Soul attack into windson mind windson couldn’t help but turn pale. Some windson forgot his white tiger ring and was once stabbed by Xiaotian.

Although Lin Fengzao has already repaired this small hole by his own soul force, it is obvious that Lin Fengzao’s soul force is too weak compared with the white tiger ring.
These soul attacks can actually find the weak point of the white tiger ring and constantly attack the soul force in the small hole of the white tiger ring blocked by forest air.
If it weren’t for Lin Fengxian’s divine power, Lin Fengxian wouldn’t be just pale.
The god level the strong see windson after being attacked by the soul speed didn’t even have the slightest attenuation face couldn’t help a change.
They want to carry out another round of soul attack, but it is not enough. An instantaneous forest air will hit them.
Windson formed the drill bit to rotate rapidly, and the whole bit couldn’t help shivering, as if to attack windson more strongly, so windson could break the plane of light elements.
He didn’t choose to stop windson god level the strong feel windson now powerful see kept shaking eyes couldn’t help flashing a grateful look.
For those who stop windson, the strong have already turned pale. Many people choose to flee wildly, but their speed is too slow compared with windson.
The drill bit flew hard from the crowd blocking windson, because the drill bit brought up a powerful element storm, and those who worked hard to fly were directly involved in the strong.
Although windson keeps moving forward, the element storm brought up by windson has turned red, and I don’t know how many gods have fallen into the strong.
The element storm gradually dissipated. Windson appeared a little pale and his body trembled unconsciously, but Windson’s eyes flashed a trace of joy.
Glanced at the dzogchen direction to take out a drop of main divine power from the ring to windson body again.
Find a direction windson flew out again, this time no one dared to stop.
See windson flew away some of the original level to watch god in the forest the strong are a face of fright to see windson their bodies are shaking.
In their eyes, Lin Fengshi is too cruel. After that, he is a devil. None of the strong people who stop Lin Fengshi can escape and die. In the storm of elements brought up by Lin Fengshi.
For windson element storm caused by SIRS god level the strong all feel very incredible, at least they know that there is no way to do it.
Besides, these powerful gods can imagine that if they want to cause such a big element storm, they must have a strong body, otherwise the strong pressure of the element storm may directly crush their bodies.
Some God-level strong people have a bright eye. They found that although Lin Feng left, they were killed by Lin Feng, but they left a lot of things behind.
Can think of these but not a few of them are quickly rushed to the windson and those god level strong fighter search.
These search lines can’t hide that they are so fast that they want to find something and get out as soon as possible.
However, there are too many strong gods in the forest, and many people rushed in. Soon, a big war broke out in the forest, and all the strong gods in the forest participated in this battle.
It can be said that this battle happened inexplicably, even if windson himself here, there is no way to understand it.
Lin Feng came here soon after the strong man in dzogchen, and he continued to recover towards Lin Feng without stopping at all.
But all of a sudden, an ordinary God-level strong man rushed towards him as if he had killed his red eye.
Dzogchen’s strong eyes flashed a look of disgust. With a wave of his hand, the ordinary god level strong man flew out.
Will the ordinary god level the strong fly the dzogchen and continue to fly towards Lin Fengfei.
However, he was attacked by many strong gods. Although the strong man in dzogchen was not afraid, his speed of pursuing forest air was delayed.
God-level strong people are constantly attacking this dzogchen, which makes dzogchen strong people very tired, but seeing these god-level strong people have become latosolic red eyes, dzogchen strong people know that they have killed red eyes.
Now, even if the strong man in dzogchen released his momentum, he did not attract more people to attack him.
Knowing this situation, dzogchen, the strong, with these gods, attacked the strong and quickly recovered towards Windson.
How can these ordinary God-level strong people follow the speed of dzogchen’s strong people? They are directly left behind.
See the dzogchen strong disappear in their sight these god level strong and fell into the fight.
I don’t know how many people will survive this battle, but why have these strong gods become unconscious? It’s weird!
After this battle, the forest should be leveled, right? There will never be any forest on the light element plane again.
Windson is now very heart because those god level strong stop will be struck after the system and have enough god level soul.
Soul crazy burning windson vaguely heard "bam" a speed complex windson directly successful introduction.
Entry speed Upanish makes windson speed a lot higher again, which makes windson feel better.
But glanced at his ring in the main divine power windson eyes couldn’t help showing a look of love, the main divine power consumption is too big.
I shook my fist, and the newly grown dragon scales seemed to become more delicate and powerful. Seeing the constant destruction and recovery made Lin Fengshen Long Lin greatly strengthened.
"Windson you don’t run! You can’t run away! " Suddenly dzogchen the strong to windson god know sound way
At this time, the strong man in dzogchen exudes a tyrannical atmosphere. If he can catch Lin Feng, he wants to tear up Lin Feng directly.
Of course, he knew it was impossible, and even if he caught windson, he needed to give it to the light master.
Compared with windson, dzogchen’s strong soul force is much stronger than windson’s, so that he can easily understand the sound with windson.
Windson gods swept away behind him, maybe the root didn’t find the dzogchen strong, which made Lindbergh, the dzogchen strong, still have some distance from himself.
Thought of here windson speed without any pause, but faster.
Windson knows that although he has a distance from the strong in dzogchen, the distance is not long, and even the eyes of the strong in dzogchen are very close.
Windson know that only he can escape from the scope of dzogchen’s knowledge can he have a breathing space. Now he doesn’t know how to relax his vigilance!
The burning of the soul has not stopped. Windson still understands the speed of the complex, which can help Windson to become faster.
Of course, windson can also choose to continue to understand the popular art, but obviously it is the best choice to continue to understand the speed and complexity.
Popular art is a low-level complex, even if windson continues to understand, but it is not very big for windson to speed up.
But the speed is different, but the speed is composed of two kinds of medium metaphysics, fast and slow. Even if it is not high metaphysics, it should be similar to high metaphysics.
Obviously, the speed of the complex is more powerful than the popularity of the complex, and some understanding of the speed of the complex will definitely help Lin Feng more.
See windson dzogchen behind the strong speed seems to have no limit has been accelerating this let the dzogchen strong face couldn’t help showing a nai look.
"This is you forcing me!" Dzogchen sound again into the windson ears.
A drop of the main divine power was taken out by this dzogchen, and the corners of his mouth twitched-he didn’t expect to make a drop of the main divine power to pursue a median god, which made him very distressed!
Will be the main divine power to dzogchen speed suddenly accelerated towards windson quickly fly to the distance between two people constantly close!
Chapter two hundred and twelve Don’t escape
Feel behind dzogchen speed accelerating windson eyes flashed a anxious look, there is no way to continue to calm down.
Although windson speed is still accelerating, it is clear that the speed of the strong in dzogchen is far faster than that of windson now, and it will definitely be chased.
But windson didn’t choose to give up. Who can really predict the direction of things until the last minute?
When windson was chased by the strong in dzogchen, the giant tree itself was having a hard time.
If we let Lin Feng see the giant tree now, Lin Feng will be very surprised. He will find the giant tree very embarrassed.
The branches of the giant tree have broken a lot, and the whole tree has become a little bare. Now the giant tree is full of wounds and green juice keeps flowing out of the giant tree.
But the light master is still so brilliant and dazzling like a floating sun, with no dim light.
Looking at his eyes, the light dominates the giant tree, but his eyes reveal a trace of regret. He should not throw windson.
Although Lin Feng’s strength is very weak, Lin Feng’s body is very strong. Maybe if Lin Feng is still here, then the great man will choose to make moves.
It seems to be a wrong choice for the giant tree to give up windson.
The most important reason is that the giant tree underestimated the dominant power of light. The giant tree could easily escape, but in the end he still failed to escape.
You can also blame the giant tree for being stupid and naive.
Giant tree has some headaches. Looking at the giant tree in front of his eyes, the corners of his mouth twitched from time to time.