I was just about to ask him what he was lying when Lin Muxia interrupted me. "I’ll take Mr. Pei to the hospital later. Ling Yu, you take Yang Bin to the city bureau." She leaned over to Jiang Tao and said, "Jiang Team really bothered you today. Go back and rest early when you rest. You have to be on duty at night."

Her words are supercilious, but with a little scrutiny, she can alienate Jiang Tao.
Jiang Tao awkward silence for dozens of seconds suddenly laughed, "well, I’ll go back first and call me when you are busy."
After he left, I looked at Lin Muxia puzzled. "Why didn’t you let me ask a clear question just now?"
"There are some things that we know, but it’s not time for war." Lin Muxia squatted on one knee and tugged at Yang Bin’s sleeve. She said something. "You just don’t want to repeat the Yang Yan explosion when you take Yang Bin to the city bureau alone."
I looked down at Yang Bin’s arm and actually had the same tattoo as his brother, with the letter "D" tattooed on it, which was as red as a cuckoo crying blood.
Chapter one thousand and twenty-three Quiet before the storm
Xiao Xiao asked for a glass of water, so I went to pour it for her. She seemed to be very thirsty. She drank it after two or three mouthfuls and said, "At that time, the professor was in a bad state of mind and spent all his savings day and night." She paused. "The sick wife likes Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and the robot cat, but she didn’t spend all her money. When the professor stole it, he would steal it home every now and then, and a wife lied to buy it."
"Did Mao Bu go out of business and move to Fan Yong, the capital?" Lin Muxia asked softly.
Xiao Xiao nodded. "When the shopkeeper noticed the abnormality, the professor came to steal the doll and caught him red-handed. The shopkeeper tied the professor up and carved the word thief on his cheek, which made the professor ashamed and almost crazy. Since then, the professor has worn a mask all the year round. My brother has made the professor feel better, less lonely and learn to wear a mask."
My mind flashed that night, when our members were out squatting in Dongwang Street, a mask man acted as an urban bomber and asked, "Did Brother blow himself up a few days ago?"
"The execution failed. When he acted, you found out that the professor pressed the remote control to explode." Xiao Xiao bluntly said, "My brother is a professor’s wife who loves him as if he were her own child." She looked at me puzzled. "What did you keep before the meeting that night?"
I honestly said, "We are going to find the star picker."
"Star-picker, that’s Houchengfeng Store." Xiaoxiao’s eyes were full of incomprehension.
"The store has been abandoned for a long time. Hou Chengfeng hasn’t come back since he set up the pharmaceutical factory. The star picker doesn’t know how to live in it." Lin Muxia looked at her piteously and shook his head. "If it weren’t for your brother’s bomb, it would have blown up the star picker’s baby pimple. He wouldn’t be an urban blaster."
"Ha ha" Xiao Xiao sighed and went on to say, "The professor went crazy after his face was carved with a thief, and even dreamed of killing the plush doll shop owner. Once, the professor sneaked into his house at night and almost killed the other party, which made the shopkeeper fear and the family moved away, but they underestimated the teacher’s almost paranoid self-esteem and even dreamed of killing the owner’s family. What happened was the doll hiding incident on Children’s Day on June 1."
I’m a little confused. "Fan Yong killed Mr. and Mrs. Mao Shi. Why did he rent that store and kill fluffy?"
"fluffy" she frowned.
Lin Muxia woke up and said, "It’s the murdered couple’s child."
"Oh ~ that kid," Xiao Xiao suddenly realized, "Because the owner’s professor’s face was engraved to achieve the goal of humiliation, he inspired the dark side of the professor’s heart, but after killing the owner and his wife, he got the owner and his wife with more than 400,000 cash. With the money, the professor’s Qiu Gen has been eliminated, and his life has become better and his spirit has returned to normal. However, because of revenge, the owner and his wife’s children have been alone since then, and they feel guilty about everything they have done. Once, the professor happened to pass by the street and
Tears hung on her face. "This is the end of the nightmare. At this time, the professor’s wife’s viscera shrank. He had to stop the drug production. He sold his house and took his wife abroad for medical treatment. When his condition was stable for a while, his wife’s condition was better. Many professors showed the medicine to foreign experts. Experts said that this was the best time for this medicine, which would make his wife’s blood disease gradually improve, but once it was done, he could not stop taking the medicine."
"Did his wife finally get well?"
"Almost good," sobbed Xiao Xiao. "The professor’s life was too bitter. When he went abroad, he took a small amount of medicine with him, which made his wife get better as soon as possible. He gave the medicine to the nurse and told him to give it to his wife every day. Then he went back to Tiannan alone, and his wife returned abroad. The professor was going to spend all his time making medicine, but when he returned to that store, he found that the store had changed hands and hung up. Professor Hou Chengfeng wanted to get the prescription back, but he was repeatedly rejected."
"Then Fan Yong killed fluffy and wanted Hou Chengfeng to have bad feng shui here." I was surprised that the process was so tortuous.
Xiao Xiao’s tears welled up in her eyes. "The professor killed the child in the store in the same way, but where did Hou Chengfeng believe this outbreak? If he believed it, he wouldn’t have caught the wrong way. As I said, the professor and Hou Chengfeng reached an agreement on the prescription and gave it to Hou Chengfeng to install a bomb while the other party was drunk, which threatened to compensate the professor after the production of drugs such as Hou Chengfeng."
No wonder Zhu Yehong said that Hou Chengfeng had a strong sense of prevention and had never been drunk. It seems that he was bitten by a snake for ten years and was afraid of straw rope. How dare he get drunk again when the hangover was bombed?
"In this way, the drug will not be mass-produced." Lin Muxia was a little confused. "In the end, his wife died."
"Because Hou Chengfeng was reduced to a large number of drugs given to the professor without highly burning ashes, the conversion rate of efficacy became low. After the professor returned with drugs, his wife’s condition not only did not improve, but worsened." Xiao Xiao clenched his fist and couldn’t wait to skin Hou Chengfeng alive. "Professor Nai returned to Tiannan again to question Hou Chengfeng, but the other party wanted the professor to dismantle the body bomb and then give him a batch of high-quality drugs that had been hidden for a long time. He knew that Hou Chengfeng was ashamed and had no choice but to believe, so he made a deal with a female underworld."
Xiao Xiao said that the female underworld must be bamboo leaves red.
"Alas, it still failed, and the female underworld failed to find out the location of the hidden drugs from Hou Chengfeng." She empathized and said, "The professor is facing losing his mind again. Fortunately, my brother and I persuaded him to come back and discuss it, and gave him an idea to approach Hou Chengfeng’s wife."
At some point Xiao Xiao cried and became a crybaby. Lin Muxia handed her a pack of paper towels and suspended the trial. She wanted to wait until her mood recovered before she crossed the handsome fork.
However, Xiao Xiao insisted on refusing to choke. "After the professor and Hou Chengfeng’s wife became lovers, they got each other’s place to hide medicines. He personally went to the last professor and succeeded in going abroad with the medicines he found. It’s a pity that everything was too late. His wife was hanging on her breath and died when he came back. The professor swore when her wife fell in love that she would be alone as a grave keeper for three years."
"Still dead" I shook my head and sighed. Most vicious criminals often hide sad stories behind them. Even the urban bomber who has done so many murders is no exception.
Suddenly Xiao Xiao said with a malicious voice covering her heart, "The professor wants a love that can last forever. What is so difficult?" We can see that she loves the professor and goes deep into the bone marrow, otherwise she will not be heartbroken by Fan Yong.
"Fan Yong appeared in the prescription." Lin Muxia sighed that she was ready to end the trial with many details and doubts. She had already told the whole story. At this time, the most important thing was the foothold of the urban blaster.
"I don’t know what the professor said that he would take me away from Tiannan City today. When we decided to stop, you just held on to Tianjue Temple to block us." Xiao Xiao was so angry that he was unwilling to growl. "I waited so long that the love horse close at hand could fly away with the professor for the rest of my life. What Ling Yu told me?"
Her emotions are out of control.
We didn’t say anything sarcastic. After all, she was sad and desperate. We felt something. The interrogation room fell silent. After about an hour, Xiao Xiao calmed her emotions. I stared at her with mixed feelings. She asked Lin Muxia to sort out the transcripts and clues. She called the detention center and asked them to send a car to take people away.
When the detainees arrived, it was already dark. Lin Muxia took out the shielding instrument prepared in advance and charged some related matters. He repeatedly stressed that Xiao Xiao should be taken alone.
In this way, Xiao Xiao will be taken away to wait for her. It is a court trial, which means that the lowest crime she has committed is imprisonment. Then she will bear the darkness in prison.
Xiao Xiaolin suddenly turned around and stopped me before being taken with the car. "Can Ling Yu come here?"
Lin Muxia asked me not to go over there. What’s the plot? I shook my head and chose the letter Xiao Xiao. Her sex is not bad. Xiao Xiao raised her handcuffed hands and begged, "Can you help me hit it for a minute?"
"This" I hesitated.
Xiao Xiao looked me in the eye. "Ling Yu, can I have a minute? Just give me a minute." Her wrist wound seemed to crack and ooze mottled blood.
My heart softened, I took out my key and opened the handcuffs.
Handcuffs should slide and fall on the ground. Xiao Xiao, a buddy of two detention centers, is my old lover. They are afraid of what will happen next. They just don’t turn their heads and leave them to us.
"The best memory of that period" Xiao Xiao smiled at her pouting baby fat face, reached out and put her hand on my neck, gently dug five or six, and then slowly squeezed my hand and gave me a deep look at my micro-oily nose "Don’t be my childhood"
Chapter one thousand and twenty-four Nirvana flower
The alarm roared.
I got up and looked at three police cars. It seems that the boss attaches great importance to this case.
This area belongs to the area under the jurisdiction of Chengbei Branch. They saw the police car, and the division of labor after the field car really quickly pulled up the cordon. Four or five people were responsible for evacuating the crowd just three times inside and three times outside. Of course, some people stopped in the distance to watch.
This group of policemen appeared to be the leader and came over and asked the young woman a few questions. As a result, the young woman didn’t respond like me, and he turned his attention to me, "What are you and the victim?"
I explained, "I’m a policeman, too. I happened to meet this."
He said, "Excuse me, please show me your police ID." Then he looked at the scene of the car. The policeman turned his back and vomited. Fortunately, it was two steps away from the car, otherwise it would destroy the clue.
Alas, even I am worse.
Forensic doctors and Identification Bureau people are professional and frowned slightly, so they calmly put on masks and gloves to collect evidence.
I scratched my head and waited patiently for the police chief to vomit. I was embarrassed and said, "I have been punished and my police card has been handed over for a month."
The child cried violently, and the police chief looked at me suspiciously and hugged the baby. I didn’t believe me. I added, "If you don’t believe me, call the traffic police brigade."
He went to one side, took out his cell phone and dialed it. After two minutes, he came back. "What’s more, you have nothing to do here."