sinful or not, goods need to flow in.
Sin is small, but it has five internal organs. It has a complete criminal body and management system.
Crime is divided into heaven and their hell.
We are lucky to punish evil swords. Today is not the third weekend. We shuffle our cards and throw them at Brother Nong.