While kowtowing to Weizheng, he begged for mercy. "Please forgive me … These are all things that Wang Shoubei’s adult asked Beizhi to do Beizhi. It was obedient and most of the silver was sold to Wang Shoubei’s humble job at ordinary times. A small part of it was given to Wang Shoubei’s humble job … Beizhi is willing to take out all the silver that has been embezzled over the years and pay it to the company commanders …"

Wei Zheng looked at Qian Zong with a cold face and said, "A small amount of silver can buy such a big house. It seems that it is very profitable to resell armaments … Now I finally know that there is no decent armor in such a large military arsenal of Datong Prefecture. It turned out that it was eaten by you moths …"
Speaking of which, a trace of murderous look quickly appeared on Weizheng’s face and then he continued to kowtow in front of his eyes. Mr. Zhang Qian always said, "I don’t want to let you go, but a few white craftsmen in the artisan camp won’t let me let you go. Let these craftsmen return to their homes and work for the Tiger and Leopard Army. I have to give them your head as a gift."
Then directly to Kelly Y Zhou ordered, "General Zhou pulled him out and cut him down … In front of Zhang Fu, the proceeds were confiscated according to the rules and handed over to the artisan camp to act as a spokesperson for Zhang Fu. I still have a lot to understand."
"Adult forgive adult forgive ….."
As Zhang Qian begged for mercy, Zhang Fu came to an abrupt end. Teams of butch soldiers also began to rush into Zhang Fu under the command of their own corporal and began to raid …
At this time, an old blacksmith with a thin figure and a look of malnutrition led by pro-Wei trembled before Wei Zheng
"Adults at this time, the number of artisan camps is white. The blacksmith recommended Wang to know the artisan camps the longest and the most …" Pro-Wei introduced Wei Zheng with a full face of respect.
Weizheng nodded his head and motioned for pro-Wei to go directly to the blacksmith Wang, kneeling on his knees in front of him, and said, "I will call you Wang!" Get up quickly and get cold, and don’t break your knees. In the future, I want Wang Lao to build more and better weapons for our soldiers. "
A full face of old Wang got up from the ground with excitement and just prepared to say something grateful to Wei Zheng, who has said again
"Wang, I asked you to come to the bodyguard road. I should have told you that your craftsman camp Qian has been beheaded by me for reselling arms and embezzling military pay. Now I want to know from you the real strength and level of our craftsman camp … we must never let everyone make such excellent technical waves to build cold weapons without technical content."
After hearing the news that Qian Zong was beheaded from the company commander’s mouth, Wang got down on his knees again because of excitement.
I don’t know where I got the courage to express my gratitude to Wei Zheng. "The company commanders’ adults are humble and represent the craftsmen’s camp. Thank you, the company commanders’ adults, for helping us get rid of this corrupt official who drinks soldiers’ blood …"
Wei Zheng said with a wave, "Don’t say these words. If you really want to thank me, you will build me more excellent weapons from now on, but now I want to know the true level of white craftsmen in the artisan camp. Can you build muskets …"
"Musketeer … company commanders’ adult, you also look down upon these craftsmen in our artisan camp. We can also build muskets without saying they are artillery."
"Now the army is equipped with all kinds of artillery, but we can build other artillery except Hongyi artillery."
"However, the refined iron allocated to us by the imperial court was taken out for silver by the original thousand adults, and our artisan camp can build some cold weapons with pig iron."
"Artillery …" Hearing these two words, Wei Zheng’s eyes suddenly lit up with excitement and asked.
Wang Laoze replied with a confident face, "The company commanders ordered us to build 100 kinds of artillery in the artisan camp two years ago and hand them over to the court. There is absolutely no problem for us to build artillery. Please give us enough raw materials for the artisan camp."
After being repeatedly confirmed by the blacksmith Wang Lao, the defender couldn’t help but let out a cry.
"I can finally build my own artillery and capture it without relying on the battlefield."
Then looking at the blacksmith Wang’s eyes is like seeing a pile of gold ingots with hot eyes.
After a short meditation, he said firmly, "Wang, since you are recommended by everyone, you have a good reputation in the artisan camp. Now I officially decide to order you to manage the artisan camp for the time being."
"Now the soldiers are facing your original property, and I have just ordered all the silver and grain from the property to be sent to the artisan camp as the classics."
"In the artisan camp, the artisans’ salary and treatment department will pay the craftsmen’s salary according to the original weapons workshop of the Tiger and Leopard Army. It is absolutely not ill-treated for everyone to ensure that the craftsmen have enough salary to support their families and then build weapons for the soldiers’ gate in a down-to-earth manner."
"Maybe Vice-President Wang Qian didn’t know that I also brought hundreds of craftsmen to Datong House this time. At that time, these craftsmen’s departments will join the artisan camp and unite to build more and more advanced and sophisticated firearms for the soldiers."
In a blink of an eye, he changed from a craftsman with the lowest status to a court. From the six military commanders to the eclectic people, Wang was directly shocked and didn’t respond at the moment.
Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the management of membership has been very strict. If your generation is a craftsman, it indicates that your generation can’t live without this trade. Not only can you not be an official, but you can also be looked down upon as a craftsman with the lowest status.
But at present, the company commanders not only let themselves be officials, but also directly gave themselves a surprise from six senior officials, which made Wang feel as if he were dreaming and full of unreality.
Until Wei Zheng left Wangfu, Wang still stood still with a full face of dumbfounded …
"Wang Daren … Wang Daren … the company commanders’ adult has gone …" Zhou Yuan, who was left to finish, woke up with a big smile to Wang, who had just been ordered to be vice-president.
"Go … I I haven’t thanked the company commanders’ adults for kowtowing to the company commanders’ adults …" Wang suddenly reacted with a complicated expression of surprise and fear.
And conveniently is going to recover to WeiZheng …
Kelly Y Zhou decisively took hold and said with a smile, "Wang Daren’s company commanders have gone far. It is absolutely impossible for you to chase after it now. Besides, our company commanders don’t like the kind of flattery department. It is the best thanks to the company commanders for asking you to do a good job and bring the artisan camp to create more firearms for the company commanders."
Calm down slowly to Wang’s boss. "Please tell the company commanders that my blacksmith Wang will make better firearms for the company commanders even if he fights hard …"
Raise the craftsman’s salary, and start a new era. There are craftsmen who specialize in managing the craftsman camp, and the original weapons workshop of Tiger and Leopard Army brings all kinds of advanced production technologies into the craftsman camp.
The total number of artisans’ camps has directly exceeded the overall strength of 700 people in artisans’ camps. At this moment, the word "not what it used to be" can be used to describe it.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Military production
Wang Tiezhong, the former director of the Tiger and Leopard Army Weapons Workshop, has now been ordered to be the official commander of the Sixth Craftsman Camp.
After five days of integration and division of labor, a group of production data that Wei Zheng had been waiting for for for a long time was finally delivered to Wei Zheng.
"Adults need all kinds of raw materials to be sufficient. Every day, the artisan camp can create 130 new-style muskets. According to this production speed, the tiger and leopard army can be equipped with such muskets at the latest one month."
Wei Zheng shook his head and said, "Not only all the soldiers of Tiger and Leopard Army in Datong Prefecture will be equipped with this kind of musket in the future, but if you calculate this kind of musket again, the life span and battlefield loss will be more than 100 rods a day, and the production speed will continue to be strengthened."
"Finally, you have to consider one thing in the future we butch army expansion? Can you keep up with the speed of firearms production when we have more than 500 thousand soldiers? "
Wang Tie has just been covered by a dignified expression with a smiling face.
He doesn’t care whether what the company commander Wei Zheng said may come true or not, and whether there are so many people in the Tiger and Leopard Army. He knows that Wei Zheng changed his destiny in front of him. What he needs to do is to do his best to do things for the company commander.
It’s true that after some thinking, a bold idea slowly came to Wang Tie’s mind.
I tentatively asked Wei Zheng, "My Lord, I have an idea of doing more than one thing. This idea is a bit too involved and does not conform to many rules of the imperial court. I wonder if it will work?"
"Don’t tell me what the court rules are here …" Wei Zhengda asked.
Although I haven’t turned against the imperial court yet, I have to attach myself to it. However, in order to prepare for my future actions, when I face my own department, Wei Zheng always intentionally criticizes the imperial court more than the imperial palace, and gradually loses the sense of attachment to the imperial court rather than hating it.
However, Wang Tiezhong is not clear about the long-term plan of Weizheng’s heart