Tang Xiaofeng thought I told you to wait for you. No wonder you stupid woman will be played around by Shi Youtan.

He hee hee tunnel "anyway, I can’t run away. Wait a minute." History of deep and remote agent breast mercilessly touched a god taeniasis and left her.
He looked at Shi Youtan. "Do you want to die?"
Shi Youtan coldly tunnel "think!"
Headache …
Tang Xiaofeng sighed, "My sister and I will die here with you without pity."
History of deep and remote agent, suddenly, a shock method believe eyes staring at him "don’t you …"
Tang Xiaofeng continued to sigh with a wave of his left hand, and the crystal appeared in his palm.
You agent Shi wanted to strangle him … This fool not only stopped her from mutually assured destruction, but also brought her sister’s soul to a place like this?
Tang Xiaofeng threw a few blinding crystals at hand and took a glance at the foot. "I wonder if my sister’s soul will be destroyed if she falls?"
History of deep and remote agent pale bite a tooth … She’s not sure, but ten thousand hijackers are born out of bad luck of heaven and earth, even the innate Yuan God can destroy her, and she dare not try.
Tang Xiaofeng looked at Princess Black Rope and said, "Even if my sister can’t die, she hasn’t got her fairy back yet. If her soul falls into the hands of that evil woman … tut tut tut!"
Detective Shi was furious. "What the hell are you doing?"
Tang Xiaofeng said, "Come with me."
"Are you finished?" scolded Princess Black Rope. A roll of magic gas rushed at them like a raging flame.
Tang Xiaofeng shouted, "Vernacular language leads to abortion", and with a wave of his hand, the immortal sword greeted him with a sharp sword light.
Shi Youtan gnashed her teeth with hate. This little thing has broken her many times. From the past experience, it should be Congren. How did he suddenly become so stupid?
But no matter what, this time she sat by and watched Tang Xiaofeng be killed.
A whirlwind usually accompanies Tang Xiaofeng’s firm but gentle confluence.
Listen to a crashing earthquake, breaking thunder and lightning, magic gas, firm but gentle, and mysterious gas colliding to cut out a series of eddy currents around.
Princess Black Rope’s face changed slightly. She is a high aristocrat in the underworld. Here is the eternal demon Luo Tian. It is her territory. Her strength should blow these two people to death, but I didn’t expect them to carry them abruptly.
On the other hand, the vernacular was also shocked. She naturally knew about the big sister, but how did that guy become so fierce?
However, although the eldest sister and Tang Xiaofeng have withstood the blow of Princess Black Rope, the vernacular also knows that it is almost impossible to defeat Princess Black Rope in the magic Luo Tian, and even if she stays here with Abortion, she can’t care about herself, but she can’t care about Abortion.
So I pulled the abortion and fled.
Princess Black Rope didn’t pay attention to the two little girls who fled quickly. In her angry sight, there were Tang Xiaofeng and Shi Youtan, two men, one who killed her son and the other who almost killed her just now.
Although Monty has a life span of tens of thousands of years, but it has no soul, it can neither live forever nor be reincarnated. Once it dies, it will be gone, and the nobles in Monty will inherit their blood through generation after generation.
The immortal family said that it was abandoning his wife and relatives, abandoning heaven and earth, and participating in Buddhism. It was even more necessary for six monks to cultivate and cut off family ties.
Only monty attaches great importance to his daughter, which is why she refuses to let go of Tang Xiaofeng and the flower gods who killed her son.
Tang Xiaofeng saw that the vernacular had fled with abortion. How much peace of mind came to the vernacular? That girl was so slick that there was no problem when she took abortion, and if she wanted to have abortion around her, she wouldn’t dare to throw abortion to die alone.
Princess Black Rope lashed out at another magic gas crazy volume.
Tang Xiaofeng’s history detective had a hard time resisting her blow just now, and now he dare not hard-connect two diseases to fly around.
How could Princess Black Rope let them go? With the eternal evil that fills the magic Luo Tian, the magic gas is overwhelming and haunts them.
Tang Xiaofeng’s head and feet are magic gas at first glance, and some of them are afraid. He quickly cried to the history of deep and remote agents, "Don’t you have something to go to and from the gray world? Don’t take me away quickly? "
History of deep and remote agent cold tunnel "magic gas here is too heavy for me to do"
Seeing that they are about to be submerged by magic gas, Tang Xiaofeng suddenly turns around and grows a sword. In one fell swoop, he borrows some magic gas and turns it into a blue fireball, which goes towards Princess Black Rope.
Shi Youtan secretly wondered that this guy was not only much worse, but also strange in his sword.