"Is it inappropriate for Zhenwu, the founder of Zhenwu, to find peace in the three realms and provoke the end of the war?" Taibai xingjun spoke and asked

Some fairy officials also agree with the nod, whether it’s the dynasty or the heaven, there will be casualties in the war, and it’s literally burning money. Although the heaven is not afraid, it’s not always natural and unrestrained on weekdays. Everyone is here to live forever, not to fight and kill.
And Zhenwu Emperor is one of the best killers in heaven. Smell speech retorts, "Venus doesn’t worry too much. I found out that the demon palace didn’t know what to plan. If it succeeds, don’t you know what the consequences will be? It’s better to have the first hand."
At this moment, there was a quarrel in the DPRK, and the two men, Venus, Zhenwu Emperor, looked at each other and then stood aside and stopped doing it.
It’s not up to them to decide whether to fight or not to fight, but they are trying to attract the attention of the immortals.
This is not a passive counterattack by Sun Wu who made a scene in heaven. They are different in nature.
According to Wu Ming, it seems that the hawk faction is stronger. After all, the fist is also big.
"Well, the Demon God Palace is the scourge of the Three Worlds after all. This year, there are indeed many signs of resurgence. I will order the Zhenwu Five-party True Spirit Demon Marshal to cut off the demons of Luzhou in the north. Who wants to?"
The Jade Emperor nodded in agreement with the conquest and ordered Zhenwu Emperor to be handsome.
At that time, Lingxiao Hall exploded the pot.
"The military department is willing to fight if it doesn’t chop 3,000 demons to feed the horses in the Imperial Horse Warden!" Ray Zhou Tianjun immediately came out.
"Three thousand? You’d better feed the horses, minister. The gods of the Ministry of Water Affairs are willing to go to war. With our help, 10,000 demons will be eliminated! "
While despising Zhou Tianjun, Shuidexingjun said that it is time for the Zhenwu Emperor to be close to my Ministry of Water Affairs.
"Both of them can’t do it, and let the gods of the plague department have a plague to take care of the demon ribs-"
"Let’s fire department"
Wu Ming saw all the gods arguing and wanted to be on the sidelines, but then he thought that he could get a lot of benefits if he participated in the war!
I don’t know if I’m injured when I return, but I need to make progress. It’s better to take precautions. Next time, there must be a lot of dead souls brought back to build a ghost country in Youdu. Wouldn’t it be good to enhance the inside information?
Then he took a step to "I am willing to lead the soldiers of the ghost country to fight."
Some little gods don’t know what the ghost country is, so they quickly asked their colleagues when there was such a department in heaven.
"Hey, you didn’t know that the ghost country of Youdu was in turmoil in the underworld."
After some explanation, everyone finally got the weight of this true gentleman.
There was a lot of noise in the Lingxiao Temple until the Jade Emperor ordered the gods to be dispatched. After all, it was necessary to destroy a continent without dispatching all the gods.
This time, the Zhenwu Emperor is in charge of the gods of the Thunder Department, the Water Department, the Fire Department and the Youdu, and the Tota Heavenly King led the Nezha Santai with 50,000 heavenly soldiers to assist him.
Wu Ming was lucky to get a qualification to play.
However, the date of sending troops by the ministries of heaven is scheduled for the first day of the New Year, and after the meeting, the ministries began to dispatch troops.
Wu Ming also quickly returned to the ghost kingdom of Youdu, calling for three handsome ghosts, a judge, a rock giant, a messenger, and a headhunter, not counting the two monks at the gate. This is the strongest battle array in the ghost kingdom of Youdu now.
Wu Ming immediately announced the jade emperor’s will, and no one objected.
And Wu Ming is going to take three ghosts and handsome men, that is, Tiger Force, Three Demons, a dozen rock giants, Mrs. Bones, the Black Dragon and Hei Hu, and nine thousand ghosts. In addition, the first Yuan God will also leave to look for opportunities to catch a demon saint.
After arranging things, Hu Li and others all returned to their places and began to dispatch soldiers, while Wu Ming remembered that there had been a chess set in the Demon God Palace, just to ask it what happened in the Demon God Palace recently.
The eyebrows and eyes are empty, and there are many lines that seem to implicate him. These are the people who have signed the contract and have not been taken away by him.
At the beginning, Fuling Mountain caught a cockroach demon, but it was the big demon king cockroach in the demon god palace.
"found it"
A mountainside cave in Luzhou, Beiju
In recent days, the cockroach has lived quite well. With the gradual awakening of several great sages in the Demon God Palace, the great demon kings like it are also fighting for their own characters and secretly collecting many treasures. It is a time of pride.
At the moment, I was lying in bed, dreaming and waking up, and suddenly a voice of fear sounded in his ear.
"It seems that you have been comfortable recently!"
Hearing this, the cockroach immediately jumped up and bowed down. "I dare not forget the kindness of my adult when I swear to death. Now, the Lord of the Seven Temples of the Demon God Palace, the Great Sage of Pale Scale, has promised to recruit me into the temple."
There are nine halls in the Demon God Palace, and it is the first time to look at it. The Great Sage with pale scales values this fellow very much.
"How many people have awakened from the Nine Temples now?" Wu Ming asked
"Hui’s adult, except for the first three main halls, the main halls of the six halls have all awakened."
The Six Demons, the Holy Demons and the Shrine should not be underestimated. Although it was crippled by Zhenwu Emperor at the beginning, it seems that it has gradually recovered in recent years.
Then I asked him about it, and the cockroaches of all the demon kings in Beiju Luzhou Demon God Palace were sold one by one.
Chapter 39 The Six Gods of the Demon God Palace Nine Hall
Beiju Luzhou Yaoshen Palace
The atmosphere in the hall is dignified with six grand figures.
"Is it Zhenwu who led the troops when Heaven sent troops? Do you have any countermeasures?" The Great Sage took the lead in breaking the tranquil way
"The Jade Emperor will go on a patrol for ten thousand days, and here he will send troops to destroy me. Is the Demon God Palace really going to kill us as a chicken to show the monkey?" This is a female voice, and the figure is wrapped in a pair of feathers and wings, and he can’t see clearly.