However, the income will be much higher. After all, urban areas are relics and Lunatone is the best place to produce. You’d better all cheer up.

The profit of the pioneer’s war is 1%. At the same time, I found that I should know whether I understand it or not. "
"Yes" everyone should say.
Xu Le recorded the information in the revenue of the pioneers, and he was even more concerned.
"Do you want to pay attention to the best relic production area?"
When we got to the 53rd block, we bumped in an armored car. Xu Le was stupefied and Wang Shu touched him.
"Almost there. What’s the matter with you?"
"Nothing, nothing."
Xu Le looked at the scenery outside the window and was a little absent …
The architectural style of lighthouse has changed a lot, but the main aspect is steam equipment, the main technology and a large number of defensive builders.
But the immediate area is more like the building of his previous life.
There are no exaggerated tall buildings, but they already have some modern flavor.
This should be a town.
A heavy bump stopped the steam armored vehicle.
After getting on the bus, Xu Le saw the railway and several broken traffic lights
"What kind of era does the third era belong to? Similar to the previous life for about 2 years? "
No one can give Xu Le an answer. Lighthouse history is rare, and most of the history classes are praise for the sages of lighthouses.
Most people have a vague concept about the pre-Quaternary era.
If you want to check the real history, I’m afraid you have to go to the historic Red Crescent Temple.
"Prepare the car" Wang Shu patted Xu Le.
"Oh, good"
Xu Le did not hesitate to take the mechanical stick and followed the main members of the car
Bai Jing took out a device similar to a camera bracket.
It should be some kind of coordinate thing.
"The current area B-2-53 here is our coordinates.
Today, we are developing the area, cleaning up the unknown risk areas in the area, and there may be strange levels of polluters.
According to the size of the region, the action efficiency group will be divided into three groups, and each group will have a level 3 transcendent.
Gu Beichen, Wang Shu, Zhou Mo, and the first team take the first street.
I, Wang Xu Laogan Team 1, take the second street.
Old Niu Li Shunliu Xu Le No.1 Team takes the third street.
Gu Beichen has no problem in calculating level 3 combat power, right? "
Gu Beichen immediately held his head high when he heard that.
"Of course no problem."
Xu Le followed nodded. He really wanted to be with Bai Jing or Wang Shu.
However, Bai Jing’s grouping is not unreasonable
Each team has a warlock and two fighters, which greatly balances the team attributes and is indeed the most reasonable allocation method.
"The wild must remember two things.
First, don’t be greedy. Greed can kill all of you.
Second, don’t be afraid. Is fear all weird food white?
We have to spend less than one night in the dangerous area for 4 hours.
Today’s goal is the three streets in front of us.
We need area 53 before later. Is this position white? "
Bai Jing took out a simple map, and she pointed out a corner where three streets meet.
This should be where they got together late.
"Everyone receives the throwing weapon, the medicine, the heart energy neutralizer and the odor masking agent, and the action is dissolved immediately."
"Yes" everyone should
Chapter 66 More relics of Pingqi ancient sound
The team Bai Jing waved to NiuYuan and Xu Le again.
"Old cow Xu Le is a newcomer. Look at him."
Bai Jing specially told a cow far away. This strong man patted Xu Le’s shoulder with great strength, which made Xu Le almost unable to eat.
"Don’t worry, I will treat him as my lover."
Lover? Xu Le looked at NiuYuan figure and confident smile chrysanthemum suddenly a tight.
Bai Jing nodded and looked at Xu Le.
"Xu Le, come here."
"ah? Good "
Xu Le honestly walked beside Bai Jing was Bai Jing to ear fine said.
"Xu Le, you should be careful yourself. You are a smart person and you are also very capable. The way of speaking is relatively simple.
Don’t like a few of them to coax to come, especially Gu Beichen that guy’s brain is always turning around.
In the wild, if you encounter a method to deal with and explain the situation, you can decide for yourself.