Zhao doesn’t know what he has been unlucky recently. "Then go and find someone to see who needs us to secretly change."

Zhao Fangsong said yes as soon as he sighed. He looked at the chicken in his mother’s heartless bag and sipped his lips. He decided to confess himself, or he would have to make a noise later.
"Mom, let me tell you something."
Scott’s right eyelid jumped straight "you said"
"Mom, I met my father-in-law at the sales club today, and I gave him two chickens in my hand." Zhao Fangsong also breathed a sigh of relief, regardless of how he scolded himself. Listen, the chickens have been sent out anyway.
Scott really couldn’t sit still and threw the sole into the sewing basket. "Say if your daughter-in-law asked you to do it."
Zhao Fangsong will be able to squat at the door of the main room, afraid to speak and send them all away. It will be too late to say anything.
Scott himself scolded at the door of their house for a while and was tired and sat back in the hall.
"It’s killing me. Go and cook quickly."
Zhao Fangsong got up when he finally scolded, and his legs were numb for a long time when he squatted, but it was over and he quickly got into the kitchen.
Zhao Wanwan first cleaned the chicken coop and washed the clothes with cold water this afternoon. The whole person can hardly hold on. Look in the mirror. His ears are twisted and a little green. I heard Zhao Fangsong go to the kitchen to cook. She turned around. Isn’t there another chicken?
"Dad, you’re back."
Although Zhao Fangsong doesn’t have much patience with his daughter, he is still somewhat close to his first child. "Uh-huh, come and light the fire and I’ll cook."
Zhao Wanwan will be obedient and ready to burn the fire in the past. "Daddy and grandma let me go out and change the meat ticket?"
Zhao Fangsong didn’t expect her daughter to take the initiative to ask herself questions. She seemed to be quite talkative when she was a child, but then she gradually became timid or grew up. Why?
"Yes, but I don’t think anyone in the village is willing to change meat. It is better to get some food stamps for the family to eat for several months."
Zhao Wanwan remembered that when she came back from the rebirth of the female host, she also did her own business, took things and went to some factory bring buildings to change things.
"Dad, I heard from the new educated youth in our village that they are very short of meat in the city. It is not enough to eat meat stamps in the factory. They will take money to buy them. It is not good to buy them. Go to their relatives’ hospital and ask me if it will sell well. Just say that our chicken is frozen to death and there is nothing wrong with it."
Zhao Fangsong was a little excited when he heard that Fajue was really good.
"Don’t start the fire yet, I’ll tell your grandmother." Then he went out from the kitchen.
Zhao Fangsong told Scott in the main room.
Zhao is also moved, so it’s not bad if you can sell it at a good price.
"All right, you go, but if you mess with me again, I’ll spare you."
Zhao Fangsong agreed with a smile and then went out with a bag.
Zhao curved the door secretly listening to see her father came out and quickly followed.
"Dad, I want to go with you."
Zhao Fangsong is going to do something serious. He doesn’t want to take her there, but he thinks that it was her idea after all.
"Ok, I’ll tell your grandmother."
Scott was convinced by his own son, thinking that this dead girl’s brain is still good, and if something happens later, there will be a helper.
"Go and go back to the other waves."
Zhao curved and laughed instantly. She finally had a chance to go out.
Chen Jia also cooks lunch.
It’s Yao Shangqing’s turn to cook lunch 3.
But today, Yue-e Li didn’t help herself to sit on the small bench. "Shang Qing, why do you think you want to adopt a child? Three children are not enough for you to raise."
Yao Shangqing chuckled and smiled. She didn’t know that she was happy when she saw the child, and she didn’t feel any blood relationship. Isn’t she close to her eldest brother and sister? Isn’t that a betrayal of herself?
"Nothing I this is not a girl? Envy you and your sister-in-law both have their own daughters. Is it a little cotton-padded jacket? "
Yue-e Li was warmed by Yao Shangqing’s words. If it weren’t for this family, they would have read and talked.
"Oh, what a little cotton-padded jacket? It’s noisy, but you dare not say this in front of your sister-in-law, like we know it’s a compliment to her brain, and you probably satirize her daughter more."
Yao Shangqing didn’t pick up what Bai Yuee meant. She can’t offend anyone now.
At this moment, the Chen family’s second child and two children, Chen Chengcai and Chen Juanjuan, are lying on their beds in the north room. They are all curious about the appearance of this little sister at home, but the uncle and aunt won’t let them go to the house to see their little brother, so they come to see their little sister.
Chen Chengcai wants to stretch out his hand and poke Chen Yuanyuan’s little face. He feels good.
Chen Shaoyuan immediately blocked his hand "Don’t touch my mother said don’t touch"
Chen Chengcai pouted. "Chen Shaoyuan, you are too picky. What’s wrong with my touch? You can also pinch my sister’s face. Let’s change it."
Four-year-old Chen Juanjuan listened to her eldest brother and slowly retracted her head.
Chen Shaoyuan shook his head firmly. "I don’t want my sister to be too young to pinch casually, and I don’t want to pinch her face. Her face is too red."
The faces on both sides of Chen Juanjuan are a little red with cold weather.
When several people were still arguing, Chen Yuanyuan woke up and blinked at several people in the room.
Chen Shaoyuan first squatted in front of her "awake sister woke up"
Chen Shaoer also quickly squeezed past "Brother, I want to see my sister."
Chen Chengcai also lay down in the past Chen Juanjuan followed by.
Chen Shaozhi, who is over one year old, is sitting on the other side playing with broken dolls, which his mother made.
"Sister, you see I am your eldest brother" Chen Shaoyuan said slowly first.
Chen Shaoer followed suit. "I am your second brother."
Chen Chengcai is a little reluctant. Although he is not a brother, he is also a brother. How awesome it is to be a brother. "There is me and me. I am your cousin."
"I’m your sister. You look good." Chen Juanjuan is really aware that this little doll looks good, which is not the same as the younger brother at the aunt’s house. The younger brother cries too much and looks bad.
Chen Chengcai suddenly turned to look at Chen Shaoyuan. "Chen Shaoyuan, I heard from the river that there is a tree at the foot of our village. Are you going to pick it? Come back for my sister to eat. "
Dahe is a little older than them, kid.
Chen Shaoyuan frowned and really thought about this matter. "But Niang said that my sister is too young to eat?"
Chen Chengcai suddenly grimaced at Chen Shaoyuan from the bed. "You are timid and dare not go. You also said that my sister can’t eat eggs when I see my aunt’s brother." Then he ran out. Chen Shaoyuan dared not go. He went to the river and he didn’t play with cowards.
Chen Juanjuan watched his eldest brother go and stayed here for a while, then went to coax Chen Shaozhi to play with dolls.
Chen Shaoyuan looked at his sister in bed and thought about Chen Chengcai dialect. He was not timid. He really felt that his sister was too young.
"Sauer, go and tell your mother that your sister is awake."
Chen Shaoer obediently went out from the house to find his mother.
Chen Shaoyuan put on his shoes and ran out. He was going to visit the place Chen Chengcai said.