Compared with Gu Beichen, his state is more suitable for fighting here.

"shout! The disaster warlock has already installed the Red Crescent warlock, and it’s time to show his glory. "
Xu Le took the lead in drinking a bottle of wound medicine, seeking a certain situation to relieve pain without seeking a cure effect.
He raised his pistol and aimed at the werewolf’s head.
Bang bang bang! Bang!
The first three rounds of ammunition were all ordinary dispersion bullets, but the fourth round was psychoactive bullets.
The ancient sound is much more elastic-anger
The werewolf stumbled violently when the angry bullet hit the wolf.
Blood once again blows red from its chest, and the angry heart can be mixed with blood fog to make the werewolf’s eyes redder.
Ow! ~
The werewolf once again let out a long whistle and suddenly pounced on Xu Le.
Xu Le body instantaneous transformation flow missed hiding this claw.
The machete in his hand can stab the werewolf’s back, but the werewolf’s strong body sees Xu Le’s blow
His this chop result let him some nai.
When he watched the fighters chop werewolves, they all sprayed blood, and when they cut their own side, they cut off a few hairs on each other.
And his chop is the kind of incidental flow.
He and fighters strength gap is so big? Is there any skill?
"Xu Le, be careful."
Whoo! ~
Wolf’s paw swept Xu Le’s head, but at this time Xu Le was not particularly panicked because the other party couldn’t hit him.
After the transformation, the werewolf became bloodthirsty and violent. After hitting the angry bomb, Xu Le almost concluded that the werewolf had no brain at this time
Without rational thinking, although it is more violent and bloodthirsty, it will act according to its ability.
A lot of times, although you can be powerful, you will be very clumsy without technical help.
"change the ordinary bullet gun"
Xu Leyin reached the ears of others and their horses reacted.
Dispelling bombs will hurt the elemental Xu Le at this time, but it will be fine if it is replaced by ordinary bombs
At that time, Xu Le and the werewolf wrestled with each other and others raised their guns, which was another fire suppression.
The damage of ordinary bullets to level 3 werewolves is already weak, but being weak does not mean that there is no damage.
On the contrary, when enough bullets are fired, werewolves are also seriously injured.
Xu Leliu keeps paralyzing the werewolf’s body, and it twitches from time to time and becomes more and more slow and cumbersome.
This situation also made some people want to kill at close range.
"Don’t be weird. It’s not so easy to deal with. It’s not worthwhile to break someone’s hand again. I suggest hitting him on the head until he dies."
Xu Le’s words made his night watchman hesitate.
They had consumed a lot of ammunition when they killed the Shadow Demon in the main front square.
This layer kills werewolves and consumes a lot of ammunition.
Normally, considering the next battle should be to save some.
However, Xu Le’s statement is also very reasonable. At this time, the players are looking at Bai Jing one after another