And that’s not the real headwind of the Shadow Clan, but the headwind’s ability to summon a shadow humanoid who is exactly the same as himself. This is the higher the ability of the Shadow Clan, the more shadow humanoid can be summoned to fight side by side with ten enemies and one group of people.

It’s Li’s shadow against the wind. The Millennium Lord is a little scary.
You should know that the strength of the Holy Family Floating Life and the Honghuadou Taihen Mercy Valley here has never been crossed by the lords before, and no one can tell the difference between high and low, so it is impossible for anyone to defeat them, so that the strength is neither equal nor equal.
But now there is unconsciousness. Is Ciren Valley defeated by this invisible human Lord?
If not, then at this moment, the nose and mouth are bleeding and staring at the Lord in amazement. What about fighting Tai?
The actual war situation is not yet a big fight. Thai eyes are full of contempt. Before the Lord Sihao is so rampant, some disdain is added, and it is not without fighting. There are not too many taboos in my heart.
A floating life simply discourages Honghua Doutai, but it’s a bit odd. However, I still have doubts about the strength of the Lord SiHaoke to this extent, and I don’t stop the trust of Honghua Doutai’s strength.
Let Hong Hua Dou Tai try the real strength of the Lord Si Hao now, without losing a plan. Knowing the real strength of Si Hao can also make a plan in one step, whether to fight head-on or play around.
But the result surprised everyone.
That Hong Hua Dou Tai just smiled at the floating life. As soon as he turned his head, it was like being hit by something. His head jerked backwards and he staggered back a step. Blood was instantly ejected from his mouth.
Floating stunned zheng quickly stretched out his hand to hold the honghuadou tai and honghuadou tai also stared straight at the lord sihao and slowly raised my hand to wipe a nose and looked down at the blood on the back of his hand with a face of disbelief!
"Dou tai! What’s wrong? " Floating aside to hold the honghuadou Thai shoulder nasty asked
"He … sihao … shot?" Hong Hua Dou Tai didn’t look at the floating life, but he stared straight at the front and asked hesitantly.
The floating life didn’t see that the Lord Sihao was wounded by Honghua Doutai. It all happened so fast that he wondered whether Sihao really hit Honghua Doutai.
Shocked by the floating eyes, Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom looked aside, and both of them were stunned. The floating eyes were staring at the Lord Sihao because of anger, but they didn’t see him like a shot, and Hong Hua Dou Tai here was hurt!
The key is how is that possible?
Even if sihao was a surprise attack, why didn’t anyone see him make such a move? And if SiHao suddenly attacked Hong Hua Dou Tai’s strength at such a long distance, how could he have no reaction at all? And how can people around you, such as floating life and Yang night, be unaware of it at all?
Is Lord SiHaoZhen already strong to this extent?
"how about it? Do you still want to try? " Opposite SiHaoYing family headwind face gently smiled and stretched out a finger gently hook the two.
"I don’t believe it!" Hong Hua Dou Tai Meng glared at his hand and touched the blood on his nose and mouth. He got up and was about to rush forward again.
"Dou tai! Don’t be impulsive! " Floating life shouted once again and stretched out his hand to pull Honghua Doutai, but this time he didn’t pull it.
Hong Hua Dou Tai has jumped up, angry and depressed in his heart. He has never been bullied like this for so long. No one has ever let his opponent look down on him like this! Moreover, this opponent is a damn protoss sihao, which makes it even more difficult for Hong Hua Dou Tai to balance in his heart. It is so easy to be humiliated by a guy who is neck and neck. He almost had the urge to kill for the first time and did not hesitate. Hong Hua Dou Tai Fusheng just shouted out words and rushed with all his strength.
Lord sihao over there smiled gently and moved his body to meet Hong Hua Dou Tai Ping and quickly stepped forward, but the pituitary side of his arms didn’t look like he was going to fight with people at all, much less like he was going to face his opponent-a domain that had not yet tasted the defeat!
Seeing that Sihao didn’t even lift his arm, and he was walking to meet himself, he was so angry that he clenched his fist tightly and dived half way with a diagonal line. His fists turned into a spiral and went straight to Sihao.
At this speed, if the fist is changed, the former Lord Sihao will inevitably dodge and even dare not raise my hand in front of the defense. If someone else is changed, he will even dodge. At this time, Sihao will not only lift his face slightly, but also smile and face the red flowers and Thai fists and suddenly jump with his feet.
Hong Hua Dou Tai didn’t expect Sihao to dare to face his surprise and then sneer coldly. He waved his arms and prepared to try his best to smash him into a paste for Sihao!
But for a moment, I jumped head-on and rushed to my company and disappeared! It’s so fast that he just left a virtual image!
A stupidly kung fu, Hong Hua Dou Tai’s heart sank, and he had a bad feeling. Sure enough, Lord Sihao appeared at the moment on one side of his body, and at the same time, a punch with wind and potential had been punched straight.
Everything happened too suddenly. I didn’t expect the speed of the Lord Sihao to be so fast! Head-on rush to yourself and suddenly change direction, your sight can’t keep up with him!
And sihao called honghuadou tai, and this punch was beyond his expected range. honghuadou tai felt that the shadow around him flashed and he still didn’t turn his head and reacted that his cheek had been hit hard!
At the moment, I feel my head is like a burst, like a brain spurting out of seven orifices. After this moment, I lost my consciousness and my body flew to the ground!
Sihao’s figure flashed again and the half position disappeared again. When it appeared again, it was already a falling flower fight. Thailand extended a foot and kicked it out!
Filling this foot made Honghuadou Thai’s body suddenly sink again, which accelerated him to fall straight to the ground. Honghuadou Thai had already lost consciousness, and his body responded. When Sihao stepped on this foot, blood spurted from his nostrils and mouth and fell with his body.
The ground was floating with a bad expression, and Zheng immediately jumped up to meet the rapidly falling Hong Hua Dou Tai, but when he intercepted Hong Hua Dou Tai from the middle and held his body tightly in his arms, he found that he could not stop Hong Hua Dou Tai from falling!
The strength of Si Hao’s stepping on that foot is too great, but he can’t stop it. He can do his best while holding Hong Hua Dou Tai’s body and falling rapidly with him, but he dare not let go. He knows that once Hong Hua Dou Tai falls to the ground …
Struggling all the way to the fall, holding the Honghua Doutai’s floating life barely allowed himself to be hit by this force, but holding the Honghua Doutai’s body and feet heavily stepping on the ground, but the pressure was too great to control the floating life, but it was still crushed by this force and knelt on the ground. Finally, it was safe.
After putting Hong Hua Dou Tai flat on the ground, Fu Sheng struggled to get up reluctantly, and Nan Rong Phantom and Yang Ye also rushed to be surprised to find that the ground had been kneeled out of a deep pit by Fu Sheng’s knees!
What a terrible force!
Floating life took a long breath and looked up at the sky, but I didn’t see the figure of the Lord Sihao, who was surprised by the sound of "vulnerable" across the street.