Miss Liner shook her head. Nowadays, all kinds of people think about money, but there are many people who are crazy. She immediately put the teenager’s words aside as a joke and cleaned up the booth.

In front of this booth, many people are bargaining with the boss, because there are many valuable things on the shelf of this boss. The materials of the fourth-order and fifth-order alchemists are quite a few, and there are many mysterious folk remedies of the alchemists. She just saw a lot of the fifth-order dark magic crystals. The stall owner is also an old man, but each material is very expensive, so she is really willing to buy more people.
Seeing the young man go to the stall next door, the thin old man immediately took the initiative to pull Tang Jun back to discuss it. Tang Jun pretended not to know anything. The thin old man was also nai. Finally, he reduced the price of nine figurines to ten million gold coins. Tang Jun pretended to be tempted to bid two million gold coins. The thin old man was so angry that he would never talk to the young again. Chapter 352 Young Heroes’ English Competition (43)
Tang Jun went to the next door with a white eye, but he was very happy to buy 9 billion things with 10 million gold coins. This time, he really made a fortune, but he didn’t want to pay such a high price. Ordinary people like this can’t see where the baby is, not to mention that two million gold coins are 100 gold coins. He will be impatient if no one wants it.
Although Lin Er’s girl also thinks that the old man in front of her sells it too expensive, she finally decides to buy some for Tang Jun to learn in order to help the teenagers learn the alchemist.
But it’s too expensive. It’s really distressing that teenagers have prepared three copies of four-order alchemy materials and two mysterious folk remedies, and they need more than one million gold coins to pay out this money. But what is she reluctant to part with when she is a teenager?
Tang Jun was also very moved when he knew it. He put Lin Er girl in his arms tightly. Suddenly, he found that the old man was sitting on the bottom of his ass with a big black stone, which looked strange and a familiar smell was released, which made him feel very kind.
He must have felt this smell before, otherwise he wouldn’t feel so familiar in his heart?
Seeing the young man’s eyes, this big black stone turned around. The fine old man immediately got up and patted the big stone when he knew that business was coming. He smiled and said, "This big stone is a jadeite mine that has flowed from my old ancestors for at least 3,000 years. This time, I specially put it out for auction in the hope of selling it at a good price. If I want to be old, I can sell it to you at a lower price."
Immediately, many girls laughed and sat on a broken stone as a stool or did some ancestors come? If it’s really an ancestor, will the old man be willing to take it as a stool? Stupid people know that this old man is stupid?
"Emerald Stone Mine"
Tang Jun exclaimed that his face changed greatly, but his face immediately showed surprise. His heart was already jumpy. When he heard the old man’s words, he immediately thought of Miss Li, who was more precious than the colorful jade snake. Now he can be sure that there is at least one colorful jade snake in it. A colorful jade snake in their fairy land is worth 50 million gold coins, and it is a priceless jade king. It is also the second baby in the "Jade List". But it is really luxurious for the old man to be seated in front of him.
In fact, this jadeite mine belongs to the old man. A relative who specializes in jadeite business owes him 500,000 gold coins, but the family ruined his family and left a pair of children to pay off his debts, so he gave him the only big stone left at home to pay off his debts. The old man was so angry that he couldn’t eat for several days. Everyone knew that there must be a glistening big stone inside, even ten gold coins were not wanted, but he lost 500,000 gold coins in vain. Moreover, he was also a master of honour. He once tried to detect it once, and there was nothing but glistening stones in it,
The old man looks a little ugly at the thought of this, but this time he deliberately put this big stone here in the hope of killing a fool and selling it for thousands of gold coins every day. At this time, he regrets that he shouldn’t sit on this big stone as a stool. Who doesn’t know that this stone is fake jade?
"Can I touch this stone?" Tang Jun looked at the old man with a curious face on purpose.
"Of course."
The old man is happy to spend money in his heart. A 14-or 15-year-old boy must be a rich boy. This kind of boy had better cheat. Today, he may actually be able to sell this big stone with heartache for many years for a good price.
Tang Jun went to the side of the big stone and stretched out his little hand to gently touch it. At the same time, he let out a little idea to detect something strange. There are glistening stones all over his face. Where is there any jade?
How is that possible? He sensed the smell of "colorful jade snake". Was he wrong? Moreover, when he noticed the "colorful jade snake" next to this big stone, he felt very clearly that it seemed to be very scary. I’m afraid there was more than one "colorful jade snake"
Is that weird? What the hell is going on here? Tang Jun can’t help but frown.
Lin Er, a girl, saw the boy frown and went over. She held out her little white hand and pressed the big stone face to convey a little idea. She detected something. There was nothing inside, but a piece of glistening jade, which was obviously worthless.
Miss Liner couldn’t help smiling. "Juner, let’s go. There’s nothing in here. Don’t worry about it?"
But Tang Jun didn’t seem to hear Liner’s words. Kneeling beside the big stone, he stroked the big stone and thought about something. Suddenly, he had a flash of light in his mind and thought of a very important thing. No ordinary person can detect any baby who reaches the extreme level. Only those with special physique can sense that there is an extremely emerald king in this big stone in front of him. Is it a mind that can be detected?
With this in mind, Tang Jun immediately quietly called out a new gas from the body, wrapped in a little idea, and entered the big stone in front of him.
It was full of glistening stones, but when the new gas entered the middle, Tang Jun was still surprised. His heart was pounding, but he pretended to be disappointed and went back to Liner and shook his head at her.
The old man was just pleasantly surprised-he was pale and knew that there was no hope. The big stone could not be sold.
But Tang Jun almost fell down and snuggled up to Lin Er, the girl’s body and arms around her waist, which made her blush, and everyone whistled loudly next to her.
Tang Jun put his head in Liner’s arms, his back was hot and sweaty, and his heart was pounding. Oh, my God. What kind of jadeite is this? In the middle part, there are not only "colorful jade snakes", but also more than one, at least hundreds of such precious treasures worth tens of billions, but the old man took them as stools? If the old man finds out, I’m afraid he’ll be killed?
Although I know that this big stone in front of me is valuable, Tang Jun dare not show it. Once the old man knows it, don’t say that he can’t afford the old man and won’t sell it to him. Chapter three hundred and fifty-three Young Heroes (44)
Just next to the thin old man has been winking at him, Tang Jun pulled Lin Er girl straight back to the thin old man, and both sides quietly bargained for such a high price. Naturally, both of them didn’t want to let others know that after some bargaining, the old man finally lowered the price to six million gold coins and refused to sell it. Tang Jun knew that it was almost the same, so he nodded and agreed to clinch a deal and took out a large stack of silver tickets from Najie.