A milky white Guanghua brush body burst wound healed quickly, and the five injuries were getting worse without medicine. A Hao was gently nodding to himself.

It’s amazing to treat the divine skill. Once Zang Bei suddenly got a boost.
One-eyed Hirozo dragged his broken arm back quickly, and the severe pain kept pouring from the broken arm into his mind. Nai andao was finished, and the fighting power was no longer there.
The milky white brilliance brushed over, and the one-eyed Hirozo found himself broken and his arm actually recovered quickly …
Turn to the one-eyed Hao Sanhao and signal to yourself for a moment.
As soon as Zangkang was in a blaze, the shoulder wound shed tears and blood, which was the most bad state.
There is no way to fall into the sea and prepare to put out the fire with the help of seawater.
Sun Hao’s mind brushed off a milky brilliance, and at the same time, the small flame was quietly played to Wan Qian Zangkang.
As soon as Zangkang hasn’t fallen into the sea, Sun Hao’s white light falls, and the big wound on the shoulder bowl begins to be visible to the naked eye, and the speed is restored, and the flame of Longyan is quickly extinguished when he is cold.
As soon as Zangkang’s spirit is shaken and his body is pulled out, he will rise again.
Eye Sun Hao found Sun Hao slightly for himself.
The black dragon was quite surprised.
The opposite Terran is small and strong in healing ability.
The key is to send out a flame attack by yourself and even cure it.
The black dragon felt very strange.
The so-called resurrection, the real resurrection, is that the black dragon is not extinguished, and the black dragon is really inflamed, and it is difficult to extinguish it when it is ignited, even if it is extinguished in the sea.
Now it’s better to be directly cured by Terran Strange Therapy. Have you?
It’s weird. It’s weird
Even Brother Yuan Ying ordered the avatar to treat his own burns, even though it wouldn’t be so easy?
And I don’t know if the black dragon is really phlogistic, but I feel a sense of being peeped. It seems that an unknown person is drooling over himself, and the black dragon is really phlogistic and feels a little bit wrong.
Strangely, the black dragon’s true inflammation didn’t find anything wrong.
If you can’t find it, just ignore it.
There are floating clouds in front of the conspiracy to calculate absolute strength, and one can’t stand the wind.
In one round, five then three people were injured, and the blue country’s magic weapon was damaged, but the dragon boat array lost little.
But at the same time, three injured elixirs were treated by Sun Haoshi, and they almost recovered from their injuries.
The battle seems to have returned to the original point.
However, the hearts of the five then real people are silent, and the battle state shows that the black dragon is too strong, and the five roots are unstoppable.
Looking at each other from afar, their eyes are firm.
Five real people rallied and rubbed themselves and attacked again.
But secretly Sun Hao received five voices almost at the same time, "Aquilaria Resilience"
Sun Hao instantly white
At this time, if Sun Hao retreats the dragon boat, he will certainly not let Sun Hao go crazy.
And five then is bound to intercept the final result, maybe five then will fall on the spot, and his Sun Hao is likely to escape.
At this moment, Sun Hao’s eyes are clear.
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-four Dacheng Mountain
There are heroes, heroes and mortals.
Burn the Xuan clothes and get angry and rush to station troops. The ancient spirit is like a rainbow; The wind and thunder of the lake provoked the beasts to be red; Thousands of clouds set up a sacrificial base; Five heroes in the war between heaven and earth
Sun Hao’s eyes are not calm at this time.
I have read many poems, Sun Hao’s different classics, and I have seen heroes in different historical periods touching the heavens and the earth, and my deeds have also made Sun Hao feel sad.
But no story can make Sun Hao realize the true meaning of a hero as he does today.
Maybe the monk’s world has no top in front of him.
At present, then there is no need to bear the safety of the mainland.
Even if the Dragon Family Dragon Boat Sacrifice succeeds, it will cause a great disaster. Naturally, there will be a tall man to go to the top. Then the monks will not consider so much.
But they came out.
I came out in fear, knowing what would be ahead and what would be waiting for me, and I still came out without hesitation.
At this moment, Sun Hao felt the feeling of facing the hero in his heart.
Maybe they didn’t stop the black dragon in the end, and they couldn’t stop the black dragon and the dragon family from falling into the sea and becoming unknown waves, but at this moment they are already heroes in Sun Hao’s heart.
They let Sun Hao go.
Sun Hao knew that his best choice was to go.
Run away with the blood of Dangkang God.
If you want to take away the blood of the dragon family, the resurrection of the black dragon will never be completed, so all the efforts will be worth it
Sun Hao also knows that once he recedes, the result will be like this.
Yes, it’s true that if you go with the blood of God, you may be rewarded for your efforts, but it is indispensable for the monks to pay.
Five then will definitely fall on the spot unless they are willing to flee far away, and several top ships may be buried in the sea, and they will not escape from the lagoon, let alone the barrier reef.
Look at the top ships and see more than ten thousand monks.
Sun Hao’s heart is like a mountain.
Never Sun Hao felt his shoulder holding up heavy responsibilities.
Sun Hao never thought that his personal practice would be linked with the safety of the mainland.
Sun Hao had a very different feeling for the first time.
It is better to read thousands of books than to go to Wan Li Road.
The best education and the best understanding often come from carelessness.
It is very likely that monks will be able to realize the special cultivation principle from the ordinary person to the shining point.
Five real people have been desperate to kill the dragon boat after the sound.
Sun Hao didn’t go in accordance with the words, but his eyes were clear and he realized something.
Standing in the middle school, Sun Hao looked at the front and looked at the five real people who were afraid to attack the Baiyun altar.
The monks on the deck looked at Sun Hao unblinkingly as if they didn’t want to, and they also had judgments in their hearts.
At this time, they are not sure whether Lord Aquilaria can resist the attack of the Black Dragon. They also think that it is the best choice for Lord Aquilaria to leave at this time.
Is the agarwood adults obviously have no plans to leave.
The mast-erecting agarwood adult gave them a strange feeling at this time.
In my feeling, the agarwood turned into a mountain, and a towering mountain stood tall and steady, making people feel that they could rely on Fengyun.
Yu didn’t want to see a flash of surprise and relief in his eyes.
Sun Haodan Tanaka is quite natural, holding a token engraved with the word "town" in his hand, and Qing Lao also raises his head to look at Sumeru’s tall wooden face and smiles.
With a wave of his wrist, the token fell back to its original position, and a strange expression appeared on his face. He said softly, "Don’t give up?" Always want to run out at the key moment? "
Then the young old man sat cross-legged and reached out for a recruit with a small jade bottle in his hand.
Look at the jade bottle carefully. There was a flash of doubt in the old eyes. I reached for the cork and thought about it. I shook my head and put the jade bottle on the ground.
As soon as his eyes closed, Qing Lao began to meditate.
Breathing for a long time, Create’s wooden face actually shows a faint smile.
Sun Hao’s breathing outside is also profound and long, and his blue and black hair seem to have solidified, but he can’t see the sky.