Muzi took a slight look at the parting when she spoke, but the other party’s face was rain or shine, which made her unable to see why. However, she had a strange feeling that the other party would not betray Mu’s family.

Just as a few people were preparing to leave, Mu Ziyin saw that he was indifferent and said again, "Isn’t the sword master ready yet?"
A few people were surprised by the sudden dispersal of the whole person. At this time, he sank, "There is a strong enemy miles away near the blink of an eye."
A few people had just arrived here, and suddenly the mouth made the elder Wang Yang laugh. As soon as the irony came out, he heard Muziyin’s urgent way. "There are four people who are good at leaving the wounds, and their breath is hidden. They will soon arrive at those four people, and their breath is evil."
Mu Tu didn’t lose his cool when he suggested, "Why don’t we just rush in and break the miasma, and then we can enter the immortal Sect of Forgetting Dust?"
MuZiYin shook his head. "I’m afraid the newcomers have a strong breath, and at least one of the four people has reached the realm of immortals. The rest of them are the weakest among the immortals, and it is not easy to stop them from getting through this miasma, and it will take some time to break the dust fairy law and protect the mountain. In this way, if the enemy forces the rear to raid, we will inevitably suffer heavy losses."
At this moment, I suddenly said, "The first four people who come here are the second fairies-three people who are distracted by the master, one person who is half a step Xuanzhen, and the weakest person in the middle stage is the late stage of returning to the immortals. I will resist you from breaking through the miasma and breaking the gap in the law to enter the immortal Sect. If you can meet other sects and join hands, this matter will be solved."
When he finished the black-and-white heart sword, it was a cold tunnel. "Are you alone? I’m afraid you are too natural to leave the wounds. "
He responded rudely with such an attitude. "I ask myself if I can pin down the three fairy masters. Even if the fairy chases you three, the Lord will join hands with four enemies. Although the other party is distracted, it is definitely not easy. Do you have any objection?"
Black-and-white heart sword was about to say it again, but he shut up when MuZiYin snorted at himself.
Mu Ziyin nodded slightly at Li Yi’s judo. "We’ll break through the obstacles, so be careful."
Lu Li smell speech indifferent smile did not say much.
Determine the division of labor MuZiYin three of them immediately to their respective condensed protective barrier and rushed into the miasma towards forget dust fairy.
The mountain gate of Forgotten Dust Immortal Sect is this mountain-worrying and mountain-worrying mountain-protecting mountain array is the guardian of Forgotten Dust Immortal Sect’s foundation eye. Although the ancestral gate was destroyed, this large array force is still running, but it doesn’t take too much time for people to control it, so it can break through the corner array and break into it before recovery.
Mu Jia’s support expert department died and worried about the mountain, which made Mu Gu’s master angry and sent a sword fairy to see for himself, which confirmed the news that the immortal Sect of Forgetting Dust was destroyed.
Although the immortal Sect of Forgetting Dust is not a big name, it also belongs to a medium-sized Sect. It is a big loss for Mujia Naiyong Prefecture to be destroyed.
Just a few people didn’t sink into the fog, and soon four figures rushed to the goal of leaving Muziyin and others.
The first person among the people is a monk, who has a murderous look in his eyes. This person is an immortal, the second master, who once fought against the Buddha by the frost fairy at Luohu Lake!
At the beginning, the Tufo didn’t fight Tufo because he strayed into the ancient tomb of the orcs. Besides, at that time, the Tufo was also a master of the fairy, so he was very impressed with this Tufo, although he had heard of it from the same door, but he was also very impressed. There were only three people dressed differently, which seemed to be people in the magic road.
Seeing that there was a purple shadow in the fog, the killing color appeared in the eyes of the Buddha. He immediately said, "I’ll take care of the Muzi sound when you kill this person!"
After saying this, Tufo flashed all over his body and rushed towards the mist. On the other hand, he was motionless and didn’t stop him.
That Tufo also wants to know Muziyin and others as soon as possible, and an immortal monk can leave his eyes to his hands to deal with.
I was very disdainful of the three remaining masters in front of me. One of them, wearing a magic armor, said coldly, "I am a demon and a cold man. I won’t kill celebrities if I sign up!"
This cold man is a mid-term repair of the cream, except for Tufo, which is the strongest among the three. The master of Xuanzhen is a twisted person who seems to be destroyed and generally a little scary
The worst fairy master is a face of disdain. The human eye has a small mouth and a slender waist. It is a male figure, but it gives a sense of yin and yang imbalance. It seems that it has undergone some kind of physical punishment.
Eye situation that Tufo went to chase Muziyin several people are bound to have a fight, and it is a suspense to face the outcome of these three people.
Previously, Lu Li’s mind wave had been released far away, because he was not at ease. Although the news was very secret, he must not be aware of the presence of heterodox masters, and Tufo and others had already been captured by him when they approached the moment.
Then there was a scene that was completely unexpected. The Tufo directly chose to chase and left himself to stop the remaining three people.
In the face of provocation, it is also a flat voice. "Cold Gong has never heard of it. I wonder if it is better than the bodhi old zu on the cliff?"
The cold male’s arrogance was very arrogant. When he heard the name of the deep cliff, he immediately showed horror. What is the connection between the handsome man and the deep cliff? After all, the bodhi old zu of the deep cliff is a terrible master, and even the core elders of Taikoo Gate can’t keep him one-on-one.
Chapter 33 Domineering Xuanyuan
It’s that got male way, "It’s ridiculous for you to admire your family and move out of the name of the bodhi old zu on the cliff. It’s better for you to end this person."