After the dark night, the Lord has been looking at the dawn, and it is difficult for him to feel uneasy after listening to Li Pingan’s words.

In the morning, the main body of the deity is gradually flushed with white light, and the light is getting stronger and stronger. Finally, a white light beam breaks through the quicksand field to illuminate a statue of a huge winged angel. The shadow is virtual, and the figure is high. I don’t know how many miles, and the quicksand field is like a small quagmire.
As empty as a pair of deep eyes are watching.
Li Pingan looked up at the huge angel figure, and the corners of his mouth twitched. How can it be so big? ! Everything will be fine if you sneak around without being discovered. Now this is the situation. This is to make the whole world know!
The night goddess was furious and cursed and cried, "Bitch, she didn’t say that the promotion to the King of God would have such a general trend. Now all major forces know that she can’t hide her roots here."
Kaka ~ Spread from the gray light of the feet to the naked eye, the speed of the goddess of the morning is petrified, and in an instant it becomes a stone statue sitting on the throne.
Petrifaction? Li Pingan eyebrows a pick this is the king of god? How is it different from what I imagined?
Li Pingan asked, "Is this the night goddess’ crown?"? How can it be petrified? "
The goddess of the night said sullenly, "I have never seen or heard of the God King Robbery, that is, the four sources of heaven and earth corresponding to the disaster from heaven."
Li Pingan looked at the petrified morning goddess and said, "This is the power of the earth."
The scope of fossilization continues to spread, and the shrine has lost its light and turned into khaki stone.
Did the khaki light sweep away? The quicksand turned into stone, and the Gangfeng lost its power. Salon rolls solidified and formed a series of twisted stone pillars. In an instant, the entire virtual quicksand domain was petrified and lost its due terror.
Hum ~
A flashing door was opened in quicksand area. Two white and beautiful birds of paradise flew out of the door, and their wings fluttered and shed a little fluorescence. Behind the two holy birds of paradise, a gorgeous chariot was pulled, and the whole was golden. At the four corners of the bead curtain, an angel bowed down to the statue.
Two winged angels, one in gold armor and the other in white robes, stood on both sides of Luanjia.
Li Pingan and the goddess of the night looked up at Luanjia with dignity.
The night goddess said warily, "It’s from the Temple of Light."
Li Pingan nodded and said, "Be calm! Let’s see what she intends to do. "
In Luanjia, a crisp and sweet voice said, "Sister Chenxi, since she wants to cross the God King, can’t she go back to the temple?" Are you so afraid of your sister? Even if we have some contradictions, it’s our department’s business. How can my sister bear the great risk of letting you cross the God King here alone? Let’s go home with my sister! "
The whole virtual quicksand area is lonely and there is no return at all.
"giggle ~" said two clear smiles in Luanjia. "Your personality is still so withdrawn. Since you don’t answer your sister, you should take it as a promise! Archbishop Moore, Archangel Valentine, please move the morning light back to the light world. "
Archbishop Moore frowned behind Luanjia and said, "At this time, if the goddess of the morning sun is moved, her king’s robbery may become a death robbery."
Two cold eyes shot out at Bishop Moore in Luanjia.
Archangel Valentine, wearing a golden armor, immediately bent down with his arms crossed and said, "Yes!"
Archbishop Moore, with a quiver in his heart, quickly bent down with his hands crossed and said, "Yes!"
The two winged angels straightened up and walked towards the front. Before Luanjia, they held out their hands towards the morning light, and two beams of light enveloped the petrochemical morning light.
As soon as the dust blows in Li Pingan, a huge circular array diagram suddenly appears, and the number of symbols is circulated.
"Ang ~"
"roar ~"
"bah ~"
"roar ~"
The virtual shadow array of dragons, tigers, tigers, roars, turtles and roars is condensed in Hank Feng, Li Town, Four Holy Beasts
Two white beams of light suddenly stopped ten thousand meters away from the array, and never fell again. Two white beams of light bloomed in thick flames, but they twisted and fell half a point.
Archbishop Moore, Archangel of Valentine, stopped at the same time, and the light beam twisted and dissipated.
Angel Valentine shouted, "Who is it? !” God’s eyes bloom with golden light and look around.
Li Pingan said "let’s go! Go and meet them. "
The goddess of the night nodded her head and looked at Li Pingan with a different color. Is this the door method? ! It’s easy to resolve the two main gods’ attacks on themselves, and it’s impossible to do so.
Although the two angels and the Lord God didn’t expect that someone would make moves, the power contained in the two beams was obviously poor, and the four god beasts were summoned by the Lord, and they were far away from each other.
Two people figure move instantaneous appear a solidified tongtian sand column looked up at the virtual three people.
Li Pingan said with a bow, "How many laymen have you seen in Li Pingan, the gate of the Great Wilderness!"
The night goddess bowed her hand at will and said, "Lafite, the night goddess"
There was a chuckle in Luanjia. "It turns out that Chenxi also found a friend to protect him! Good sister is not stupid enough. "
Li Pingan straightened up and said with a smile, "Is it also the light camp laymen who must be exterminated?"
In the process of driving, he suddenly said, "Are you teaching me to do things?"
Li Pingan said "dare not! I was entrusted with loyalty and asked the layman to retreat! "
Luanjia alto suddenly became soft again. "That depends on you."
Chapter five hundred The first robbery
The archangel Valentine, wearing a golden armor, shot and the golden spear pointed at Li Pingan to create a golden passage.
With a wave of his hand, a petrochemical tornado sand column next to Li Pingan rumbled and crawled, and dense symbols appeared on the surface. The symbols of the symbols merged into the sand column, and the dense snake scales emerged in the sand column and wriggled into a huge snake head.
But at the moment, the golden spear is as fast as time, and the sand column turns the snake into a snake, and Li Pingan and the goddess of the night fly to both sides respectively.
Boom ~
Two people front foot with tongtian sand column suddenly shattered all over the sky dust like hidden weapons shot out a golden light flying out of the dust and spinning toward Li Pingan.
Li Pingan waist suspension sword whew a fly out of the bright stars firm but gentle towards the rotation to the golden light to meet.
Bang ~
Thousands of miles of solidified dust, the earth roared together and fell into a hundred meters. A mixed two-color afterwave swept out and the dust was suddenly washed away.
Valentine was caught in the middle of the ruins, and his hand stretched out and shouted ~ the golden spear flew out and fell into his hand.
Valentine was about to move when suddenly a violent pressure fell from the sky and the ground rumbled. Valentine suddenly looked up and saw a huge tail smashing on his head.
Valentine didn’t retreat, didn’t avoid going straight for it ~ the spear stabbed the huge snake tail and splashed a piece of dust. The long snake turned around and opened its mouth to bite Valentine.