Lin Yu found that a person gasped at the top of his head.
"Lin Yu, are you okay? !”
"TaiDian are you okay? !”
Two people call out almost at the same time!
What a tacit understanding!
Chunyu Tianyou laughed happily.
Lin Yu didn’t good the spirit stare at him. Why don’t you laugh?
"Lin Yu, you seem to care about me!" Chunyu Tianyou seems to be happy in his heart.
No matter that you just had a narrow escape with Lin Yu.
To tell the truth, if Lin Yufei hadn’t just come, he might have fallen from the horse and wouldn’t have been trampled to death by the horse.
"I don’t really care about you, but you can’t die in Nantang!"
Stay away, but!
Don’t die. Our country makes our emperor bear the burden!
How much trouble you have to get into when you die in Chang ‘an!
Caught a surname, God bless Lin Yu. The first thought was that she saved Jun Chen a big trouble again.
Knowing the face of "Feng Ling" across the street is a complete paralysis.
He pulled the reins so hard that he almost broke the horse’s neck. The horses hissed in protest.
"Feng Ling" a look in the past eyes a piece of dark ShaQi horse was frightened by him by his bridle dare not move again.
It seems that it knows that if it doesn’t behave well, it will break its neck!
It’s like Lin Yu’ Feng Ling’ especially wants to break her neck at the moment!
She incredibly … She incredibly!
Don’t you dare throw yourself at another man in front of him! ! ! !
What a mess!
Tolin Yufu threw herself at Chunyu Tianyou, and later Mu Junze pulled a piece of cloth and rode to Chunyu Tianyou Horse, blindfolding the horse before stabilizing it.
The envoys also slowly calmed down.
But at the moment, the streets are very messy.
The people were running around, and several of them collided with the envoy’s horse.
The crowd was very angry, as if someone had done something to make people angry and complain.
"You this group of dignitaries! Regardless of the lives of the people! "
"You disregard for human life!"
"Give my daughter back!"
There are several middle-aged men and rotten women and children who go directly to Zhou Aotian 2.
Zhou Aotian has always been a grumpy man, and he has always relied on his noble status. Where can a few people fiddle with horseback riding and whip them?
The original people should be unarmed.
But today is particularly abnormal. Those middle-aged men, women and children who stare at Zhou Aotian seem to have expected that Zhou Aotian will not be able to do anything with sticks and hoes in his hand.
As soon as he was angered, his punishment became rampant and he drew his sword on horseback and was about to cut it at the people.