Chapter five hundred and fourteen Temple shots

The mighty river slowly disappeared. Zhao Xinyue reached out a recruit, a jet, and angel heart flew down and fell into the white palm of Zhao Xinyue’s hand. angel heart also trembled slightly, and his great strength wanted to break free from the shackles of the jade hand.
Zhao Xinyue jade hand gently hold the whole angel suddenly disappeared and looked up at the whirlpool. The hand wrote a’ seal’ in the pen.
The word’ feng’ flies towards the vortex and becomes bigger and bigger on the way, covering the whole vortex to form a light film vortex. Inside the vortex, the abyss evil flies out and hits the light film, and all the ashes bang and bang, and none of them can flush the light film.
Zhao Xinyue let go and said softly, "Let’s go!"
The old cow stepped towards the front and disappeared in a few flashes. The Shi Mao forest was left in a mess, and the ground was counted as a dying abyss.
A few months later, the cold winter came, and the situation in the whole world was as severe as this cold winter. The temples completely controlled the distribution of giant cities all over the world, and the temples of ordinary people protected and migrated to form one gathering place after another. The fields around the world were dotted with stars, and the abyss was full of evil.
Although the whole battlefield situation is grim, it is completely different from the abyss’s expectation. Because the gods of heaven, earth and hell intervened, the Terran did not collapse as expected, but showed extraordinary resilience and made the whole battlefield deadlocked.
The city of God of War used to be a small town, but now it has developed into a gathering place. Although everything is still very simple, there are several temples that are not afraid of ordinary evils.
On this morning, thousands of people spontaneously went out of their homes and went to the nearby places to kneel down and pray, "The great pentapolar god of war, I would like to beg for you on behalf of all beings in the world!"
Five temples on the top floor of the temple looked at the pilgrims kneeling outside.
An old man sighed and said, "will the gods really come?"
A middle-aged man with gray hair next to him nodded firmly and said, "It is our only hope that all beings will pray for the arrival of the gods."
Boom ~
There was a slight earthquake in the sky, and a statue of a floodlit door emerged. A statue of an angel with two wings flew out of the door, followed by many people. The orientals were all practitioners from Yu Jucheng.
The white wings of the two-wing angel stand in the middle, and the little white light is particularly sacred.
The five temples suddenly looked up at the ambassador every day.
The old man said solemnly, "It’s the temple that doesn’t come well!"
A middle-aged temple also said solemnly, "Is the temple going to make a move after all?"
City people are also up some trepidation looked at many practitioners day.
Angels on the two wings looked down at the vast and indifferent city, and the pitch sounded, "I will honor God and God will give you light."
Five figures approached the top floor window and looked at all the people outside.
A young temple said coldly, "We have our own gods and we don’t need your gods to protect us."
The angels on the two wings said coldly, "All evil spirits and heresies need to be purified!"
In this battle, it is inevitable that five temples will sing in the previous step, saying, "The ten worlds are empty, and the Antarctic God of War (the Arctic God of War, the East Pole God of War, the West Pole God of War, the Middle Pole God of War) is welcome!"
Five people bloomed at the same time, forming five dark golden beams of divine power, and five stalwart figures in armor emerged, then narrowed down and merged into five temples.
An angel’s eyes on the two wings burst into murder and said, "Evil spirits kill!"
Dozens of practitioners behind him rushed toward the surface. "
Pentaphyllus God of War "rises into the sky at the same time."
Booming ~ As soon as Gao Zhan fought the Pentagonal God of War, he fell into the wind. Before he came to the Temple, he knew the strength of the Pentagonal God of War very well and sent practitioners to stabilize the Pentagonal God of War.
A moment later, a figure in armor fell from the sky, and a house fell down with a bang, and the people around him fled in panic.
Several figures rushed straight at the ruins and were in full bloom.
The "Antarctic God of War" has been targeted at him. All four God of War are impatient, but at the moment, they are entangled and can help.
Boom ~
A golden light rose from the ruins and attacked and killed everyone, who was hit by the golden light and flew back with a bang.
Step by step, a figure shrouded in hazy golden light walked out of the ruins.
"will die"
The city broke into a burst of sadness and shouted, and more than four ares turned their heads. It seems that a decisive feeling has emerged in their hearts.
The great sound of the city rang out, "I dedicate myself to the gods and my soul is extremely sublimated!"
Boom ~ golden light, golden flame burning, mighty power distorting everything around.
Wings angel eyes suddenly a clot is not good! With a flutter of his wings, he rushed towards the "Antarctic God of War".
Burning with golden flame, the "Antarctic God of War" stepped out of the blink of an eye and flew back to a swordsman. A golden sword wielded by a powerful swordsman could not stop the snow ~ blood splashed a head flying high.
A bright white sword light fell from the sky, approaching the "Antarctic God of War"