"There is" Bai Xiu shrugged.

"It’s a pity that too little depends on the black wind tunnel to repair itself, and I don’t know the date of the year."
"During this period, newcomers, foreign array wizards and new recruits have to be busy."
Zhou yi nodded
There should be a discussion, and Bai Xiu’s attitude towards Zhou Yi has also changed. He is no longer distant and indifferent, but is polite.
Something is also discussed.
"Zhou Yi!"
Someone shouted in the rear
"Yu Xianshi is looking for you!"
Zhou Yi raised his eyebrows and stopped.
Today, jade is dressed in a blue gown to be a Confucian scholar. She looks beautiful, and her tight clothes are more graceful.
In the past, the different jade faces were gaunt, the eyebrows were tight and the eyes were anxious.
it seems
The sudden change of the situation in the black wind tunnel these days has also brought her a lot of troubles.
Zhou Yi lifted a makeshift tent, and the line of sight was slightly opposite, and then he gave up.
"What do you want with me?"
Jade close your eyes steady fidgety mood asked
"Zhou Yi, do you want to come out of the court?"
Zhou Yi micro-motion in the heart like hesitation way
"XianShi ten years not …"
"You don’t have to pay attention to this." Jade impatiently waved.
"You have saved my life. Besides, Shuode is a seasoned road and deserves it. Don’t worry about the so-called ten-year penalty."
Zhou Yi nodded and organized the language in his heart.
He doesn’t intend to come out for the time being. It’s hard to hide his real repair if he doesn’t say much about trivial matters.
There are only a few cats and kittens in the execution yard, and there is still breath to cover them up and hide them from being found.
"A lot has happened recently." Jade got up from her seat and paced with negative hands.
"I’m afraid I didn’t care about you for a while. If your potential is out of the court, you will have a great chance to advance as a gas refiner."
"Stay inside …"
"The future is worrying!"