"hmm? I thought you were asleep, but I was too gentle. "

Little grandpa smiled and turned to look.
Zhao Shangxin is lying on the right side of the bed with a rosy face and a pair of charming and affectionate peach eyes like a pool of autumn water.
She hid her rich and delicious body in front of her with a pair of jade hands, and her delicate and exquisite collarbone was exposed with round white greasy shoulders.
"You just want to make me angry. Didn’t you mean to say anything nice?"
Feast stretched out his hand and pinched his waist gently.
"Get some rest. If you have anything to do, you’ll want to listen again tomorrow."
Her voice is very gentle, which makes people fall into a gentle country.
"No, you have to hold me, otherwise I can’t sleep."
Zhao thief blinked and said to her
"You are more difficult to take care of than Ann."
Zhao Cai gave him a sullen white look.
However, she still sat up with her face flushed.
Zhao Cuo proudly opened his hand, and Miss Zhao Da hugged him with a shallow frown.
"You like children very much, right? We can have one, but not like just now. "
Little grandpa bowed his head and kissed her forehead, then put his lips on her little ears and spoke softly.
"I don’t know what you said … hurry up and rest!"
Zhao Shangxin don’t overdo novel way
"Good ~"
Zhao thief got into bed and told her to hug her in her arms.
"It’s almost summer. Are you still sticking to me? I can’t stand it if you are not too hot. "
After Miss Zhao fell into his arms, her face turned red for a while and symbolically pushed the thief on the shoulder.
"I’m terribly hot. Can’t you make your body cool? Just give me a pillow in summer. "
Zhao Cuo caressed her jade back.
"if you sleep peacefully …"
Zhao Cainv reluctantly accepted his gift request.
"It’s still early, and my son can sleep in and talk later."
I don’t want to let her go easily. It’s rare to be willing to accompany him. Previously, it was only because of his strong demand that I could get it.
"I’m not going to talk to you about children. You don’t know how to take care of them now. Do you want more?"
Zhao feast lightly snorted and said
"Do you know what Huaner likes about you?"
Zhao thief suddenly asked Miss Zhao, whose beautiful eyes suddenly lit up and her mood was high.
"This also ask? Isn’t it normal for that child to rely on me? I have been going to Kunde Hall to see her these days. "
She said seriously that she was certainly happy to be attached to her most wrong child.
"Fei Ye"
Zhao wrong the salt of the earth to light with a smile