"You guessed right, those dumpling crocodiles are really my monster beast, but you are so lucky that I was saved by this guy." Yunzhi Lu also simply admitted that those dumpling crocodiles planned it himself.

"Why do you want to do this? I think Yaoguangfeng is also good for you. I defend you everywhere. What do you want to do to my hand?" Li Ling is sullen, but his fists clenched his nails and he almost scratched his palm.
"Nothing? I just don’t like you. You don’t have a good qualification. What master is so partial to you? Besides, I don’t need his reason to kill you. It was I who killed Xuanji’s immortal master in this ancient land. "Liu Yunzhi’s mouth shut."
"You admit it simply. It seems that I trusted you by mistake." Li Ling turned away. She felt that she was strong enough, but she still felt sad and had the urge to cry when she recognized her sister’s betrayal.
"Yun-zhi lu, I ask you, today, we met a cloud sea immortal who blocked the road. They know our situation so thoroughly. Did you tip off the cloud sea immortal?" Xu Ren has always had doubts in his heart. After Li Ling asked, he also wanted to solve his doubts.
"You’re not stupid, of course, you’re not stupid. If it weren’t for you, I could not only kill Li Ling, but also walk away and take risks here." Aunt Lu Yunzhi was really unlucky when she met Xu Ren with some complications.
"Then I’ll ask you how you got in touch with the younger brother of Yunhai Xianmen. After we entered the Taikoo Secret, we were all sent to different places. It was difficult to get together, but Yunhai Xianmen was able to gather so many people to stop them here. What did they do?" Xu Ren frowned. This is the question he wants to ask most.
"It’s very simple that they all have a special message in their hands, which connects them to each other, so that they can find each other quickly after entering Taikoo’s land. Of course, although this kind of thing has advantages and disadvantages, it can make them get together quickly, but once something happens, it is easier for the army to be wiped out." Lu Yunzhi seems to have no good temper towards the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds, not only saying all the means of the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds, but also saying all the hidden weaknesses of that means.
"You seem to have dissatisfaction with the sea of clouds fairy gate? ?” Xu Ren is also curious about Lu Yunzhi, who seems to be contradictory everywhere. He is also hostile to the fairy gate of the sea of clouds, but I am afraid it is rare to see such people working for the fairy gate of the sea of clouds.
"Which fairy gate is not a good thing? Who has less bloody hands? Are your hands less bloody? So many people died in Yunshan, and you didn’t also participate. "Lu Yunzhi looked at Xu Ren’s eyes and hated it very much but it was quite complicated.
"Do you know who I am? So! ….. "Xu Renyin gloomy, he didn’t expect to shake the light peak brother Yunzhi Lu to know his past. Of course, he is now more suspicious of Yunzhi Lu’s identity.
"Afraid of? I’m afraid I’ll tell you who you are and let that Miss Du come to you to confront her. Now she’s training, and it’s estimated that even the three heavenly heroes of Yunhai Xianmen can’t stand her. Isn’t it easy for him to deal with you? " Lu Yunzhi kept a close eye on Xu Ren and saw Xu Ren’s eyes panic.
"Your name is Lu Yunzhi, and Piao Yunshan Mountain calls Lu Sanshan. He also has a son named Lu Xin. Are you also a member of the Lujia family in Piao Yunshan?" Xu Ren eyes didn’t panic even Du Qiyan now come to him? Although it is not ready yet, are you afraid of Du Qiyan? Of course it’s impossible. Xu Ren is not afraid.
"Ha-ha, this can remind you that it seems that it is not wrong for Piaoyun Mountain to lose. I have long advised them that the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds is not a good thing. Unfortunately, they don’t believe that stupid thing at the expense of me. Why are you people better off than me?" Lu Yunzhi’s mood seems to be out of control.
"It’s no problem that you are a Lu family and want to seek revenge from me, but it’s a fact that the fairy gate of the sea of clouds cultivates The Hunger’s work. In addition, I didn’t kill Lu Xin. According to my estimation, he may have been taken away by your elder, so I don’t know whether to live or die." Xu Ren sighed slightly. Of course, this female Lu Yunzhi is also a poor person. Of course, he won’t let her go because the other party looks at her pitifully. Now that he knows everything he wants to ask, there is nothing to ask about how Lu Yunzhi handles it.
"Xu Ren, you really don’t worry that I didn’t reveal your identity to them. Although I don’t know anything, I finally have a feeling that you will definitely create a big trouble for the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds and kill that person!" After Xu Ren handed over Yunzhi Lu to Yang Qing, he turned around and said to Xu Ren.
Xu Ren didn’t look back or ask what Lu Yunzhi had experienced and what he would say to himself. He didn’t even say anything, not even walking.
"Now is the secret experience, I won’t kill you. You will wait until you go out and hand it over to Zongmen Law Enforcement Hall to investigate." Yang Qing took over Lu Yunzhi from Xu Ren, but he didn’t decide privately that it was better to hand it over to Xianmen Law Enforcement Hall to deal with spies like Lu Yunzhi.
"Brother Yang is not so troublesome." Lu Yunzhi glanced at Yang Qing’s eyes, and then her face became extremely pale and bloody, but the corners of her mouth overflowed with dark red blood.
"Sister Lu, it’s hard for you. Even if you get to the law enforcement hall, you may not die." Yang Qing’s frown became a knot in one’s heart. No matter how Lu Yunzhi made mistakes, it was also the same place where his brother and sister lived. Yang Qing still felt sorry for Lu Yunzhi’s choice.
"Brother Yang, I know that you have always liked Sister Li, but you don’t know the truth. I like you, too. I know that I don’t deserve you because I’m not simple. I hate many people who hate my father and hate him. The harmful The Hunger work gave me to that person. I hate that person even more. She made me lose everything and had to obey his arrangement to enter Xuanji Xianmen, but fortunately I met my brother here, but I also know that this is my luck and my misfortune. I desperately want to be simple. I can hide it from others. How can I wait until? When I’m alone, I still feel that I’m not pure. I’m covered in dirt and smell disgusting. I’m afraid that you will smell my disgusting smell. I can stay with Sister Li Ling. Because of that, you will always cast more eyes on me. Although I know you are looking at Sister Li, I still feel very satisfied. "Lu Yunzhi’s voice is getting weaker and weaker, but everyone in the audience is dumbfounded.
Yang Qing’s face flashed a trace of embarrassment and discomfort.
Although a man is not as delicate as a woman, he can still feel that someone has a good impression on him, but he deliberately pretends not to know because there is already another person living in his heart.
Chapter three hundred and forty HaoBi
Some things may not have the courage to say until they die. Some people are doomed to be inaccessible all their lives, while some people who miss them are doomed to turn back all their lives.
Although Lu Yunzhi is young, she has experienced many things. For example, her father made a copy of The Hunger Kung Fu and sold her directly to a person who made her sick. Another example is that the person who makes her sick has not cherished her and asked her to do more dangerous things; Another example is that she has a light in her heart, but she always feels that she is full of shadows, so she dare not go near the light that makes her yearn for it. She can crouch behind others and be the figure that secretly looks at the light that makes her yearn for it.
She had a chance to kill Li Ling directly, but that was because she hesitated, because she knew that Li Ling had lived in the light she longed for, and she was afraid that if Li Ling died, the light that made her yearn for would go out with it.
Yang Qing also don’t know what to say at this time is to let Yunzhi lu lie in his arms and his eyes have stayed Yunzhi lu face at the moment.
Lu Yunzhi suddenly smiled, neither naughty nor bitter. That smile seemed to be relaxed after putting a burden on her heart.
"Brother Yang, I’ve been looking forward to one day being able to lie in your arms. You look at me and I look at you. You have me in your eyes and I’m no longer hiding in the shadows. I always thought it was an extravagant hope. I didn’t even dare to dream such a dream. I didn’t expect it to become a real brother Yang today. Your arms are so warm …" Lu Yunzhi slowly closed his eyes and his voice became smaller and smaller, but his smile did not disappear.
Yang Qing knew that Lu Yunzhi was dead, but he didn’t get up. Instead, he took out a set of robes from the ring and wrapped Lu Yunzhi’s body.
Now that people are dead, it doesn’t matter if they can’t go back to Xuanji Xianmen. For Lu Yunzhi, perhaps this strange and ancient land is the most suitable place for her.
Yang Qing dug a pit in situ and built a grave by Lu Yunzhi himself, but there was no monument, because he felt that Lu Yunzhi should not want anyone to know that she was buried here.
When Li Ling looked at Yang Qing again, her eyes were a little more complicated. She knew that Yang Qing had been very kind to her, but she didn’t think about it in other ways. Now she doesn’t know what to do. Maybe it is best to leave everything to her.
Yang Qing didn’t feel embarrassed. Of course, his heart is quite complicated. It is definitely impossible to say that his heart has not touched Lu Yunzhi. The last moment of Lu Yunzhi’s life shows his true feelings. I am afraid that Yang Qing will never forget it in this life. But if Yang Qing has Lu Yunzhi in his heart, it is impossible. After all, Li Ling has already reached his heart first. After a long time, Yang Qing will definitely have other companions even if Li Ling passes by.
These things seem cruel, but in fact this is a point in life.
Of course, this point means something different to everyone.
For Lu Yunzhi, this is the end of her life, but it is the brightest moment in her life. Her life is full of darkness, but this moment is only because she is the glamorous protagonist of her own life and is no longer a supporting role in others’ lives. Everyone is powerful. Lu Yunzhi, the leading role in adult life, has achieved her without regrets.
For Yang Qing, Lu Yunzhi’s last words must have touched him. He will remember Lu Yunzhi, but this is an episode in his life. Lu Yunzhi’s feelings are right, and his feelings are right. He will still have Li Ling in his heart, and Lu Yunzhi is also an episode in his life.
This is the reality. You don’t like it or not, but you can’t control it.
Xu Ren’s point of view is that Lu Yunzhi did something wrong. Lu Yunzhi’s point of view is that everything is torture.
Yang Qingshi should thank Lu Yunzhi, not Lu Yunzhi. He may not be able to express his feelings to Li Ling in his life.
Man is a very complicated life. Lu Yunzhi wants to live simply. Many people want to live simply, but who is simple in reality? If it is really simple, it may no longer be a person.
After burying Lu Yunzhi’s Xuanji Xianmen and Yuehua Xianmen, they have to continue to go to Xiling Pool, which is the most important thing for their trip to Taikoo.
On the way to Xiling Pool, they met several Xuanji Xianmen and Yuehua Xianmen, both of whom should be relatively close when they were sent into Taikoo Land.
The more people there are, the greater the action potential will be, and of course it will attract some more powerful monsters.
Because more people act together, it is likely to be recognized as a social monster.
The monster beast living in groups can indeed pose a threat to some powerful individuals, but on the other hand, it is easy for powerful monsters to think that the other side is not strong enough to be the best hunting target.
On this day, Xu Renzheng followed the team on his way, but he felt a fierce red wind.
Then a monster appeared, shaped like a hill.
This guy is covered with thorns and looks like an enlarged porcupine.
"This is Hao Hao. Watch out for it, backstab!" Yang Qing, the highest strength of all the practitioners, is not the first time that he has entered the Taigu Mysterious Land, and he also knows a lot about the monster beast in the Mysterious Land. This monster beast called Haobi has encountered not only a huge body but also spikes, which is even more difficult to prevent.