"You are too should live in the East, your father loves you dearly, you are young, live in Hele Temple and wait for you to be older, and then go to the East harem, where women live. How can you live? After also shouldn’t be with your mother every day, after all, you are seven years old, "the queen mother said.

She would never have said this before, but now … she is not happy!
"Your mother is the queen … she is out of line, so she shouldn’t be in charge of the previous affairs. Now she is in charge of too much mourning, but it is still beneficial to say that this place is mourning." The queen mother said.
"no! Ann doesn’t want her mother to live in Fengzao Palace! Ann will follow her mother! " Ming Ann got up and said
Mingshou also put Osmanthus Jelly, although he didn’t speak, but the meaning behind Ming ‘an was self-evident.
"Where are you still small to understand this rule? If your mother does something wrong, she will change it! " Empress Cihui is black in the face!
"Mother is not wrong! The teacher said that mother is very powerful! There is nothing wrong! Don’t eat! " Ming’ an said and took Ming Shou out. "Brother, go!"
Mingshou is not so fierce, but he agrees with his mother in his heart. There must be nothing wrong with it!
"You …" The queen mother got up and was very angry, but the two children had already run out.
Liu Yeer in situ didn’t say a word, she didn’t want to persuade.
"It’s really backwards! Just like the queen! If it weren’t for her, she wouldn’t have to be her child! Hold the harem and forbid people to get pregnant! There is really no woman’s virtue! Not worthy! " Mercy queen mother nu way
Liu Yeer plopped down on his knees.
They waited for Liu Yeer’s mouth in silence. After all, she is the aunt of this peaceful palace.
But Liu Yeer didn’t say a word
The queen mother is crazy. She even said it after she changed her position. She is already crazy.
"Let’s all go." It was a long time before the Empress Dowager Cihui realized what she had said, and there was no remedy after some fear.
Ming’ an took Ming Shou out of Anning Palace and wanted to cry, but she endured it.
"Brother, shall we go to my uncle’s house?" Mingshou also doesn’t want to stay. My parents don’t. My grandmother speaks ill of my mother again. They feel that there is no place to go.
"Mother said when she left that we were not allowed to go to my uncle’s house every day … only yesterday." Ming ‘an wronged.
The two children hesitated in the imperial garden until they knew that the handmaiden was afraid that they would be cold and come to remind Mingshou. Only then did they say, "Can we go to the Xianmu Princess?"
Ming Ann wanted to think, heart way XianFei is also good for them and nodded and went.
The Millennium Palace learned that Taidian and Erdian had come to Xianfei and Zhenxiuyi, who was sitting and talking, got up and greeted him.
"Tai Dian is safe, and Er Dian is safe"
"Xian mother princess please ZhenXiuYi please" Ming Ann waved.
"Come in, it’s cold outside." Xian Fei was busy introducing the two children.
"Where did this come from?" Xianfei asked to see them unhappy.
"Grandma … Grandma said that she wanted her mother to move to Fengzao Palace and we were not allowed to follow." Mingshou said.
Ming Allah pulled him out, but he has already said it …
Xianfei sighs in her heart that she has grown up. Let’s forget about the second temple. The Taidian is worthy of being the Taidian. This will know how to prevent people, but this is a good thing.
"The queen mother empress this is …" ZhenXiuYi some surprise.
"The two temples don’t have to be sad about this. Both the position and the empress must have said that waiting for the position and the empress to come back has its own representations. Now there is no need to worry," said the virtuous princess.
Ming Ann is about to think that Xianfei can be trusted, so she can be relieved. "My grandmother also said that … my mother did something wrong, but I don’t know what my mother did wrong? There is nothing wrong! The teachers all praised their mother! "
What does it mean for a virtuous princess to be surprised at the queen mother when she is one leng? Say the queen in front of Taitai, right?
Is this to turn the mother against her?
"Male and female servants also think that the Empress is not wrong. I think it is a misunderstanding that the Empress is doing good things. If it is wrong?" Xianfei laughed
"Really? Do you really think that there is nothing wrong with your mother? " Ming’ an watched Xian Fei.
Xianfei’s mind is moving. It’s soft to see such a beautiful child.
"Of course, there is nothing wrong with it. Please remember that after this life, your father can say whether your mother is wrong or not. No one is qualified." The virtuous princess touched Ming’s cheek with a soft voice.
Ming’ an also froze for a while, not because he touched his cheek, but because of the words of the virtuous princess.
"But … the day before yesterday, my grandmother also said that when the officials were outside, my mother was not … saying that she had a good name and now allowed Beimo … um … it was wrong to marry." Actually, he himself was not sure what marriage was, and he didn’t know Beimo, but this was his grandmother’s exact words.
Xianfei sighed, "Taidian is the future. Although you are young, you should also have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. Let’s not say that your mother did right or wrong. I tell you that your mother saved several lives in one fell swoop. How many years of war do you know how to fight? That’s death. Many people didn’t eat or drink. "
Ming’ an nodded vaguely, but it’s still clear that the dead and saving people are still clear.