"Found a bug!"

"How much?"
"A lot of us are surrounded!"
"Hold on, I’ll be right there!" Yip hon looked up and didn’t find bugs nearby. He immediately pointed forward to "cover forward alternately-"
The soldiers were immediately automatically divided into two groups, one group was on guard in situ, the other group quickly rushed to run for a certain distance, then stopped guard and left the other group behind to follow.
Those armored vehicles have not been idle to speed up and closely follow the troops.
"Sniper-"Yip hon shouted a blunt armored vehicles waved.
The sniper in the team immediately knew that several people rushed to the armored vehicle and quickly jumped to the frame to get a sniper rifle.
A sniper suddenly shouted, "I found the target 700 meters away!" "
"It’s a gun to kill one!" Ye Han said
The dull gun immediately exploded, and another sniper saw a heavy machine gun on the roof and suddenly jumped up and put it up.
The machine gun has a four-fold optical sight, and the sniper shoots the distant insects directly with the machine gun.
Machine guns are not as accurate as sniper rifles, but 700 meters is not a particularly long distance for snipers with excellent marksmanship. The hit rate of machine guns is very good, and the hit rate rises rapidly with the progress of the team, and the efficiency is much higher than that of sniper rifles.
There were fewer bugs attacking the 3rd Battalion than expected. By the time the 3rd Battalion joined the main force, this wave of bugs had already died in July and July, and none of them appeared in the war. Hundreds of giant bugs died, but the 3rd Battalion injured several soldiers.
Yip Han-ching felt that this wave of insects was strange. A large number of giant insects suddenly appeared in the residential area, and as soon as they appeared, they flooded the highway and cut off the connection of the troops’ wharf.
Before he came to his senses, he heard the secret gun coming from the dock.
Yip hon immediately heart "to the worm around the 3rd battalion is to lead us to this? It’s a good diversion. "
Luo jiaqi watched the swarm run closer and closer "teachers wharf over there …"
Yip Han shook his head. "There must be no problem with the navy at the dock. Isn’t it easy to call for fire support?"
"Then what shall we do?"
"Let’s talk about the worm first." Yip hon said, "Take up the rifle." Retract the position and give the worm a bad taste-"
The sound also echoed in everyone’s ears. Yip hon has targeted the giant worm fire.
The gun flashed into a piece of charge worm, and when it was knocked down by the bullet, it didn’t flinch.
It’s important to destroy the giant worms, but Yip Han is more interested in insect people. He seems to concentrate on fighting, but more than half of his attention is focused on finding insect people.
However, half the people in the insect group can’t see it, nor can they be found in the buildings on both sides of the road.
No, is this the pier?
Yip hon immediately shouted in taichung, "what’s the situation in your camp?"
"There are so many bugs!" Xiaoyuan replied.
"Are there any bugs?"
"There are no bugs!"
Yip hon suddenly confused how is not?
In the past, he was quite grateful for the light rain, but now he hates the dark clouds blocking the sky, or if the worm dares to come out, he can’t escape the satellite eyes.
At this time, there was a sudden scream in the line.
Ye Han’s hair stood on end. "What’s the situation!"
The scream continued with a strange voice shouting "Bug Man Bug Man Wharf!"
Yip hon immediately worried, "Xiao yuan, didn’t you say that there are no worms?"
"No … no, it’s the sea behind!" Xiao Yuan shouted, "Worm people come out of the sea!"
The goal of the ro-ro worm is the ro-ro wheel!
Yip hon blacked out at the moment. "Xiao Yuan, no matter what you do, keep the ro-ro wheel for me!"
"Yes!" Xiaoyuan promised to rush to the ro-ro wheel with his troops as soon as he arrived … He had already made up his mind that if he couldn’t keep the boat, he would die with the worm.
But before he could shout out the sentence "Come with me", a series of explosions suddenly occurred in the direction of the ro-ro wheel, and the guns could not be separated like a storm boat. The fire lit up the dock and turned red.
Xiaoyuan is a little dumbfounded. What is this situation?
There is no similar weapon in the hands of aliens. The pier light effect definitely comes from human weapons.
Yip hon here also wonder? The navy senior colonel suddenly jumped out of the armored vehicle. "Hey, hey, we navy special warfare players are not vegetarians."
"why?" Yip hon was surprised. "You still left a cause?"
Senior colonel stretched out two fingers and waved the "two armored vehicles and some incendiary bombs"
"You cow!" Ye Han sincerely praised, "If the dock is all right, collect your heart and clean up the bugs quickly!"
Chapter 1145 The train is not pushing